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Every once in awhile, when you do the right thing, it makes for some very strange alliances.  What I never thought would happen.  R. S. McCain and i are agreeing on something.  He has run with this tale and is breaking it open as I type.  Kaithlyn Hunt’s father is a ‘defrocked’ and disgraced cop, McCain (@rsmccain) has just discovered (Link to his twitter feed). Former Sgt. Steve Hunt of West Melbourne was busted after lying about a situation.  This fits the fact that he and his wife lied about their daughter’s association with the 14 year old child she preyed upon.

NOTE:  From R. S. McCain:  The last item https://twitter.com/rsmccain/status/338878276451844097 … reflects research by @CarlBrandt

No one should even think this has anything to do with gay/lesbian, liberal/conservative, Democrat/Republican, or religion.  This is about right and wrong.  Something is extremely wrong here.  I am positive we are just now at the beginning of this tale.  There are some things I have noticed, some traits, personality problems that are not good.  I think we are going to discover this is not a healthy family.  We’re also going to discover we’re dealing with a budding young psychopath, a narcissist, who really doesn’t care what she does to a person.

I know it is not a good thing to say that, but I’ve been researching psychopaths for the murder mysteries I am writing.  They come in all shapes and sizes. You look at the eyes.  You also will find that, with the narcissistic version, it’s all about them.  They don’t care who they hurt, what lies they tell, it’s all about wriggling out of trouble, destroying, and going on to hurt again.  I am rather certain that Kaithlyn Hunt is a budding psychopath.  If she’s not stopped now, and not given the help she needs, she’s going to leave a trail of shattered lives in her wake. Go read up on the subject. She’s almost text-book.


This should say it all:

Free Kate
Free Kate

Yes, you read it correct.  They are now selling Free Kate Merchandise.  This site has raised, as of this writing, nearly $30 thousand bucks.


God Found Me
Go Fund Me

ORIGINAL POST: Where were Kaitlyn Hunt’s parents the night the 18 year old ADULT allegedly picked up the 14 year old MINOR at her parents home, and took her parents’ home, for a weekend of ‘consentual’ sex?  Some describe this as a Romeo & Juliette law scenario.  That ended well, don’t you think?

Morality is never popular.  We live in a modern society where it is not popular to inflict one’s version of morality on another individual.  The Pink Flamingo can basically live with that.  There are areas in life, though, that should not be shades of gray.  They deal with children.  While I don’t have a problem with a seventeen or eighteen year old teen dating someone that is fifteen or sixteen, I have a very serious problem with someone who is eighteen having sex with someone who is barely thirteen.

As usual, everyone is taking sides.  No one is bothering with the facts and the law.  Not one source, other than R. S. McCain (which is shocking) is bothering to ask the truly disturbing questions.  The Pink Flamingo is going to do the same tale.

“…Freekatehunt.net states she was in love with a younger girl, and the victim’s family blamed Kate for making the 14-year-old gay. There have been various accounts that the victim turned 15 and Kate was 17 at the time they met, but Colton said that is not true either.  

“In this case the defendant was over the age of 18 when she met this victim. She turned 18 in August 2012. They didn’t start talking to each other until September or October.”  

As for the accounts the family is pressing charges because it is a same sex relationship: “The fact they are same sex has nothing to do with the law. It has nothing to do with why law enforcement investigated, and has nothing to do with why this charge was brought against her. She’s charged with 2 second degree felonies which carry up to 15 years in prison, and if found guilty and adjudicated she would be required to register as a sex offender.”  

Kate’s family told us they did not want their daughter’s life to be ruined with the label of a sex offender, but Colton said that also is not true, and the plea agreement strictly states she would not be labelled a sex offender.

“Under the plea agreement we agreed we would ask for no more than two years of community control. Under community control she would be free to go to work, free to go to school, free to go to church, free to go to the doctor,” Colton said.

“This would be some guarantee to their family that this girl would have to stay away from their daughter at least until their daughter turned 18 and was old enough to make decisions on her own. The parents of the victim are not pushing for her to go to jail or go to prison. But they feel she should be held responsible in some way other than just probation,” Colton said. “I can understand the parents being upset their 14-year-old was involved with an 18-year-old, regardless of whether that 18-year-old was a male or a female–I can understand them being upset.”  

Protestors told us the victim’s parents waited until Kate was 18 to file charges, a claim the sheriff and State’s Attorney also shot down today.

“The misinformation on the social media sites indicates law enforcement purposely waited until miss hunt turned 18–that’s not true–Miss Hunt was 18 in early August,” said Sheriff Loar, “The victim was 14, and has been and was 14 throughout that whole ordeal.”  

New evidence released today shows Facebook messages to the victim from Kate, stating she knew she’d get in trouble for dating a girl so young.

“Before Miss Hunt was arrested there were conversations on social media that she knew she was 18 and she knew what she was wrong with a younger person,” Loar said. “I think you must look at all the facts involved.”  

As for the parents of the victim who were embarrassed and turned Kate in for being gay according to protestors, the arrest reports states a detailed troubled history between the two girls.

The victim even ran away from home at one point, and Kate admits she picked up the victim and kept her at her Sebastian home, while her parents searched for their daughter.   

“Miss Hunt actually picked the victim up and took her back to her house, I think that may influence or aggravate the case.” Loar said.  

“They are not interested in seeing this girl go to prison, but feel she should be held responsible and punished in some way. I think the plea we offered strikes a balance between justice for the victim and her family, and a punishment and allowing a future for the defendant.” Colton said, “We still can’t turn our backs on the fact there was a crime committed here and it’s a very serious crime here.” …”

First up, I’m going to state that I think the major mistake the parents of the 14 year old child made was not getting an immediate restraining order against Hunt and against her parents.  There is something extremely wrong here.  You can look at the photos of Hunt and tell that she has a problem.  When someone ignores the wishes of others, and, when, having been warned to stay away from a CHILD, participates in the removal of that child from her parents’ home, and has sex with her for the weekend, well – that person is a criminal.

  • Kaithlyn Hunt had been 18 for at least 3 months before she began ‘dating’ the victim
  • She turned 18 in August
  • Why are the Hunts lying about the situation
  • The child in question was 14 when the event occurred.
  • Hunt’s parents lied on record about when the girls started seeing one another.
  • Hunt picked the child up at her parent’s home and kept her at her home for a weekend of sex
  • Where were Hunt’s parents when this happened?
  • Hunt was warned, not once but twice by the 14 year old’s parents to leave her alone
  • She was kicked off the basketball team because she refused to leave the child alone
  • Why are Hunt’s parents blaming the other parents for being homophobes?
  • The other girls parents were not against her being a lesbian
  • The 14 year old’s parents wanted her to be 18 before having sex
  • Hunt at the least has problems with authority
  • She was repeatedly warned to leave  the 14 year old girl alone
  • She refused to pay attention to the 14 year old’s parents

No one wants to think that a young woman who looks like Kaithlyn Hunt could be guilty of anything.

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 11.04.57 PM

This is a strange tale.  Kaithlyn Hunt is an 18 year old lesbian who has had a wild and crazy love fling with a child who is 14.    Hunt ‘recently’ turned 18 – about 4 months ago.  The other girl is soon turning 15.   Hunt turned 18 in September. (August)  The other girl has YET to turn 15.  If this happened in September, do the math.  The other child was barely 14.    The girls began dating in November.  According to Hunt, they began dating in September.  The arrest record states they did not begin dating until November.

Outside The Beltway
Outside The Beltway

The Pink Flamingo usually avoids Hot Air, but this time I think Jazz Shaw may have the most salient observations.  He is looking at it from a legal stand point.

Hunt was kicked off the basketball team near the end of last year after the coach learned of the relationship because players were not allowed to date each other, her parents said. Then, in February, she was charged with lewd and lascivious battery on a child aged 12 to 16. The day before she was arrested, police and the younger girl’s parents secretly recorded a phone conversation in which the two girls discussed kissing in the school bathroom, said Hunt’s father, Steve Hunt….”

Hot Air
Hot Air

From Slate:

“…Compare Hunt to Genarlow Wilson, convicted at 17 of child molestation for having oral sex with a 15-year-old girl at a New Year’s party. Or consider the case of Marcus Dwayne Dixon, prosecuted when he was an 18-year-old high school football star for raping a 15-year-old girl who said he’d forced her to lose her virginity. The jury found Dixon not guilty of rape, but convicted him of statutory rape: The girl was underage, and she and Dixon had sex. Both Wilson and Dixon got mandatory 10-year sentences, and each served two years before the Georgia Supreme Court struck down the punishment as “grossly disproportionate” to the crime…. I can see why a 14-year-old’s parents would be wary of her 18-year-old boyfriend. But if the law treats that boy as a criminal, then why not the 18-year-old girlfriend? Maybe the better answer is that parental wariness just shouldn’t translate into criminal charges in a case involving two high school students and a three or four-year age gap. Kaitlyn Hunt’s plight is about gay rights. But it’s not only about that….”

CBS - 12
CBS – 12

The Pink Flamingo rarely quotes the WTimes.  I am using it this time.

Other advocates say the law is simply wrong. The statute, known colloquially as Romeo vs. Juliet, says no one under 16 can legally consent to have sex. Theoretically, two individuals who are 15 years and 11 months old who are sexually active could both be charged with felonies because neither can legally consent.

The more prevalent problem, however, is when an 18-year-old suddenly faces prosecution for having sex with a 14 or 15-year-old he has had relations with for months. Under the law, he could face 15 years in jail. If he is more than four years older than his partner, he will also be labeled a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Even teenagers who have had no physical contact but who engage in “online sex” are subject to prosecution. The point is to protect teenagers from pedophiles, but the law also extends to online relationships between teens when one is older than the other.

The law is also sometimes used by parents to break up relationships. West Palm Beach attorney Val Rodriguez told The Palm Beach Post, “It’s a good tool for a mother or father who has a problem with their own parenting skills and want the criminal justice system to take care of it for them.” Parents complain to authorities that they do not think it is appropriate for their 14-year-old to be dating an 18-year-old, and ask authorities to intervene without understanding the implications of bringing charges.

Kelly Hunt Smith, Hunt’s mother, believes the parents of Hunt’s former girlfriend acted to stop a homosexual relationship and questions why they brought charges, especially considering the extreme consequences if Hunt is convicted.  “We would not be here if the parents were not bigoted. To take it criminally I feel like they’re using the age law to pursue their agenda,” she said.

Indian River Sheriff Deryl Loar denies authorities are prosecuting Hunt because the relationship is homosexual. He noted that they have previously prosecuted 18-year-old males for relationships with 14-year-old females.

Smith says the family rejected the deal because of the sexual offender stigma. She said, “It’s a death sentence for her, her life would be over at 18.”…”

The Facebook page set up supporting Hunt has so far received over 30,000 supporting signatures on a petition. NO ONE – not one single person, has bothered to voice any support for the parents, nor have they shown any concern for the other girl, who would have had to have been fourteen for only about six months when the whole thing began.   There is absolutely NOTHING I dislike more than having to agree with R. S. McCain, but this is one of those rare times.    I would almost go as far as he has done by referring to Hunt as a pedophile.

Do you know how much I dislike having to do this?  I detest agreeing with R. S. McCain, but he is 100% on this one.  If Hunt were not so attractive, she would be ignored.  She’s the face of the modern day lesbian, or so her defense is telling us, never mind that she has some serious issues.  Never mind that what she has done has nothing to do with her being gay, and everything to do with the fact that she broke the law.

The Other McCain
The Other McCain

Yes, it is tragic.  The Pink Flamingo will be willing to bet my toy poodle on the fact that Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt was molested as a child.  The real prejudice here is not that she is a lesbian but the fact that the world cannot accept the fact that an attractive, young, white woman, blond, all-American can be a pedophile at such a young age.  I hate to tell you this, but it happens, on a somewhat regular basis.  Sure, we hear about the boys, but women are also pedophiles.  You will rarely find a pedophile on record who has not been molested.

Former Criminal Prosecutor
Former Criminal Prosecutor

I think Hunt is a pedophile.

“...Experts say there are, indeed, warning signs that one teenager may be at higher risk for committing repeat offenses. Not surprisingly, a pattern of multiple sexual offenses is of greater concern than a single instance, and the prognosis for a 16- and 17-year-old is typically worse than it is for a 12- or 13-year-old boy. And though age alone doesn’t predict recidivism, a 16-year-old with a long list of criminal and antisocial behaviors, who fails to complete a court-mandated therapy program, as Joshua Wade failed to do, and has a clear and persistent sexual interest in very young children is at real risk for becoming a pedophile, experts say.

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a diagnosis of pedophilia requires a person to be at least 16 years old and with “recurrent, intense, sexually arousing fantasies” over a period of six months or longer, that he acts upon with a child who is at least five years younger. Many sex-abuse therapists, however, say they’d be wary of diagnosing pedophilia in even a 16- or a 17-year-old. At 16, a teenager’s history of sexual interest is relatively short, notes David Prescott, a therapist and the president-elect of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, and it is still subject to change, compared with the history of a 40-year-old who is sexually attracted to young children.

Though there is no definitive way to predict, unfortunately, who will be the next Joshua Wade, some juvenile-assessment tests — which include questions about a youth’s sexual history, antisocial behavior and support system — can help clinicians evaluate the risk of that individual committing another offense. The questionnaires, however, have not been scientifically validated, and no single actuarial tool — even for adults — is airtight. For juveniles, the task is even trickier because, by definition, adolescence is a time of development and flux; a boy who seems at high risk for repeat offenses at 14 may no longer be so at 16. And a low-risk 14-year-old boy could become higher risk by the time he is 16. Indeed, the manual of one juvenile-assessment test highlights the complications: “No aspect of their development, including their cognitive development, is fixed or stable. In addition, their life circumstances often are very unstable. In a very real sense, we are trying to assess the risk of ‘moving targets.’ 

The image of 15-year-old boys as moving targets is not terribly comforting for those of us worried about whether a neighborhood teenager might be a budding pedophile. And the fear of the unknown sexual predator certainly influences public policy. As Mark Green, a former Republican congressman from Wisconsin and one of more than three dozen co-sponsors of the 2006 Adam Walsh Act, told me: “If we are going to have a sex-offender registry that’s a useful tool for authorities and the public, it has to cover a broad enough spectrum of offenders. I err on the side of covering more offenders because these crimes are so destructive to victims, families and communities.”…”

What I want to know is where were Hunt’s parents when the 14  year old ran away and sent the night with her adult lover?  Did they know what was going on?  If so, they need to be under the jail and under arrest for the corruption of a minor.

“…None of Hunt’s supporters seem to care about the possible consequences of issuing what Philbin calls a “Get Out of Jail Free” card to their teenage lesbian hero-victim. Some have deliberately falsified the narrative of Hunt’s crime, claiming that the sexual relationship began when she was 17, when in fact Hunt turned 18 last August and the incidents at issue occurred between November and January. According to the arrest affidavit, the 14-year-old ran away from home on Jan. 4 and spent the night at Hunt’s home where, in the words of a Sheriff’s Department detective, the two teens “put their fingers inside of each other’s vaginas, put their mouths on each other’s vaginas, and both of them used a vibrator on each other to insert it in each other’s vaginas.”…”

Because of what happened to me as a child, I morphed in to what could only be termed a ‘mother hen’ type adult.  When I took over as de facto youth director at my parish, I was required to take an 8 hour course dealing with sexual abuse and children, that our diocese requires of anyone who works with children.  That was followed up with an 8 hour course for local law enforcement and social workers.  I had two additional 8 hour courses over the years, to remain up to date when working with children.  Because I burned out and became sick and tired of being the one person called in, because I had those certifications, I let them expire.

I know the law in New Mexico.  If this event had occurred here, any adult would be legally obliged to report Hunt to the authorities.  It’s that simple.  What happened is a crime.  If this were in New Mexico, and Hunts parents reacted here, the way they did in Florida, they would be facing scrutiny.  I know of parents who had a child who molested another (a foster child).  They were literally ruined, having to leave the community.  Their lives were ruined, and they did not take the easy way out, standing up for the child who had done wrong.

If Kaithlyn were not so young and attractive, so blond and all-American, she would not be getting so much attention.  No one is bothering to ask about the interests of the CHILD she MOLESTED.  And yes, The Pink Flamingo says it was molestation.  She abused and took advantage of a child.   If you read the blogs and the comments on the web, 99.9% appear to be castigating the parents who were forced to have Hunt arrested.  They castigate them as being unable to control their 14 year old child.  No one is even bothering to mention the parents of Kaithlyn Hunt.

The Pink Flamingo would also wager the cats on the fact that this is not Hunt’s first time being in trouble. Granted, teenagers who think they are in love to some truly boneheaded things that can ruin their lives.  If the redacted phone calls are any sign, it appears the victim was trying to call off the whole thing and Hunt kept after here.

What matters here is that if we were honest, Kaithlyn Hunt would be subjected to nearly the same treatment as the jocks in Stubenville.  She is not.  Because she is cute, blond, pretty, and a cheerleader, she is being held to an entirely different standard.  Why are her parents behaving the way that they are?  Why were they not supervising her the night she entertained the 14 year old?  Why did Hunt have such a problem with authority that she refused to deal with being told to stay from the child until she was 18.   She was getting ready to graduate, and go off to college.  Why ruin her life this way?

Something is seriously wrong with a society where only one side is being heard.  The Pink Flamingo is torn here.  It is highly probable that Hunt has been seriously abused or molested as a child.  If not, then she has very real psychological issues that her parents are ignoring.  No, she does deserve prison time.  There is something terribly amiss with her, psychologically.  She needs help.  Right now, with her parents in charge, she’s not going to get it.

If she doesn’t get help, this will not be the end of her problems.

As for the 14 year old child, evidently she’s the evil one here, for leading on the 18 year old adult.  Once again society is criminalizing and going after the victim and her parents.  She will never be the same.  Her life is even more ruined than is Hunts.  One day, she will be required to deal with what has happened and then rebuild her life.  Until that time, she stands a higher than usual chance to act out with drugs, alcohol, inappropriate sex, prostitution, and do poorly in school.  She stands a higher chance of being abused, and will be forced to handle serious emotional problems.

Evidently our society, today, doesn’t give a damn about her.



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  2. NO ONE – not one single person, has bothered to voice any support for the parents, nor have they shown any concern for the other girl, who would have had to have been fourteen for only about six months when the whole thing began.
    It’s the first thing I did!

    And also to ask questions about the lesbian pig’s parents and GLAAD et al.


    Kaitlyn Hunt’s Parents – Aiding and Abetting Their Daughter to Commit Statutory Rape?

    A question that has not been addressed regarding this case* is the role of this predatory lesbian’s parents. By the little information that has been reported, they encouraged their daughter, Kaitlyn Hunt, to target and groom underage girls for homosexual exploitation and statutory rape – something we can presume many other liberals parents also do.

    more of my comments here:


  3. Very good article. I got here from a link at R S McCain.

    You are absolutely correct about this being a child molestation, regardless of the genders or sexual preferences. And you also hit the nail on the head when you said that the chances are pretty high that Kate Hunt has either done this before, or will continue to molest younger kids in the future.

    I have experience with issues like this one. My oldest daughter had a sexual liason with a 17 yr old boy when she was 18. She got pregnant and had the child. Because of the law in VA, she had to forgo child support or else face charges of statutory rape. Thankfully, she met a nice man and got married before she had two more kids.

    The first child, when he was about four, was molested by an uncle. When he told his parents about it, they confronted the uncle who vehemently denied it, as did his wife. After a bit, things went back to “normal” and the the aunt and uncle started babysitting again. When the boy was about six, he made the accusation again. This time, the uncle confessed. After talking to the uncle, it was found out that he had molested my grandson in three different jurisdictions. He is now serving at least thirty years. But now my grandson has some psychological problems.

    Not to make excuses for the uncle, really, I’d like to kill the son of a bitch, but evidently when he was a kid, he was molested a lot and I would guess that that is where he , the uncle, got the same proclivities.

    This is the first time I’ve talked about this and will probably be the last time.

    Again, great article and thanks for keeping the truth out there.

  4. Finally, someone on the left who is not blind. I was molested too and I’ve been hating this story from the beginning. I’d rather not speculate too much about Hunt, but I believe that she needs counseling, not instant celebrity. Thank you for being willing to break away from the mob and have some compassion for the 14 year old.

  5. As I mentioned in the previous reply, the lesbian angle is a red herring. I think we will find that Hunt is a predator and gender identification has little to do with it. From the research I’ve done into psychopaths (for my 1st murder mystery – in edits) gender means nothing. Sex is a means to an end. They will use anyone to get what they want. It doesn’t make a difference. I’ve been saying there is far more to this than we think there is. We’re only at the tip of the iceberg with this story.

    I don’t think this is a liberal or conservative, GOP or Dem, or religious issue. It is about right and wrong. To me this is not a political issue, it is a issue about right and wrong. Thanks for the link. I will check it.


  6. Thank you for your reply. I know, from bitter experience writing it was not easy. My heart breaks for you, and yours. I’ve learned the only way to over-come is through forgiveness. If not, it festers and destroys. I did not start to heal until I learned how to forgive. There were dark times when I thought I would never go a moment without thinking about then. Then, I realized an hour would pass. After awhile, I found that I was going whole days, then weeks, then months without thinking about what happened to me. I’ve also learned that true healing usually doesn’t begin until one is in their late 30s early 40s. For some reason the mind is strong enough, at that time, to start the healing process.

    My greatest worry was that my revelations were going to push my parents over the edge. There were times when I couldn’t concentrate on myself because I had to worry about their dealing with the problem. I reminded my mother, just today, that the only way to completely heal is through forgiveness. The person who molested me was an elementary school principal. It was also multi-generational abuse. What truly helped me was when I discovered that his son was an activist, fighting pedophiles. That took care of it.

    We must forgive. In the Lord’s Prayer we are told to forgive our sins as we forgive…. scary stuff that.

    Bless you. You have my prayers and tears.


  7. I’m not really on the left. I still consider myself a Reagan Republican, but like Bob Dole said, yesterday, Reagan couldn’t get the nomination today. I’m ‘moderate’, I think. ….. I’m at the point of a pox on everyone’s house!

    This is what has bothered me, how very few people are standing up for that poor child. Today I was at lunch with my parents. A kid, maybe 13 – 14 came in with her family. She was a child. At another table were some teenage girls who were older. There was a huge difference. My heart goes out to both girls. Kate Hunt is terribly damaged. If she doesn’t get help soon, it’s going to be too late for her. As for the other girl, I know from bitter experience, it is going to take years for her to recover.

    Bless you for your compassion.


  8. This is a predator:

    Not these two high school students. Many people are concerned about the younger girl, but are unable and (shouldn’t anyhow) contact her. Her parent’s could have handled this in a way to keep her from having a bitter experience that will take her years to recover from. Her parent’s could have done a lot of things to keep this from from becoming the mess it is. Two high school students does not equal predator. 28 and 16 is a predator.

  9. The parents tried, several times to get restraining orders against Hunt. A local judge would not allow it. Having been molested when I was a child, I am well aware that there is there is NO WAY POSSIBLE not to have a bitter experience later on. The child was 14 years old, and not far past being 13 when an 18 year old legal adult who had been 18 for several months molested her. This is not two teenagers in love. This is NOT just a little teen-age playing around. This is serious. It is also ILLEGAL. The 18 year old refused to leave the child alone. That is a predator.

    You see, predators don’t become that when they are dirty old men or women, they start out as young people, molesting their cousins, or neighbors, or the kids for whom they are babysitting. Predators are created because they have also been molested as children. Rarely does a molested child turn into a pedophile when they grow up, but only molested children become pedophiles. It does not happen in a vacuum. Hunt needs serious psychological intervention. As for the 14 YEAR OLD CHILD, she is going to be dealing with this her entire life. Hunt had a choice. She could have left the child alone, but she did not. Just because a person is young, blond, pretty, and a cheerleader is no reason they cannot be a monster.

    I have had to deal with the effects of what happened to me every day of my life since I was in the third grade. It will never go away. It is a scar that has scabbed, but it will never heal. There will always be this part of me, a child, screaming for help. There will always be a part of that 14 YEAR OLD CHILD screaming for help from an 18 YEAR OLD LEGAL ADULT.


  10. I accidentally hit send too early.

    I meant to add that my other daughter is gay and in a long term relationship, but she and her significant other would in no way support what most of the fanatics of the LGBT are saying about the perpetrator and she would have compassion for the victim and their family.

    (They have three kids, one of which is a young teenage daughter.)

    Thanks for your reply and allowing me to post my comments.

  11. Thank you for your comments. They have inspired me to change plans for my blog for tomorrow and am in the middle of writing another. FYI – checked your blog – good job. My father was Merchant Marines in WWII in the South Pacific. Check back in tomorrow, same time, same channel.


  12. Neither of the gay people I’ve discussed this case with think it’s a “gay rights” issue, they are adamantly against this movement to legitimize Hunt’s predatory behavior. Like every other responsible adult I’ve talked to.

    The ONLY people I hear with this “Free Kate” nonsense are internet loonies. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of them.

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