Manufactured Political Outrage, Far Right Style


Picture 4Newt Gingrich thinks the GOP is in danger of overreaching like they did 1998.  He ought to know.  No matter what transpires, I’m still quite fond of Newt. So, just deal with it.

One reason The Pink Flamingo keeps harping on the GOP and the problems is because, once upon a time, I expected better of them.  I guess my real problem is that I still do, and am constantly disappointed by their behavior.  During the Clinton years, I will confess that no one was as bad as was I, in the outrage business.  When GWB went into office, the Far Left was even worse about Bush, than we were about Clinton.  They were literally unhinged.

Then came Barack Obama.

No, The Pink Flamingo did not want him elected, the first time. I will admit to being as consummate in the outrage department as anyone could possible be.  I was just repeating the hate I’d heard from FOX, Rush, Medved, and the far right. I said terrible things about Michelle. In fact, The Pink Flamingo was the first one to call her Michelle Antoinette, and compare her to at ill fated Queen of France. I fell for every piece of crap that was spoon fed to my washed brain.

Then, one day, I realized that Michelle Obama’s wardrobe problem was not her own doing.  To my own credit, when they were running the first time, I went back and found photos of her, and mentioned that she had excellent wardrobe instincts, that someone was sandbagging her.  I truly think someone was.  Once she gained the confidence she needed, there in the White House, her wardrobe began changing.  The real Michelle Obama started showing, and she was starting to become an iconic First Lady.

That’s when I realized I was being a total jerk and was tired of it. I turned off Rush.  I turned off Hannity, and then turned off FOX.  I began to realize that what they were spoon feeding good, decent Republicans was pure, unadulterated crap.

Let me go back a little – my distrust of FOX began when they began pushing the anti-immigration agenda and then when they began backing the Tea Parties, I knew something was wrong. I love being right.  Something is wrong, and it isn’t moi.  It isn’t the left – it’s the brainwashing of the Republican voter by the usual suspects.

We’ve been dealing with this now for about six years.  The outrage machine has become outrageous that it is coming unglued.  So is the right.  So is the GOP.  Suddenly, we can see that there is a very real agenda at work here – and it is not good for the country.

First of all – the IRS is an equal opportunity harasser. They go after everyone, not just far right noons.  You want harassment?  Try being a small business and having your accountant going to prison for keeping your with-holdings.  Just see what happens there.   Even if you are innocent they put a lien on your house, threaten your bank accounts and your business.  This was FAR from political.

  • Fox Guest compares IRS mess to Nazi Germany?  Be sure to note that his was one of the organizations investigated.  Tom Zawistowski was harassed.  Maybe he needs to be less dishonest about the way he launders campaign money for the Koch Machine.
  • “…This week, a report by a Treasury Department inspector general revealed that IRS staffers singled out tea partiers and other conservative groups which had applied for tax-exempt status for special scrutiny. Now, Republicans and Democrats are howling with outrage and demanding that heads roll. One result of this debacle, ex-IRS director Marcus Owens told me, is that the IRS will certainly shy away from cracking down on those nonprofits that do abuse the tax code…”

  • Even though she, herself, is being investigated for ethics violations, batsh*t crazy Michele Bachmann wants Obama impeached.  She is so dishonest (allegedly), in Ohio a special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate her Presidential Campaign.
  • In 863 Days House GOP Has Offered 0 Jobs Plans While Voting to Repeal Obamacare 34 Times
  • The far right can be irate over IRS investigations into what rightfully should be investigated, but want something done about the AARP’s homosexual agenda.
    •   “…AFA executive vice president Buddy Smith added: “Be very careful that you know what your fees are going for because the AARP is not on your side. If you are a Christian and believe in biblical values, you can pretty much count on the fact that everything that you are in favor of, the AARP is opposing….”
  • It’s about a way for the billionaires on the far right to control the conversation and attempt to stage their own version of a coupe, to control the country, to push their agenda.  They’re doing a good job at it.
  • So what is dark money? How does it wind up in our elections? Say you’re a billionaire and you want to give $1 million to anonymously influence an election. You’re in luck: you can give that money, as many donors have, to a nonprofit organized under the 501(c)(4) section of the tax code. That nonprofit, in turn, can spend your money on election-related TV ads or mailers or online videos. But there’s a catch: unlike super PACs, the majority of a 501(c)(4) nonprofit’s work can’t be political. Note, though, that where the IRS draws the line on how much politicking is too much, and even what the taxman defines as political, is very murky.And until Congress and the IRS straighten all of that out, donors wanting to influence elections have a mostly scrutiny-free way to unload their money.This type of nonprofit has a long history in U.S. politics. The Sierra Club, for instance, has a 501(c)(4) affiliate, as does the National Rifle Association. But in recent years, political operatives and wealthy donors have seized on this breed of nonprofit as a new way to shovel secret money into campaigns. Between 2010 and 2012, the number of applications for 501(c)(4) status spiked from 1,500 to 3,400, according to IRS official Lois Lerner.During the 2010 campaign, politically active nonprofits — “super secret spooky PACs,” as Stephen Colbert calls them — outspent super PACs by a three to two margin, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis. Take the American Action Network (AAN), run by former Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota. The group purports to be an “issue-based” nonprofit that only dabbles in politics, but its tax records suggest otherwise. From July 2009 through June 2011, as Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington noted, 60% of AAN’s money went toward politics. (An AAN spokesman called the complaint “baseless.”)Because they’re so lacking in transparency, some nonprofits have been emboldened to bend — if not break — the tax law. One of the more egregious examples was benignly named the Commission on Hope, Growth, and Opportunity (CHGO). Created in the summer of 2010, it informed the IRS that it wouldn’t spend a penny on politics. During the 2010 elections, however, it put $2.3 million into ads attacking 11 Democratic congressional candidates. Then, sometime in 2011, CHGO simply closed up shop and disappeared — a classic case of political hit-and-run. And it wouldn’t have happened without a secretive wealthy bankroller: of the $4.8 million raised by CHGO, tax records show that $4 million came from a single donor (though we don’t know his or her name)….”

  • Alternet
  •  Mark Steyn says that he and his racist little bunch of bigoted jerk friends will destroy the country if they can’t have their own way.
  • If Jennifer Rubin is trying to make something of the AP leakgate, then there’s nothing to it.  She was a shill for Romney, and is probably still shilling for him.
  • They’re making things worse, looking like idiots trying to embarrass Obama.
  • Glenn Beck went off the deep end with even more insanity than usual. Evidently Martin Luther King, Frederick Douglass, and Booker T. Washington would be ashamed of the NAACP today!

What we have here is a mess. We have far right shills of the Koch Machine who will do anything and say anything to hurt Barack Obama. It really doesn’t matter what they do or say, as long as they hurt him. They aren’t capable of even dealing with the fact that we have a disaster when it comes campaign finance reform.  That’s what all of this is about – refusing to acknowledge that we need campaign finance reform.  They can’t do that.  The GOP House and Senate can’t do that.  Their billionaire pimps might cut off their money.

The GOP is out of control.  They have become so dishonest they will do just about everything to destroy Obama.  If this is true, that Republican sources were doctoring emails about Benghazi, then this takes on whole new meaning.


Now what?

Maybe we should start asking about Darrell Issa‘s criminal background.  We have Republicans who sent out bogus email, to make Obama look bad.

Where does it end?

Let’s see:

We know that Benghazi is already starting to backfire on the GOP after it was discovered that they altered the documents that went to ABC News.   What’s going to happen is they’re going to keep this up until the elephant dies.  It really won’t matter.  They will take their little enablers like Glenn Beck, and then destroy what ever political party arises from the ashes of the cremated elephant.  This bunch of tea partying Koch Machine whores are incapable of learning from their mistakes.  Don’t expect anything but more of the same, as they turn the entire country, including The Pink Flamingo, against the once mighty Elephant.

Let’s face it, the far right has reached the point where they are a total joke.  Yes, we now must deal with umbrella gate.  Evidently the moronic far right haters don’t quite realize that, as Commander and Chief, Barack Obama can order the Marines to hold an umbrella over his head.


Deal with it.


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  1. The Republicans have always been better about lying than the Democrats. I just love the way they take a political crisis and try to sell you something – a book, a pamphlet, a survival guide- a donation to somebody’s political campaign. How about sending $25 or $50? ….. Right now Congress is full of liars, both houses, both parties. Obama says he knows nothing about the IRS targeting conservatives. Makes you wonder what all those Czars were doing. We have been paying them to keep him informed and on top of everything. Vacation, anyone? Golf? I have my doubts about everything the Republicans say, but people must have their heads in the sand if they believe everything Obama, Hilary and Jay Carney say…. Oops, try again later. It’s a conspiracy. Both parties are hacking my accounts and are out to get me??????????????????

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