Evil 102: Innocence Lost


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAre you familiar with the notorious 19th Century brigands, the Harpe Family?  In a scene in one of the greatest movies ever made, How the West Was Won, Jimmy Stewart, as Linus Rawlings, a mountain man, goes to see the varmint.  In this case, he had paddled his fur laden canoe over to a dock on what we assume is either the Missouri or Ohio River.  There to meet him was a rather ‘fast’ young woman who gave him a drink of good home made liquor and then told her pa that maybe this here mountain man could identify the strange varmint they had captured and put into the cave.  Like everyman (sap) Linus follows, to get hit on the back of the head with a rock, and left for dead.  His canoe is sunk, furs stolen, and then the family waits for the next victims, this time the Prescott family.  When the Hawkins brothers attack the Prescott party, it appears as though all will be lost, until Jimmy Stewart, as Jimmy Stewart was always want to do, regains consciousness and saves the day.

The scene was based on the story of the Harpe family.  First, there is absolutely no relationship between the Harpes, who were this nation’s first serial killers, and the Earps, who were lawmen.  That tale is told by debunkers and revisionists who try to blacken Wyatt’s reputation.  Secondly, what we do know is that even today, the Harpes are legendary for their viciousness, cruelty, and brazen outlawry.

“...Micajah “Big” Harpe (1768? – August 1799) and Wiley “Little” Harpe (1770? – February 8, 1804), pronounced (mickey) and (Why-lee), were murderers, highwaymen, and river pirates, who operated in Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Mississippi in the late 18th century. Their crimes appear to have been motivated more by blood lust than financial gain and many historians have called them the America’s first true “serial killers”. The Harpes are said to have been brothers (though some sources say cousins), born in Orange County, North Carolina to Scottish parents. Their father or their uncles, were allegedly of Tory allegiance, who fought on the British side during the Revolutionary War. Big Harpe is known to have had two wives, sisters Susan and Betsey Roberts. Little Harpe married Sally Rice, daughter of a Baptist minister…”

The Pink Flamingo brings this up because the Hunt family reminds me of the Harpes.  No, they are not murderous brigands, but they are repulsively corrupt to the point where their corrupt behavior should have given cause to have had their children removed from their care, years ago.  Now, though, it is too late.  They have turned their daughters, at least the two oldest ones, into individuals as crude, violent, corrupt, profane, as they are.  If younger sister, Emily’s  twitter feed, which can be found at @MLE_Bitchess, is any indication, then her older sister is completely lacking in morals, self-control, sensibilities for others, and normal behavior.

While it may sound naive, these are perhaps the most reprehensible individuals I have ever had the misfortune to encounter, even in print.  They give ‘trash’ a bad name.  They give bottom feeders a bad name.  I cannot fathom how deplorable these people are.  I thought they were unsavory, but when I read Emily Hunt’s tweets (she will be in the 12th grade) I understood how disgusting they truly are.  Emily’s mouth is so vile and her tweets so X-Rated filthy, I will not even put a screen shot in this post.  Every other word begins with an “F”, and those are the printable ones.  If she is any indication of how her older sister, Kate was raised, The Pink Flamingo has no doubt the 14-year-old Smith girl’s innocence was shattered.  It was done on purpose.  There was no affection, or ‘love’.  This was not about being a lesbian, which I seriously doubt Kate is.  This was about the intentional robbing of a child’s precious innocence.

One of the worst forms of evil is the destruction, the purposeful corruption destruction of innocence be it by an agenda or simply for selfish reasons.  It’s one thing to con a con, or to fornicate with the worldly, but to plan and destroy the innocence of another human being, simply for one’s own pleasure, agenda, or manipulation is nothing more and nothing less than evil.

Unfortunately, when one considers her family, Kaitlyn Hunt and her sister Emily appear to have been robbed of their youth and their innocence at an early age by a father who became a parent when he was only 17, himself.  Steven Hunt has issues with his temper.  He is on record as a liar.  He has other unsavory tendencies that appear in his arrest records.  Kelly Hunt Smith, Kate’s mother is the head coach at a gymnastics academy.  Steve Hunt’s mother, apparently, is a vet, who, on her Facebook page, is very involved with vets and their many problems.  Steve Hunt went to a Christian academy for his schooling.  He was a cop, for gosh sakes.  This should be a snap-shot of an all-American family, Christian, patriotic, athletic, law and order, and apple pie.

Let’s go back to R. S. McCain for a minute.  Once again, The Pink Flamingo is in the same boat, strange but true.  I’d never heard of Kaitlyn Hunt until last week.  This will be my third post about what is going on in this mixed up teen’s X-rated family life.   I don’t get the story.  I don’t get why I’m interested in it.  At first, I figured the girl was ‘innocent’, trapped by a family who just didn’t want their little darling associated with a girl a couple years older.

Boy, was I mistaken.

Next, I felt, and still do, that Kate Hunt is a young predator, most likely a pedophile, if not already, she is one in the making.  I also think she is a psychopath, most likely a sociopath.  A psychopath is born that way.  A sociopath starts out basically normal, but is turned into something quite damaged, primarily via abuse.  It also happens through a traumatic brain injury.  A sociopath/psychopath has no empathy or feeling for anyone but themselves.  I suspect this is what we are dealing with.

Step three led me to theorize this was a way for the family to keep their little darling out of jail.  I still think this is part of the equation.   Unfortunately, something happened on the way to ‘saving’ the daughter.  The entire plan morphed into an out-of-control PR feeding frenzy, which The Pink Flamingo suspects was all planned.  Kate rejected her plea deal nearly a week ago.  Since that time, there have been…

  • Entirely spontaneous rallies, complete with t-shirts
  • Wrist bands
  • Professional photos of Kate Hunt
  • Op-eds
  • Triangulation, entirely spontaneous with every possible gay/lesbian group
  • Spontaneous collection of nearly $30K in donations – for merchandise
  • Hundreds of thousands of names on petitions
  • A GOP member of the FL state house who has promised to change the evil laws
  • Press conferences
  • A Facebook page was created on May 17.
  • International press coverage – all quite spontaneous

You don’t get this organized and this spontaneous almost over-night.  It defies logic. You also don’t get away with the lies the Hunts have been telling, repeatedly.  It defies logic that there are willing dupes in the press who are standing up for these people, when when having been lied to, repeatedly.  It also defies logic that people continue to support the Hunt family, even when their very dirty laundry is begin exposed.  We should understand that, just because a family has quite a bit of dirty laundry to be aired, that they might not have a child who is innocent.  That should be a given.  The problem is, there is no innocence here.


Steven Hunt and his associates now apparently patrol the web, going after anyone who might disagree with their highly fictionalized version of events. They have, allegedly, harassed and threatened the Smith family to the point where they must have round the clock protection, have gone into hiding, disconnected their phones, and taken down anything that might lead to them, online.  It goes without say that their businesses, which were highly successful, are now suffering. Imagine not being able to use your phone in a place of business!

Twitter Feed
Twitter Feed

The Smith family is allowed to have no such support.  Very few people even give a damn that their 14 year old daughter, an innocent, was put into a situation where she was taken to the home of Kelley Hunt Smith.  If Emily’s tweets are any indication of what kind of a home it was, Kelley may or may not have been sober.  She would come in drunk and belligerent, quite willing to fight anyone who crossed her.  We also know that Emily was spewing profanity, and doing things no decent parent would want their 11th grade daughter doing.  Her tweets are some of the raunchiest things I’ve ever seen.  Granted, I’m not all that into teen sex talk, the “F” word, describing how one had or planned to have sex, and spewing pornographic epitaphs at former friends.  I cannot imagine anyone’s child doing this. Yes, I know it is done, on a daily basis, but it repulses and disgusts this.

Put into that household an innocent 14-year-old girl, who came from a well to do middle class home (and a fairly new one on a cul-de-sac, with a pool), where her mother has a non-profit organization that goes into local schools teaching manners and etiquette, with no visible tattoos, and you have a disaster. Apparently Steve Hunt and Kelley Hunt Smith had no problem with their daughters having sex with anything on two legs, male or female. If you read Emily’s tweets, it’s not a matter of being Gay, but a matter of being as pornographic as possible. If her tweets are true, her life was something full of abject filth and corruption.  Evidently, her parents not only allowed it but encouraged that behavior.  They are unfit parents.

If Kelley Hunt Smith was at home the night her daughter stole the innocence from a 14-year-old child, she is the one who needs to be behind bars, for contributing to the corruption of a minor.  She needs to be there, anyway, for what has happened to her two oldest daughters. Their lives are nothing but filth.

The Smiths appear to have a fairly ‘normal’ middle class life.  It’s what The Pink Flamingo would call normal, in a home that appears from the news clippings, to be spotless.  The child appears to have been taken to church on a regular basis.  Her parents were quite accepting of the fact that she considered herself a lesbian.  They only wanted her to wait until she was 18 to has sex, which is the NORM for over half the young people in this country.  We don’t know much about the Smiths because they’ve been forced to remove all traces of their life from the web, because the Hunts and their supporters are harassing them so badly.  It should be noted that business associates and family members of the Smith family are being treated the same way.

There are reasons the local authorities snapped up this case so quickly.  With Steven Hunt’s arrest records and Kelley Hunt Smith’s tendency for drunken bellicosity, one might suspect they are a family well known to the local authorities.  It is rather obvious Kate Hunt stalked her victim, planned the seduction, and now is crying foul.  Her sister has, on Twitter, threatened to kill the ___ bitch who did this to her.  Like her parents, she is attacking, viciously, anyone who dares suggest that her sister might be guilty.

The Pink Flamingo has yet to find one class-mate of Kate’s who is willing to defend her reputation.  Her parents tell the world that she is an adorable, high achieving, very pretty young woman who was not involved in a lesbian relationship until she was led astray by that hulking child.

“…Anyone who knows me, even a little, knows what kind of person I am. Anyone who knows my daughter Kate, knows how wonderful she is. Kate is an 18 year old senior about to graduate from SRHS. She has an exemplary record at school and home. She has always been a wonderful student, respected and well liked. She has cheered on the varsity cheer team all throughout high school, shes sung in chorus and was voted most school spirited. She has never been in trouble, ever, she truly is the model student and child. At the beginning of this school year, she started dating a fellow student, who happened to be another female. This girl also played varsity sports, was in the IB program, so she was in classes with upperclassman. There was an age difference between my daughter and the other girl, of 3 years, my daughter was older, however you would have thought it was the opposite by just looking at the girls. My daughter is tiny, looks very young, and the other girl looks much older and is much taller, either way there was a 3 year age gap. They were both students in the same high school, it was a mutual consenting relationship on both parts. This was unusual for Kate, she has always dated boys, but being the kind of mother I am, I didn’t want to make it a big deal. I talked to her about it, and figured it was just a social thing, times have changed and a lot of kids are experimenting, so I didn’t make much of it. This girl came to my home, hang out with our family before sporting events at the school, etc. The girls would hang out together at after school activities, I was there, I saw the other girls father there several times, he saw them together as well, so I assumed her family was aware of it and didn’t have any issues either….”

This isn’t about two girls who are lesbians and are caught up in some tragic love story.  This is about a terribly disturbed young woman, raised in a home environment that would corrupt anyone, who destroyed the innocence of a 14 year old little girl.  She knew the child was innocent, yet had no problem destroying that innocence.  There is something terribly disturbing about someone who does something like that.  At best, she is a sick, twisted, narcissistic corrupter, at worst, she is a sociopath who took abject delight in destroying something she would never be – innocent, from a good, decent, normal family who had values.   There are no values here, there are no morals.  There is nothing but the kind of violent, profane, obscene filth and corruption only the baser among us can even begin to imagine.

What truly disturbs The Pink Flamingo is the fact that so many people dismiss this as two teenage girls, both star-crossed young lesbians, engaged in sexual experimentation.  It is obvious the Hunts don’t seem to mind this at all. This is becoming a Rorschach test on many levels.  One can only imagine the lives those who think there is nothing wrong with teenage sexual experimentation have lived.  I find it absolutely shocking that people think there is nothing wrong with an 18-year-old literally stalking and seducing a 14-year-old of any gender.  This is not a gender issue.  This is a law and order issue.

Once the public has its craw full of the adorable Hunt family, this is going to hurt legitimate gay and lesbian teens who are trying to find their way in the world.  No, The Pink Flamingo does not approve of teens having sex.  I prefer the moral approach, but that’s neither here nor there.  I have a tremendous amount of sympathy for young gay and lesbian teens who only want to be who and what they are.  We all want that, no matter what our gender identification is.  Knowing the difficulties I experienced growing up, I can only shudder to think how much more difficult it would be had I not been pathetically heterosexual.  (Pathetic as in my pathetic lack of romance when I was in high school). It was hard enough being heterosexual.  Imagine having to deal with being gay or lesbian. Now, imagine having to deal with it in a Post-Free Kate world.

I think back on the years I was in high school, and realize how amazing tolerant those years were.  I know of at least a half dozen guys who were openly gay.  I know of a few girls who were quietly lesbian.  I know of two legendary teachers who were a life-long lesbian couple.  No one cared. That’s the way it should be now – no one should really care – unless one of those kids was trying to stalk, seduce, and rob another of their innocence.

It’s not a gay thing at all.

It’s a crime.


16 thoughts on “Evil 102: Innocence Lost

  1. The lawyer for the Hunt’s has now hired a PR firm to combat all the negative publicity they have been receiving and “spin” things back their way.
    Huh, but I thought that they were the all-amercian family and she was just an innocent little girl….why would they need a PR firm?
    This whole story is sickening, and what is even more distressing is the media and the “journalists” who continue to publish stories using the lies that have already been refuted. I don’t know if it’s laziness or intentional but it is ridiculous. I have been on several threads trying to point out the real facts of the case and have changed a few minds, but others are so obstinate it is maddening. How as a society have we gotten so far that as long as “she’s cute” sexually abusing a 14 yr old is okay?

  2. My thoughts exactly. Why hire a PR firm? Looks like they stand to lose a heck of a lot of money if they lose the issue. There is so much of this story that is still just plain strange.


  3. Now Republican state senator, Thad Altman, is getting in on the act calling the situation “tragic.” He thinks the state laws in Florida should be changed to prevent an 18 year old girl from going to prison. I wonder if Mr. Altman would do the same thing for an 18 year old boy, who committed statutory rape with a 14 year old girl? Or what about an 18 year old girl with a 14 year old boy?

  4. He thinks the state laws in Florida should be changed to prevent an 18 year old girl from going to prison.

    Am beginning to wonder if that isn’t the whole point of the exercise, at least in some peoples’ minds.

    I can’t believe any lawyer would recommend rejecting a plea deal as sweet as the one they offered this girl. I’m thinking Kaitlin has become a pawn by forces that others whose primary concern is not what happens to her.

    This entire case disturbs me. I agree wholeheartedly with that minority of gay/lesbian rights sympathists who worry that this will backfire on gays and lesbians, when the dust clears.

  5. Ms Reidhead, I suspect that this tidal wave of publicity is to make sure the jury pool is as contaminated as possible in order to get a hung jury. The first thing that should have happened at arraignment is a total gag order on both sides, with violation leading to jail for anyone involved.

  6. Your article makes me sick! You are completely making false accusations about the kind of home the girls have grown up in and calling Kelley a drunk which is not true at all! These girls have been raised in a loving home by mainly a single mother. Shame on you for making such false statements. You do not know the Hunt or Smith family but make sure that you state the Smith family is normal and that her parents accepted her being gay. That is not even true. You should get your facts straight before you publish false stories.

  7. I did not say the family did not lack in love. There is obvious affection between parents and the children. Kelley has been married to Charles Smith for several years. If you read her daughter Emily’s twitter feed you will find that on at least three occasions from Feb to May she came home drunk. Her daughter was laughing about it. I don’t give a rip about orientation of either girl. All I know is what I’ve seen on the twitter feeds. I’ve seen the foul mouth fight Kate did at the beach, and the video has been verified as Kate. I’ve read the notes her peers have left, saying what a nasty person she is, in reality. I’ve read Emily’s tweets. She is a foul mouth teenager who grew up way too soon. If I were the Smiths, I wouldn’t want any child of mine near that family.

    I do not make false accusations and can document everything I write. Enjoy the myth the Hunts are creating. Doesn’t make a bit of sense.


  8. Something that also bothers me and I wonder if anyone else has caught this: all the tattoos on a girl who isn’t even 19 yet. She had 3 in february according to her booking record, but seems to have added at least 2 possible 3 more since. I’m not against tattoos but 5-6 within a year seems a little off.

  9. I wondered about that. She’s going to end up a hard-core biker chick, tough as nails – if she’s lucky! Thing is, I don’t want to insult hard-core biker chicks. I just can’t get over the innocence lost with her. That is what is so tragic.


  10. Well put together article. Thank you. I for one as a father of a 14-year-old stepdaughter, and a 13-year-old as my oldest, I would of filed charges also if someone done that to my child. The laws in Florida is not too harsh, the laws are fine. A 18-year-old have no business screwing a 14-year-old. That is wrong. There is not way you can justify that to make it ok. Then im surprised out of all the people already convicted that Thad Altman want to change the law now? I hope he’s stopped. I will for sure be waiting to start a petition and gather up some people to boycott is. The bottom line is, Kaitlyn and her sister Emily came from a no good household with no real role models as parents, so of course this type of behavior is not surprising. I have seen Emily twitter, and must say the girl have a mouth on her, and always threatening to hit someone. I just laugh because the girl is clearly a hot ass mess. I hope the people who support Kaitlyn seek mental help after all this is over with. Seems like they’re in denial that their girl Kaitlyn is a predator and always will be. All I can say is best of luck to the Smith family, and I hope they go forward, and report any little threat.

  11. Thank you. I figure the threats and their actions are an attempt to bully them into submission and dropping the charges. I hope the Hunt girls get help, but I doubt if they will. They are a train wreck with parents who don’t deserve to be parents.


  12. That’s what they’re trying to do, and I must say my heart goes out the victim family. The Hunt family on the other hand is going around on Facebook trying to intimidate people. I have a page currently running on Facebook, and some lady called herself trying to intimidate me and I just blocked her. It’s really sad. I hope more and more people wake up.

  13. They’re doing the same thing to us on Twitter. One idiot said that all Christians should be given mental help, and if we don’t reject Christ, we need to be tortured and burned at the stake. That’s what we’re dealing with. Just don’t back down. This is all about bullying.


  14. I want Kate held responsible for her crime, and I think it’s a serious crime. I also find the Hunt clan efforts to vilify the victim and her family to be deplorable, and like to see them held responsible for that as well. Having said that — I find the rhetorics in this blog to be too extreme to the point that I really can’t take it seriously. Kelly drinks and comes home intoxicated a few times — I hardly think that’s even deserving of any attentions, every one needs to unwind sometimes; and I’m a disciplined athlete whom have been abstaining from alcohol for years now so this isn’t a case of alcoholic condoning other alcoholics. Bottom line, it doesn’t appear it’s pathological drinking behavior that had her family worried.

    I don’t find Emily’s behavior all that appalling either — she sounds like someone trying too hard to appear tough. Teens that are truly at risk, that are already career criminals and possibly addicted to class A substances won’t even bother to try to act tough. Teens who don’t experiment with different identities are the ones that are more at risk, IMO. The ones that bark loud seldom bite. And I find it distasteful to pick on a 12th grade teenager just to make a point about her sister.

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