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DSC00387PLEASE NOTE:  This is not a post about Tim Tebow’s faith, or what the man believes.  This is about how he has been perceived over the years and the way some people make such abject fools over themselves and religion.  He is young with a great future ahead of him.  One can only hope he does not lose his faith, but continues to grow in it.  As The Pink Flamingo has so painfully learned these past few  years, there are times when growth comes, not out of the good times, but the bad.  Those bad times are a real test of faith.

In January, 2012, Charles Krauthammer wrote that, yes indeed, Tim Tebow does have a direct line to God.

“…“My pick, and I want to say how humbled I got from the viewers and I want to congratulate my opponents on a clean campaign — my pick is ‘Does Tebow have a direct line to God?’” Krauthammer said. “Yes, he told me so, God did — but in a written statement. I love this guy. I’m in love with this story.”…”

As a Christian, I want to reveal of of the trade secrets that might baffle some people.  You don’t allow yourself to become ‘bigger than God’ in a celeb sense of the word.  Oh, you can, but if you claim to be a Christian, and make a public fool out of yourself, singling yourself out for YOUR worship practices, when you bow in prayer in the end zone, your tushie is going to bet hit with the proverbial lightening bolt from above.

The Pink Flamingo is NOT a football fan.  It isn’t that I don’t know much about football, but I just don’t like it.  I think it s a sick and perverted, vile and repulsive sport, but that’s just my personal opinion. This said, I do know someone who is a world class athlete.  I never thought he was all that much.  According to a blogging colleague who is a football fan, he sucks.  I’ll respect her opinion, considering she shares mine of Johnny Bench.

One thing that The Pink Flamingo thought, during the whole FOX News Tebow promote-a-thon a few years ago, was that he was not so much a great quarterback as a fantasy for the far right.  I did a couple of blog posts about him.

The Pink Flamingo

The Pink Flamingo

I also wrote:

“…When a so-called Christian inspires this kind of adulation, it’s time for them to sit down, shut up, and listen to the Lord.  Does Pat Robertson, who I once admired, think that changes in a man’s life are bad?  Where is his faith?  As Christians, we are required to rejoice always, pray constantly, and in EVERYTHING give Thanks unto the Lord!  Let’s face it, if Tebow can make it in New York, he can make it anywhere, right?

How dare anyone question the movement of a person’s life, especially a Christian questioning the things that go one in a Christian’s life?

As for Tim Tebow, he is NOT God.  What bothers me is the way people are putting him on some sort of a higher plain than the rest of us.  Tragically, he is the one who will end up paying for it.  There is something not quite stable about his faith.  Over the years, The Pink Flamingo has learned those who advertise their faith the most, are the ones in serious trouble…”

I also wrote:

The Pink Flamingo

The Pink Flamingo

Like I said, I don’t know much about football, but I do know that the Canadian Football League is sorta like going from the Majors in baseball to playing AA ball in the Minors.

Politicus USA

Politicus USA

It’s quite sad.  This isn’t a bad man.  He appears to be a man who is quite proud of his religious humility.  He believes what he believes.  That’s good.  His problem, though, to me, is his overt display of piety.  That’s a real problem for me.  Christ warned against displaying our piety in front of others, for the sake of the displaying our piety.

It appears that we’re dealing with a person whose popularity is based on his public piety and Christian performance, not his performance on the field of athletics. It’s sad, tragic, when a person’s fan base is determined by their religious prowess and promotion, and not what they are actually capable of doing.

The truly, insanely tragic part of all of this is the fact that this man has allowed it, almost reveled in it.  Like one critic said, if he wants to remain a professional, he needs to discourage his rabid fan base.

That fan base is what is so abjectly disturbing.

What causes so-called Christians, usually the religious right, to cheer for someone they have been told is a devout Christian?  Are they so lacking roll models that the must be told who is acceptable and who isn’t?

Then there were the outrageous antics of so-called religious leaders like Pat Robertson, who almost damned the Denver Broncos for trading their Christian gladiatorial hero off to the evil empire of New York City?

There are things here that The Pink Flamingo does not understand.  I can see cheering for a jock for all sorts of reasons none of them logical or reasonable.  That’s the nature of being a sports fan – fanatic.  Something appeals to you, and you’re hooked.  Is a Tim Tebow more worthy of respect and adoration than a Jason Collins, simply because Collins had the courage to state his sexual orientation?

Are Christians to cheer for conservative, evangelical based athletes simply because of their ideology?

Then, if Christians do turn their admiration for a Christian athlete into some sort of ideology because of what that person says they believe, and their abject and overt piety, then are they not making a graven image out of said athlete?

I have problems here, not exactly with Tim Tebow, but with the worship of this man by people who know that they should only be worshiping Christ.  He has encouraged it.  He has advertised his piety for all to see.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but something truly disturbs me when someone does this, no matter what their lot in life.  The most publicly pious person I’ve ever known was also the most corrupt in business, his personal life, and his dealings with his employees.  He was always the first person to donate to a religious cause, to be seen in public, praying, glad-handing, piously donating money to the cause.  Personally, I found the man to be repulsive, not because of his religion but because of his abject corruption and manipulation of his faith.

It’s great to cheer for someone because they believe the same thing you believe.  But, let’s get a grip here and deal with some reality.  You can’t base a realistic career on being a Christian, unless you plan to be some sort of TV preacher.  You can base your life on Christ, and on your faith, and that’s a whole different ball game.

I just sorta find the idea of a ‘professional’ Christian to be a bit distasteful, them being so pious and all.  As a Christian who tries to do what is right, and has no problem not being pious (please, spare me), I am learning that some of our greatest growth comes from the bad times.  Having spent the past three years dealing with the worst times of my life, I don’t wish bad times, heart break, and hardship on anyone.



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