Part IV: How the Koch Machine Is Destroying the Country


Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.16.59 PMThe Far Right has turned into the Cruel Right.  If you are not on their approved list, if you do not follow the party line then you are subject to being destroyed.  The GOP was not always like this.  In the days before the Far Right take-over, the GOP was nice.  We were a party of men and women who knew how to behave.  We had manners and knew how to use them.

We have learned that the Brother’s Koch aren’t very nice people at times.  They are rude to those who are beneath them.  One brother has a record of abuse when it comes to women.  They bully people, and yet can be quite charming when they want to.  The Pink Flamingo truly believes the far right is taking their mannerisms from them.  There is no other explanation.

Oh, and we’re also dealing with a bunch of people who have never been involved in politics in their lives.  They don’t know how to act, don’t know their history, or even how government works.  I suspect they either flunked or barely passed high school government.

Let’s face it, no matter what a political ideology is, a person doesn’t need to be treated the way Lois Lerner was, last week by the right.  It was wrong.

Lois Lerner has been placed on administrative leave. No matter what you think of her, it is quite obvious the poor woman was in over her head.


The same people who are defending Englebrecht are trying to destroy Lerner. What’s going on here? Is The Pink Flamingo missing something? You bet I am! I’m missing the fact that this is about destroying the IRS so that the billionaires who control the far right won’t be paying normal taxes like we the little people. Like the legend of Robin Hood, the new rulers of America are exempt from paying more than a pittance of taxes, while we the little people are being soaked and destroyed. No one should be paying over 20% in income taxes, billionaire or surf. It’s that simple. We should all be paying the same tax rate, same percentage, with the same deductions. There should be a minimum earning amount to be taxed, then that’s it. No deduction, no tax shelters, no hiding your money elsewhere.

What did Darrell Issa know and when did he know it? Just a little FYI: Conservative non profits outspent liberals 34-1.

“...Furthermore, their analysis showed, “Of the 21 organizations that received rulings from the IRS after January 1, 2010, and filed FEC reports in 2010 or 2012, 13 were conservative. They outspent the liberal groups in that category by a factor of nearly 34-to-1.”..”

Trey Gowdy, the vile tea party disgrace who now fills the same office once held by the legendary, and gentlemanly late Carroll Campbell, proved, on Wednesday, why the tea parties are deplorable, ruining the GOP and why the whole IRS scandal is a total and complete joke. The way he treated Lois Lerner was over the top, and beyond belief. Granted, the woman doesn’t appear to be the brightest bulb in the marquis, but the way Gowdy and Darrell Issa (who has unresolved criminal issues of his own) treated this woman was beyond political. Those two legal geniuses state that she has waved her Fifth Amendment rights, but that’s a crock and they know it.

“…“Mr. Cummings just said we should run this hearing like a courtroom, and I agree with him,” Gowdy thundered. “[Lerner] just testified. She just waived her Fifth Amendment right. You don’t get to tell your side of the story and then not be subjected to cross examination — that’s not the way it works. She waived her right to Fifth Amendment privilege by issuing an opening statement. She ought to stand here and answer our questions.”

Gowdy’s outraged objection was met with applause in the courtroom. But James Duane, a Fifth Amendment expert at Regent University, says Gowdy’s claim was “extremely imaginative” but “mistaken.”

Had this been an actual criminal trial, in an actual courtroom, and had Lerner been an actual defendant, then yes, it would not have been permissible for her to testify in her own defense and then refuse cross-examination on Fifth Amendment grounds. But a congressional hearing is not a criminal trial in two important ways, Duane tells Daily Intelligencer….”

It’s quite simple. Rush Limbaugh first said that she had no Fifth Amendment rights. After all, Limbaugh’s a bastion of scholarly learning.

“...The application for recognition as a social welfare nonprofit, 1024 Form, explicitly asks a group whether it has spent, or plans to spend, “any money attempting to influence the selection, nomination, election, or appointment of any person to any Federal, state, or local public office or to an office in a political organization,” and the conservative groups said no. Karl Rove’s “social welfare” organization, Crossroads GPS, complained it is among the conservative groups “targeted” by the IRS, and it should have been for spending more than $70 million in federal races in 2012. However, Crossroads GPS has not been granted tax-exemption, and yet claimed it was exempt under 501(c) on its tax return. The Koch brothers’ non-profit “social welfare,” Americans for Prosperity, spent more than $36 million despite saying it did not spend on political campaigns. Besides Rove’s group, most conservative “social welfare” non-profits applied to the IRS and were recognized as tax-exempt, and despite the IRS code rule that “promoting social welfare does not include direct or indirect participation or intervention in political campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office” the groups poured millions into Republican candidates’ coffers. They are guilty of perjury and it may explain why Republicans knew about the IRS scrutiny during the 2012 election and remained silent.

As reported here on Tuesday, Darrell Issa was aware of the Treasury Department investigating the IRS in 2012, and yesterday an MSNBC host asked why Willard Romney failed to bring up the alleged scandal during the 2012 election. One can only conclude it was either because Bush appointees were responsible for the so-called persecution of conservative groups, or because they were mortified the illegal “tax-exempt” status and dark money groups would be exposed in the heat of a presidential campaign. After a judge found that teabagger non-profit True the Vote violated their tax-exempt non-profit status and illegally aided Republicans, it is hardly a stretch to believe Republicans and their “social welfare” political action committees were anxious to keep their perjury-laden applications under the radar. However, now that they are crying foul and claiming they were treated unfairly by Bush appointees and blaming the White House, it is time for a thorough FEC, IRS, and Justice Department investigation of all conservative groups that applied for, or were granted, tax-exempt status by the ….”

Why on earth, with their history of astroturfing, would you even think the tea parties qualified for IRS non-profit status?

It’s quite simple. The GOP wants to do away with the IRS. No red-blooded American should want to pay taxes. The IRS is our natural enemy. They also keep us honest as a nation, or at least they did, before the Bush tax cuts and the ability for the wealthiest among us to move their cash overseas to avoid paying taxes.

The Pink Flamingo has heard numerous rumors that the Koch Brothers are under IRS investigation. It would sure explain the hysteria against the IRS. The GOP does do their bidding.  And… bingo!

Weekly Standard
Weekly Standard

“…Even if there were no obligation to help solve the world’s problems, there IS an obligation to pay for global energy consumption and infrastructure usage and industrial pollution. Yet a review of 25 multinational companies shows clear negligence in meeting that responsibility. The 25 companies, with almost a half-trillion dollars in 2011-12 income, paid just 8% in taxes to the U.S. and 9% to foreign countries. A 35% tax — paid to ANY country or countries — would have generated another $90 billion over two years, four times the amount needed to battle malnutrition….”

The GOP now wants prevent the IRS from doing audits. Guess that’s a Koch problem also? Ed Kilgore wrote:

“…I hate to keep confusing the “narrative” with facts, but when it comes to the 501(c)(4s), we aren’t talking about tax audits. These were reviews of applications that nobody was required to submit, and that nobody needed to submit unless they were pretty sure they were on the borders of political activities incompatible with tax-exempt status (otherwise, they could just file their tax returns like anyone else and claim tax-exempt status). As for the Graham “charities,” these were 501(c)(3)s that are subject to much stricter scrutiny, and were gearing up for a massive political ad campaign in North Carolina in favor of a same-sex marriage ban. Even then, nobody was kicking down Billy Graham’s door and seizing his files or assets; it was a review of the organizations’ status, which was quickly concluded.

What Fleming is transparently doing is conflating this activity with IRS tax return audits, and suggesting conservatives are in dire danger of all getting hauled into tax court or off to prison (much as is colleague Mike Kelley did in his inflammatory line of questioning—or more accurately speechmaking—in the House Ways & Means Committee on Friday. It’s all based on a lie bordering on a Big Lie. But if Republicans are going to go in that direction, they should at least let us know how they intend to make up the revenue lost if they insist on paralyzing all IRS tax enforcement actions….”

Media Matters
Media Matters

They think they are better than we are.

“...WASHINGTON — Chris Chocola, president of the Club for Growth, recently said his conservative advocacy group’s “effectiveness lies in our uncompromising adherence to our mission,” which is to promote lower government spending, lower taxes and less regulation. “Our job is not to elect Republicans; that’s not what we do,” he said.

But as the Club for Growth prepares to spend millions of dollars in the coming months — much of it from a relatively small group of ultra-wealthy donors — attacking Republicans who fail its ideological purity exam, several of the club’s leaders would fail a similar test.

A number of its board members have sought millions of dollars in government spending for the companies they control, while advocating for policies, like ultra-low taxes, that help them keep more of the fortunes they have made. Despite the group’s free-market rhetoric, three of the seven directors of the Club for Growth, who are also some of its biggest donors, have profited from federal contracts and special earmarks in recent years, according to public records.

Indeed, the reliance on government largesse says less about the purity of the principles of the group’s leaders than it does about a central truth of American and global capitalism: Trying to separate the government from the free market is a fool’s errand. Markets, and the companies and executives that operate within them, depend on the state for their very existence. Recognizing government’s central role in facilitating well-functioning markets flips the Club for Growth’s ideology upside down, but it helps explain why the group’s top officials have such a close relationship with the government….”

Mitch McConnell has made a fool, protesting way too much. Ed Kilgore nails the problem. One of the real problems here is that the GOP has built up this fantasy of being oppressed to the point where they no longer know fiction from reality.

Washington Monthly
Washington Monthly

It’s all about doing what ever is necessary to defend the Koch Machine. If they must use someone like Catherine Englebrecht to prove how evil the Obama Administration is, and how Lois Lerner should be destroyed, then they are proving how intellectually dishonest they are. They have proved just how corrupt they are. They are proving that no one counts but the Koch Machine. The fact that people still fall for their duplicity is proof that the far right has been so brainwashed that they no longer know how to think for themselves. When this happens, our country is in very bad shape.