An Alternative Reality


Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 10.14.08 PMThe term alternative reality is synonymous with a parallel universe.  It is defined as a hypothetical or fictional self-contained separate reality coexisting with one’s one.  The Pink Flamingo suspects the only rational and logical explanation of the conditions which now exist within the far right is the fact that they aren’t quit living in the same world everyone else is.

The Pink Flamingo is only touching on things that have come up in the past day or two.  I could do more, but let’s just stick to the basics.

Let’s start with the NRA.  Their ‘youth’ based magazine is suggesting that kids build a firing range inside, and shoot BBs.  I’m not quite sure just what sort of a person would even allow their child to have a magazine from the NRA, but let’s put it even more succinctly.  It doesn’t matter if you are anti-BB guns or not.  Any fool knows that you put a child and a BB gun lose in a house, and you have a recipe for disaster.  My sister and I have been there and done that, shot out a few windows – from inside the house, the wall, and each other.  This isn’t even about NRA indoctrination camps, which they have, but just plain common sense.

NRA Insights
NRA Insights

I think, if a kid lives in an area where there is hunting and an outdoor culture, yes, they should learn gun safety.  It is a part of their lives. Living where I do in New Mexico, I can think of any number of reasons someone living on a ranch or down one of the many dirt and gravel roads that lead, almost to nowhere, need to learn how to use a gun. Honestly, if I had a kid, and I lived where my parents did, they would be taught gun safety.  No, it’s not for protection from humans, but from wildlife.

Here in New Mexico, as in many places in the southwest, things are a little strange.  Due to the many fires and lack of rain and snow, the predators are moving out of the wilds and approaching civilization.  In the Hondo Valley, mountain lions have reached such a proportion that they are almost epidemic.  In the past two years, my parents’ neighbor has shot three of them, on our property line.  There is one that has marked my parents courtyard and patio area, claiming it as its own.

When this happens, even if you aren’t elderly you don’t go out at night without making a heck of a lot of noise.  It isn’t safe.  On some canyon  property we own, bobcats are so numerous a person is not safe on the property. Where I lived in South Carolina, thirteen years ago, coyotes packs were so large, one did not go out in certain portions of my parents’ yard if you heard them.  You didn’t go out at night.  It wasn’t safe.

We have rattlesnakes.  We have bears, which Game and Fish handle.  That’s not the point.  If something happens and you need to defend yourself, you need a gun. Ergo – if you have kids, who are responsible and over a certain age, yes you do have them properly trained in fire-arm safety.  I have a friend who told me, not long after moving here, to make sure that anyone who comes visiting, from back east, comprehends the fact that you do not go anywhere around here, on a hike, or even just for a long walk, without being armed with a pistol and a shot gun.  It’s that simple.

There is nothing wrong with a gun and knowing how to shoot.  There is something inherently wrong with suggesting that kids shoot a BB gun in the house.  Forget the injuries and ‘death’ from BBs.  The death will come from kids being killed by their mothers after taking out the china cabinet.  I know this, because my sister shot a BB in the house, that just missed one of my mother’s curio cabinets by about two inches.  She shot out the patio door, from inside the living room.  She missed a very expensive lamp by a couple feet.

Then, there is Rush Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh has completely lost it.

“...Limbaugh said, “Three women missing nine plus years, found alive, all were teenagers when they disappeared. Does anybody know yet why? Has the story advanced yet? Three brothers..their brothers, Three brothers, but not related to the three women have been arrested in Cleveland, which voted Obama. Not that that has anything to do with anything. One of who has a baby. Double welfare benefits if one of the women has a baby. No, I don’t know. Fascinating that the same thing happened on Hawaii 5-0, and I guarantee you people watch it. It happened on TV. It is for real.”…”

Here’s more.

Addicting Info
Addicting Info

The Pink Flamingo is a Hawaii 5-O fan.  I watched Monday’s episode.  From what I can remember, the murdered 18 year old had also been subjected to sexual assault.  There’s nothing wrong with detesting Barack Obama.  It’s a free country.  I detest the likes of Mitt Romney and the tea parties enough to have vote for Obama.  That’s freedom.  There comes a point though, when one’s hatred and editorial stand become so completely outlandish and devoid of reality that it’s just plain disgusting.

I wonder if Rush even watched that specific episode of 5-O?  Something tells me he didn’t.  If so, he would have known that there was a bottom line of sexual assault, and sexual slavery and pedophilia that went almost unsaid.  There was something horrific and chilling about the episode, one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in a long time.

Now, let’s use some reality here.  There was a little child by rape.  She was born in the home, and hidden.  There was no birth certificate.  She was hidden.  How the heck was the freak going to get her registered for benefits?  How the (I want to use some bad language here, but I’m not) heck was the abductor going to get welfare benefits for three kidnapped women who were held captive all those years?

I’m not getting this one.  The only thing I’m getting is the hatred the man has for anything Democrat.

While we’re at it, the other day Rush went off demonizing young female college grads as liberals who purchase all the advertising slots, ergo, they don’t like him, ergo he’s losing his advertisers.    There’s something at play here, and it’s becoming more and more obvious.  Rush Limbaugh has a problem with young female college graduates.  He doesn’t like young professional women. He treats them like dirt, demonizing them.  His acolytes pick up on this and do the same thing.

Maybe the real problem is that Rush Limbaugh is a charter member of the He Man Woman Haters Club.