Part I: How the Koch Machine Is Destroying the Country


Picture 2“…Like Americans for Prosperity, King Street Patriots has long asserted its work is non-partisan. King Street Patriots originally claimed it was applying for 501c3 nonprofit status, which prohibits partisan activity. This past March, Engelbrecht herself told a True the Vote gathering that “this is not a partisan thing.”…”

Bob Dole has always been one of The Pink Flamingo’s favorite Republicans. I even visited the house where he was born in Kansas. On Sunday, he proved why he’s still one of my favorites. He said what most normal, logical, right thinking Republicans have been saying for years. The GOP has strayed so far right not even Ronald Reagan could get the nomination today! Naturally, the right, couldn’t wait to pounce.

“…“It seems almost unreal that we can’t get together on a budget, or legislation,” said Dole, who served in the Senate from 1969 to 1996. “We weren’t perfect by a long shot, but at least we got our work done.” Dole came back to the Senate last December to support a United Nations treaty to bar discrimination against people with disabilities, which failed after a vast majority of Republicans declined to support it.Dole said in his Fox News interview that he isn’t sure there would be a place for him and other big-time Republicans of his generation, like Presidents Reagan and Nixon, in the current GOP.

“Reagan couldn’t have made it. Certainly, Nixon couldn’t have made it, because he had ideas. We might have made it, but I doubt it,” said Dole, who called himself a “mainstream conservative Republican.”“I think they ought to put a sign on the national committee doors that says closed for repairs, until New Year’s Day next year, and spend that time going over ideas and positive agendas,” Dole said about the current state of his party….”

On the Sunday after those horrific tornadoes ripped through Moore, Oklahoma, Tom Coburn, the US Senator from that state, expressed concern that those who will be receiving financial aid will do something wasteful with it – they won’t be responsible with the Koch’s money.

“...Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn (R) on Sunday said that the federal government had “created kind of a predicate, that you don’t have to be responsible for what goes on in your state” by providing aid after disasters like the tornado that hit the Oklahoma City area last week.

Less than a week after the monster tornado did billions of dollars worth of damage to his state, CBS News host Bob Schieffer asked Coburn if now was the time to reform the way the federal government budgeted for disaster aid.

“I really do,” the Oklahoma Republican agreed. “We ought to have priorities about how we fund it instead of borrowing the money, and we ought to make sure the money is actually for the emergency at hand, not for four or five years later. And not allow to bill to be actually loaded up with things that have nothing to do with the emergency at hand.”…”

Yes, The Pink Flamingo is delving into hyperbole with the epitaph “Koch Money”, but I am doing it for a reason. For some strange reason the GOP has become the party of the worship of the ultra wealthy. No, they’re not worshiping money. I could deal with that. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having wealthy, wanting wealth, and attempting to achieve it – legally. There is something almost evil, in fact it violates one of the Ten Big Ones the far right wants to ram down the throats of those they deem to be heathens. It’s all about idolatry = making a graven image, this sort of thing. They’re worshiping, not God, but the ultra wealthy. They are the new sacred ones – those who must be accommodated, adored, and bowed down to, in hopes of getting some of their walking around money.

Republicans in Congress have attempted to assist their state-level cohorts in their slow-death eugenics programs for the past two years with their persistent calls for giving states block grants for healthcare, food stamps, and housing assistance and allowing Republican governors and legislatures to use the federal funds as they see fit which is usually more tax cuts for the rich and corporations. It is why high-value corporate donors are pouring money into campaign coffers to elect more Republican governors and state legislatures, because what they cannot accomplish at the federal level, they will achieve in the states as evidence by Republican-controlled states refusing to expand Medicaid as well as cutting every other type of assistance for the 47%….”

If you are ultra wealthy, then you are not to be questioned. You are above suspicion. Nothing you can do will ever be investigated, doubted, or even censored. You are so far above the little people of this nation, that you can step on them at will. Your groveling worshipers, the Limbaughs, Medveds, Coulters, Hannities, Ryans, Becks, Cantors, Boehners, Pauls (both), McConnells, and Cruzes of this world demand that everyone else bow down and worship their golden idols.

Politicus USA
Politicus USA

North Carolina is the perfect example of how the far right machine has bought and paid for the GOP legislature. In doing so, they are doing tremendous damage to those in need, and even worse damage to the GOP, itself. Oh, there’s also a Koch in the woodpile.

“...Legislators have slashed jobless benefits. They have also repealed a tax credit that supplemented the wages of low-income people, while moving to eliminate the estate tax. They have voted against expanding Medicaid to comply with the 2010 federal health-care law. The expansion would have added 500,000 poor North Carolinians to the Medicaid rolls.

“Before considering Medicaid expansion, we must reform the current system to make sure people currently enrolled receive the services they need and more taxpayer dollars are not put at risk,” McCrory said in a written statement after signing a bill blocking the expansion.

Lawmakers are also considering proposals to reduce and flatten income tax rates while expanding the sales tax, perhaps to even include groceries and prescription drugs — which some advocates see as a first step toward eliminating the state income tax….There are also measures pending to require drug testing for low-income people applying for job training and welfare benefits.

Other GOP-controlled legislatures have passed or considered similar measures in the wake of the recession. Florida, Missouri and Michigan are among the states that have slashed jobless benefits. Texas, Louisiana and Wisconsin are among at least 15 states not participating in the Medicaid expansion called for in the Affordable Care Act. And West Virginia, Kansas and Texas are among the states where legislators have proposed bills requiring drug testing for welfare recipients….”

Once again, this is another of The Pink Flamingo’s long winded posts.  This one is so long, it will take a few days, so just sit back and deal with it.