We the United Saps of America!


IMG_0056Where are Kaithlyn Hunt’s high school friends, her life-time pals, buddies, BFFs, and why aren’t they defending her?  The silence from her peers is deafening.

We are the United Saps of America!

If you aren’t a sap, I don’t know if I even want to be associated with you. It’s about having a heart and wearing it on our sleeve.  It’s a good thing.  Unfortunately, those of us who are saps, The Pink Flamingo included, by the very nature of our being saps, get taken for an E-Ticket ride every once in awhile. I’m a sap for taking in every stray kitten I find.  (I’m trying to be on the wagon).  When I ran the office for our parish, I was known as the softest touch in town.  I will give money to someone on the street, that sort of thing, and quite often get the sap wrong out of me.

Saps are good.  We have hearts.  We want life to be tied up in hearts, flowers, and pink ribbons with little cherubs flying around for good measure.  Saps root for the underdog (ergo rooting for the Braves).  We break for animals even when cars slam on the breaks behind us.  We love a cause.

Florida Today
Florida Today

Oh, and boy does America have a new cause.  But like R. S. McCain writes, it is a story too good to be true.  When we see a pretty, petite, blond, who is a cheerleader, vivacious, full of school spirit, we are to get this warm and fuzzy feeling of hotdogs, apple pie, and baseball.  Without prejudicing the issue, when The Pink Flamingo was in high school, the cheerleaders were the biggest tramps in the school.  Not saying that’s what’s going on here, I’m just speaking from what I remember.  I also know that none of them I graduated with came to a really good end in life.  They were just too cute and too full of bubbly, blond, school spirit, and all that entails.

One of the very real problems with the American people is the fact that we are some of the most compassionate people in the history of the planet.  Our hearts bleed for kittens and puppies, for injured animals on the side of the road, and for those in need.  We are the first to offer support during any major world disaster.  It is in our nature.  The Pink Flamingo could wax poetic on the fact that altruistic compassion is part of our DNA as Americans.  It is drilled in to us from the days of the earliest settlers.  Contrary to the rugged individual, in order to survive this harsh new world, our ancestors (if we were fortunate enough – or maybe unfortunate enough to be descended from the early colonists) were required to rely on one another to survive.

Miami Herald
Miami Herald

I always detested my Puritan ancestors until I discovered that they were quite remarkable. In every New England community, there were certain elders who looked over something like 10 homes.  Each and every home was inspected to see that the children were properly cared for, fed, clothed, and not abused.  Women were watched in the same way.  If a parent, male or female, abused their children in any way, they were literally kicked out of the community.  An instant divorce was required.

(The Puritans did not believe in sacramental marriage, only civil.  They did not believe in adultery.  In order to avoid adultery, they were constantly divorcing one another.  Any given Puritan ancestor will have been married anywhere from 3 to 4 even 5 or 6 times and divorced.  It is the reason everyone who is descended to just one or two New England original colonists is related to everyone just about, in New England.  Tracking genealogy is an adventure.)


Child abuse was not allowed in the early Puritan communities.  Neither was pedophilia.  Women were allowed to have a say in their communities.  One of the first abolitionists on record, in the New World was Sarah Johnson, an ancestor of mine, who lived in Salem, in the 1690s.  She also demanded women be allowed to take part in community meetings. Black Africans were to be part of community meetings.  Then, once she accomplished this, she set about making slavery socially unacceptable.  Girls were educated alongside boys – equally.

In the southern colonies, just the opposite was true.  Women were pawns to be used.  Education was not required.  If a slave was educated, there would be hell to pay.  There was also a pervasive culture of closeted incest, something that was not even considered part of the cultural landscape of New England.  If, in New England, the Puritans discovered that something like that had occurred, it was ‘taken care of’.   In New England families such as that were whispered about in hushed terms.  No one wanted their children to marry into the families.  It is the stuff of dark, Gothic novels.  In Appalachia, it was almost a way of life.


If you go back and read your family histories and diaries, you will find that the women who were gently put apart from the world were those who either suffered from addiction, were truly disturbed, or could not deal with the effects of molestation.  Then, again, there were families who, like the Todds of Kentucky, were just plain crazy.  Our oral family history stats that the Todd side of the family was just plain crazy.  As an aside, doing genealogy, we’re discovering that the Bohannons, who were the Todd connection, have a higher than normal tendency toward bi-polar disorder.

That attitude was part of the westward expansion.  People took care of other people.  Americans – settlers, looked after one another.  The tale of the libertarian frontier is just that, a myth.  The settlers on the frontier were completely reliant on one another.  Those who did go out on their own to build their farms and later homesteads also relied on one another, no matter how distant their neighbor might be.

Finna Bring Me The Horizon
Finna Bring Me The Horizon

It was a hard, miserable life that took it’s toll, primarily on women, who basically stood a 50-50 chance of surviving child birth.  If a baby survived birth, and continued to grow, once they were five or six, there was a more than a 50-50 chance they might grow to be an adult. People died.  There were epidemics.  In the mid-west and farther west, there were constant hostilities with the Native peoples.  Life was not for cowards.  Moving west was not for cowards.  In today’s popular “Wild West” culture you see stories about people allowing a live and let live sentiment to prevail.  Nothing was farther from the truth.  People minded everyone’s business.  One reason was boredom.  The other was the fact that minding everyone’s business was the only way everyone could survive.

The Other McCain
The Other McCain

If a man was abusive to his wife and children, something would quite often ‘happen’ to him.  No one would say much.  There would rarely be an inquisition.  It was just considered ‘life’ in the western frontier.  That’s how it was done.  If word was quietly circulated that someone was a pedophile, they were basically a dead person walking.

Something happened in our world.  During the Wild West days, nothing was ever said about two men sharing the same ‘situation’.  The same held true with women.  Today, even with our permissive society, it is far too often considered something strange to see a lesbian who is the pillar of the community, backbone of the church, leader of society.  You still don’t see that many men who have elected positions who are out of the closet.  Everyone in Tombstone knew that Billy Breakenridge, John Behan’s deputy, and later a legendary sheriff of Cochise County, was gay.  Everyone knew that Wyatt Earp’s secretary and business partner, John Flood was gay.  It was no big deal.  One of the reasons a man would choose the life of a cowboy riding the range in stalwart company of other manly men was because they either preferred the company of their horse (and old joke) or manly men. If life-styles were carefully examined, we would find that a goodly number of white cowboys were gay.  Something like 65% of cowboys were Black.  Theirs is a different story.

Twitter Feed
Twitter Feed

Then, the world changed.  Children were no longer safe.  By the time the Baby Boomer generation came along, 1 in 10 of us would be sexually assaulted by the time we were grown.  Today, that number is 1 in 5.  It was an issue best left unsaid.  When I was a child, my pediatrician told my parents to let me forget about what had happened.  That was what you did, speak about it in hushed euphemisms and never tell what really happened.  It was better for the victim.  Just keep it quiet and maybe everything would be okay.

Every once in awhile someone like The Pink Flamingo would put two and two together, come up with four and open their big fat mouth to tell the whole world what had happened. For me, it was like the shot heard round the world. Why on earth would I hide what had happened from the world.  My philosophy is that if I’m miserable everyone around me was going to be miserable.  I was literally slowly losing what I thought was my mind.  It wasn’t until I was able to spend several hours talking to a cousin, who had gone through the same thing with is wife, that I realized my actions, my hysteria was normal behavior for an abnormal situation.

Twitter Feed
Twitter Feed

The problem with the American people is that we have a tendency to react with our hearts first, when presented with an abnormal situation.

James and Laurie Smith don’t have insurance for family counselling.  They’ve been harassed so badly, they’ve disconnected their phones.  They’ve taken down web sites.  They are being harassed and under protection. Their family has been threatened.  Jana Eschbach of http://www.cbs12.com is one of the few people helping the Smiths.  If you want to help them, email her.  She will make sure the funds get to them.  Thanks to the Hunt family they are in bad shape.  This is one of the interviews with the Smith family.  The press conference for the Hunt family.

  • No phones
  • Facebook pages down
  • Under protection
  • Hunt’s supporters harassing them
  • No way to raise money
  • No support group for the Smiths
  • This was the first time the Smith child had had sex
  • The child ran away from home to be with Kate
  • There is little support for the Smith family online

According to Kate’s mother, in one of her numerous FB letters she and her friends have left for famous gays and lesbians throughout the country.  Yes, they are leaving this on FB pages of anyone who might happen to be gay or a lesbian and famous.

“…There was an age difference between my daughter and the other girl, of 3 years, my daughter was older, however you would have thought it was the opposite by just looking at the girls. My daughter is tiny, looks very young, and the other girl looks much older and is much taller, either way there was a 3 year age gap. …”

Kate and her mother are nearly the same size.

Charles Smith FB
Charles Smith FB

In the state of New Mexico, it’s hard to say where this one would land.  Because the Smith girl ran away and was discovered at Kate Hunt’s home, from what I know, having been through numerous class hours on child abuse, sexual abuse of children, and exploitation of minors in the state, I suspect Kate’s parents would have already been arrested.

This is how the story is being portrayed:

“…The Indian River County Sherriff Department, under the leadership of Sheriff Derly Loar, released the arrest affidavit of Kaitlyn Hunt today . Hunt is a Florida teen who has inspired thousands of people worldwide to jump into action to support her through a widespread social media campaign called “Free Kate.” According to a May 20 News 5 report, the affidavit included very graphic details about the sexual relationship between Kaitlyn, a.ka. Kate, and her girlfriend, a fellow high school student she met on the basketball team.

Kate was arrested after the parents of her girlfriend filed a complaint against her. Hunt is an 18-year-old high school senior. Her former girlfriend is a 15-year-old freshman.

The Hunt family is devastated the arrest affidavit was released, especially since it included Kate’s home address. The report gave very personal details about the sexual encounters between the two girls.

Kaitlyn’s uncle, Andrew Gay, said:

“Our family is disgusted with the Indian River County Sheriff Office’s decision today to release the full arrest affidavit without the courtesy of redacting Kate’s home address, which was clearly a retaliatory move for the negative media attention they’ve received today. Releasing the affidavit will also result in unnecessary humiliation for the other teen involved in this case, whose friends, teachers, and neighbors will now be able read in explicit detail her private behavior, which is tragic. Shame on Sheriff Loar! As for Kate’s age at the time of the alleged incidents, the family has always maintained that age is not a relevant question in this case. These were two high school girls on the same Varsity basketball team, in the same social circle, who fell in love. If the parents had a problem with that relationship, they should have approached Kate or her parents to discuss it. That’s common sense. Instead they went to the police. Look where we are now.”…”

We the United Saps of America love a good cause.  unfortunately, this is not the best of causes.  Fact is, when it’s all over, and the dirty little linen is aired, a lot of people are going to be left scratching their heads and reaching for the extra large containers of Tums and Pepto.  Let’s give Steve Hunt and his ex-wife credit.  They are running one of the great PR scams in ages.  They have turned their daughter, who is pretty, cute, peppy, spirited, tattooed, foul mouthed, and just adorable into a cause celeb.

Steve Hunt is using his daughter to make a buck.  So is her mother.  They are playing at the sappy heart-strings of we the United Saps of America.  There’s just one little problem here.  We don’t like being played for fools.  The Hunts are making fools out of well-intentioned men and women.  One of these days, they’re going to wake up and that’s going to be that.

The whole idea is to get Kate Hunt off, no matter how they do it.  You manipulate the PR of an area.  Already there is talk that the venue will need to be changed to West Palm. Of course they do.  In West Palm, a cute blond is more likely to tug at the heart-strings than a child of mixed race. Sorry, but those are the tacky facts of life in the fast lane in Florida.

The Smith family is being harassed and threatened to the point where they have taken down their web pages, including all traces of James Smith’s very successful business and Laurie’s non-profit educational organization.  This can’t be helping them, financially.  Their phones have been disconnected.  They are living in a state of siege.  There is no sympathy for the little 14 year old harlot who lead the pure and innocent cheerleader with a tendency to throw numerous F-bombs, astray.

Why aren’t Kate Hunt’s high school friends stepping up to the plate to defend and support her?  The only thing The Pink Flamingo has seen comes from the video link below.  It isn’t very complementary to Hunt, and it is by her peer group.

NOTES:  H/T to R. S. McCain.  The video of Kate Hunt fighting came from his twitter feed.


#FreeKate Lies Unravel; Roman Polanski Could Not Be Reached for Comment

P. S.  Now, for some dirty little statistics:

  • 46% of all high school students have NOT had sexual intercourse
  • fewer 10% of teens have had sex by the age of 14
  • By the age of 19, 70% have.
  • Teens are waiting longer to have sex
  • 90% of teens say it would be easier to avoid having sexual activities if their parents would talk to them
  • The average young person has sex for the first time at age 17
  • only 14.9% of high school students reported having more than one sexual partner (2005)
  • 0.6% of 10-year-olds have had sex
  • 1.1% of 11 yr olds
  • 2.4 % of 12 yr olds
  • Sexual activity among young adolescents is frequently involuntary
  • 33% of those age 16 have had sex
  • 61% of eighteen yar olds
  • The likelihood of sexual activity at any given age is lower now than in the past 25 years

Contrary to what we are being told, that it’s okay for Kate Hunt to have had sex with her 14 year old ‘lover’, very few girls the Smith child’s age are doing just that.  It is also apparent, that many of the girls that age who are having sex are not doing so of their own free will.

You want to try that ‘every teenage is doing it’ mantra again?

Getting back to kids, teens and sexual experimentation, child abuse, and budding pedophilia, once again, The Pink Flamingo must state that if I had been in contact with a situation like the Smith-Hunt affair, living here in New Mexico, I would have been legally required to report it.  I would also have been required to report Hunt’s parents. Because of the circumstances of the case, I am quite convinced they would be facing serious legal problems.

When I had my youth group, the girls ranged from 18 to 9.  We made it a point for the older girls to mentor the younger ones.  If something like this had happened, aside from the scandal, I would have been required, by law, to report everything to the authorities.  If not, I could have been held liable and sent to jail.

What point of this situation is all wrong don’t people comprehend?

This is so not about the alleged sexual orientation of a 18-year-old young woman who appears to be little more than a foul mouthed bully.  This is about that young woman molesting an innocent 14 year old child.  It is about a budding pedophile hiding behind good people who just want to help her.

The more I think about it, the more disgusted it makes me.




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  1. When I was in school years ago, it was always the mothers who enjoyed the cheerleading more than the girls. I had a little friend who was a cheerleader and she lost out to another girl for the next year. My friend seemed to accept it, went about her business, laughing and having fun, but it nearly killed her mother. She cried and cried. You would have thought someone had died. It was ridiculous.

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