Evil 201: Guardians of Innocence

Cutie Catie!
Cutie Catie!

The Pink Flamingo does not have children. I never wanted any.  If I can’t make my toy poodle mind, how on earth could I properly raise a kid.  This said, I have always thought that we adults have a responsibility to keep children safe and preserve their innocence as long as possible.  In our society, we are dependent upon one another, to a large degree.  If we would stop someone from harming another, robbing, murder, cheating, then why would we not stop someone who was trying to destroy the innocence of a child.

I have two nieces and a nephew, all grown.  In November I became a great aunt.  There is nothing more precious than a child, no greater gift.  There is something right with the world in their happy laughter and adorable innocence, eyes wide with the zeal to explore the world around them.  There is nothing more tragic and cruel than to destroy that innocence.

I know.  It happened to me when I was eight years old.  One moment I was a happy, loud, gregarious outgoing child who loved singing and performing in public.  The next minute, I was terrified of everything.  My life was filled with night terrors.  Little did I know that the monster who molested and tried to kill me was prowling around my home, trying to break in and kidnap me.  I would wake up screaming, terrified of the noises at my window, and the shapes I could see.  One end result was the fact that I did not raise the blinds or open the curtains of any bedroom, until I was in my early forties.  I still do not like looking outside at night.  Still, if I hear a noise, I cower, making myself as small as possible, not making a sound.

One of the things that truly angers me, breaks my heart more, today, is the fact that I had an operatic voice, something which ran in the family.  I was to study opera.  Because I was so terrified of even standing out in public, I hid from it.  Now, there is nothing more in life I would have wished than to be able to stand on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera and sing Tosca.  Once upon a time, I could even keep up with and sing, in key, Brunhilda’s part in the The Ride of the Valkyries.  I had a voice like Leontyne Price, now stolen from me, when my childhood was ruined.

Any possibility of ever even attempting to pursue a operatic career was robbed, taken from me.  I was never able to become what I could have been.  I couldn’t.  I was too terrified of the world around me, of being harmed, of someone looking at me and seeing what had happened.  This is what happens to children when their innocence is stolen.

Nothing enrages me more than learning of a child who has had their life ruined by their innocence being robed from them by people who don’t give a damn about anything but their own selfish interests.  It need not be by a pedophile, or by a sexual encounter.  Innocence can be robbed by adults who don’t bother tempering their language or by exposing a child to media content that is far to old for them to comprehend.  Innocence can be robbed by tragic circumstances that may not be prevented.  But, innocence is usually robbed by cruel, unthinking, selfish adults who are incapable of comprehending that their actions can have consequences far beyond their limited ability contemplate.

As far as what Kaithlyn Hunt did to the Smith child, it will have consequences that will have repercussions for the remainder of the Smith child’s life.  I know.  I am still dealing with the consequences of what happened to me.  For any adult to say that the sex was consensual and there will be no consequences is to be abjectly incapable of comprehending what has happened to this child.

I no longer have any tolerance for anyone who legitimizes the fact that an extremely worldly 18-year-old chose to corrupt an innocent 14-year-old.  Gender makes no difference here.  The actions do.  This was not an act of love.  This was the behavior of a person who had been subjected to innocence ending behavior in her own home.  The tweets of her younger sister, Emily prove how abjectly worldly and literally pornographic their lives were.  No child should be raised in such an environment.  Steven and Kelley Hunt Smith are guilty of corrupting and destroying the innocence of their children.  Kelley Hunt Smith is further guilty of setting up a situation where a minor was corrupted.

I keep thinking about little Cate.  If someone did to her what Kate Hunt did to the 14-year-old Smith girl, I would be part of the crowd trying to force every possible consequence on her.  I would also be seeking to utterly destroy her parents with every possible lawsuit I could think of.  If someone were to tell me that it was just innocent teen sex, I would probably have no compassion as I verbally destroyed them.

There is no excuse for what happened to the Smith child.  There is no excuse for the ‘well meaning’ adults who think there is nothing wrong with what went on.  Anyone who tells me there is nothing wrong, in my estimation, was probably guilty of the same thing when they were children.  Any adult who cannot comprehend that when a child’s innocence is stolen, it can never be regained, has no right to even be near them, or in a position of authority over them.

The excuse is that teens just need to have sexual experimentation.  Guess what?  Only about 46% of all teens under the age of 18 have engaged in sexual behavior.  That is less than half.

The dirty little statistic for the current generation of young people is that 1 in 5 will be sexually abused by the time they are 18.  In other words 20% of all young people under the age of 18 will be sexually abused.

In other words, we’re dealing with a generation where 46% or so have had sex be the age of 18.  Of those 20% will have experienced sex by being molested and raped.

Now – you want to deal with the numbers of those teens who are having sex because they want to?  Let’s try about 26% of all teens.

Want to try and legitimize those numbers, now?

Anyone who corrupts and destroys the innocence of a minor, no matter what the age, should be destroyed, financially.  If that corruption includes sex, they should be registered as a sex offender and suffer the consequences of a life-time – no exceptions.  I don’t care what the gender is.  I don’t care what the race or social status is.  All that matters is protecting a child.

If a society cannot protect and insure the innocence of its youth, does that society deserve to continue?



4 thoughts on “Evil 201: Guardians of Innocence

  1. I have been acquainted with three men who went to prison for molesting kids. One was my son’s third grade teacher (male) who molested five girls in the class. Another was my son’s music teacher who raped his own daughter. The third was a former boss of mine who was a Scout master who molested three boys in his troop. These are the cases I’ve heard of personally. I’m afraid that this evil is much more common than we realize. The cases that make the media are probably only the tip of the iceberg. IMO they should lock these scum up and throw away the key.
    Thanks for alerting us to this case.

  2. Dear Ms. Reidhead,
    First, thank you for so diligently and thoroughly covering the Free Kate story. It can’t have been easy, and I’ve seen some vitriol directed your way in the comments. I salute you.
    I apologize for breaking into your comments section here; I could find no way on your blog to contact you directly. In the upper right corner of each page, you attribute “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” to C.S. Lewis. I believe you meant Sinclair Lewis. C.S. Lewis would more likely have seen fascism come with a clipboard and a rulebook. (He considered the closest earthly version of Hell to be a bureaucracy.)

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