Part VI: How the Koch Machine Is Destroying the Country


Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.11.36 PMFor years, The Pink Flamingo has been saying that there was a white supremacist connection to the Tea Parties. Nikki Haley, has appointed Roan Garcia-Quintana of Greenville to her steering committee. As The Pink Flamingo has told you, for years, Garcia-Quintana has some very nasty associates.  Evidently Nikki has been called out for her abject tone-deaf stupidity and Garcia-Quintana, has resigned from her campaign.  I suspect it is because people began to expose him, and her connections with him.  The Pink Flamingo has always questioned some of her dubious connections to the extreme right.  I suspect this is just a cover-up.

“...There are rumors that the Tea Parties and the CofCC have merged. I cannot confirm this. If so, then anyone who is decent should immediately denounce the entire Tea Party movement. Once again, I cannot confirm this rumor. I have found plenty of evidence that the CofCC and Stormfront are actively participating in the Tea Party movement. I am also finding evidence that certain Tea Party groups are quickly denouncing them. This is NOT happening in South Carolina, where one Roan Garcia-Quintana is active in both the GOP and the Tea Parties. I am finding evidence that he is a major mover and shaker in the whole SC Tea Party world. I also have evidence below that he is associated with the CofCC, Stormfront, and at least one notorious Neo-Nazi organizer….”

The Pink Flamingo
The Pink Flamingo

Santelli, who is now being investigated by the Secret Service for threatening to shoot Hillary Clinton, was bought and paid for by Charles & David Koch, in their bid to start taking over the GOP.

…Even the Sam Adams’ January 31 announcement that Odom’s fake-grassroots group was “no longer sponsored by the Alliance” was shortly afterwards scrubbed.But it’s the Alliance’s scrubbing of their link to Koch that is most telling. A cached page, erased on February 16, just three days before Santelli’s rant, shows that the Alliance also wanted to cover up its ties to the Koch family.

The missing link was an announcement that students interested in applying for internships to the Sam Adams Alliance could also apply through the “Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program” through the Institute for Humane Studies, a Koch-funded rightwing institute designed to scout and nurture future leaders of corporate libertarian ideology. (See hi-resolution screenshots here.)

The top two board directors at the Sam Adams Alliance include two figures with deep ties to Koch-funded programs: Eric O’Keefe, who previously served in Koch’s Institute for Humane Studies and the Club For Growth; and Joseph Lehman, a former communications VP at Koch’s Cato Institute.All of these are ultimately linked up to Koch’s Freedom Works mega-beast. has drawn fire in the past for using fake grassroots internet campaigns, called “astroturfing,” to push for pet Koch projects such as privatizing social security.

A New York Times investigation in 2005 revealed that a “regular single mom” paraded by Bush’s White House to advocate for privatizing social security was in fact FreedomWorks’ Iowa state director. The woman, Sandra Jacques, also fronted another Iowa fake-grassroots group called “For Our Grandchildren,” even though privatizing social security was really “For Koch And Wall Street Fat Cats.”…”

The State
The State

Nikki Haley is a Koch Whore. She recently appointed one of the worst racists in SC to be on her re-election steering committee. Why?

Huffington Post
Huffington Post

This is just the tip of the iceberg. When you keep going back to the Koch Machine, you keep coming up with a very particular kind of racism. It isn’t there all the time, but the Kochs and their John Birch background don’t seem to mind climbing into bed with white supremacists, KKKers, vote fraud, and anything else that is unsavory. It’s all about them getting their own nasty way and destroying the country in the process. People like Nikki Haley and Catherine Englebrecht are willing whores, shills in the process. So is the conservative media who appears to no longer be able to tell the difference between right and wrong, moral and immoral, legal and illegal.

It’s all about the billions and worshiping those who have them. It’s about people like Rush Limbaugh who continue to spread the gospel of lies. It’s also about people stupid enough to fall for his lies. He is absolutely delusional with this one!

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh

Their main canard is tax relief.

“…“The poll results show a clear desire for bold tax relief and reform that gets North Carolina back in the game for jobs and business,” said Dallas Woodhouse, state director of Americans for Prosperity in North Carolina.

The legislative effort has mobilized liberals who see North Carolina as a laboratory for conservative ideas propelled nationwide by the money of a handful of key patrons. They note that many of the initiatives being pursued by legislators here have long been championed by a network of conservative organizations supported by Pope and billionaire activists Charles and David Koch, including Americans for Prosperity and the American Legislative Exchange Council….”

Muckety TV

The man issue is Charles & David Koch getting what they want. They are so wealthy that they are able to do exactly what they want. They own the GOP. They own the RNC. They are trying to own the country.

This is the documentary that exposes the Koch Brothers. Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.

These are the groups controlled and founded by Charles and David Koch.

Koch Family Foundations
American Commitment (CPI)
American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
Americans for Prosperity (formerly Citizens For A Sound Economy)
American Highway Users Alliance
American Energy Alliance
American Future Fund
American Tradition Institute
Americans for Job Security
Americans for Tax Reform
Association for American Innovation (sourcewatch)
Bill of Rights Insitute
Cato Institute
Center to Protect Patient Rights
Citizens For A Sound Economy Foundation
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Concerned Women for America
Democratic Leadership Council
Federalist Society
Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment
Fraser Institute (Canada)
Freedom Works (formerly Citizens For A Sound Economy)
Galen Institute
Generation Opportunity
Goldwater Institute (sourcewatch)
Heartland Institute
Institute for Human Studies
Institute for Policy Innovation
Knowledge and Progress Fund (Charles Koch)
Manhattan Institute
Mercatus Center
National Petrochemical and Refiners Association (Koch Industries is a member)
National Taxpayers Union
Natural Gas Supply Association (Koch Industries is a member)
Reason Foundation (and
State Policy Network
Texas Prosperity Project
Washington Legal Foundation
Action Institute
Beacon Hill Institute
Bill of Rights Institute
Brookings Institution
Citizens For Congressional Reform Foundation
Ethics and Public Policy Center, Inc.
Federalist Society
George Mason University
Heritage Foundation
Institute for Energy Research
Institute For Justice
National Center For Policy Analysis
Pacific Research Institute For Public Policy
The Fund for American Studies
The Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation

 And then there is ALEC:

Boycott Koch
Boycott Koch

The Pink Flamingo began this series, on Monday, with a link to Bob Dole’s illuminating comments about Ronald Reagan.   I’m going to end it that way.


 “...On the strength of that showing, Clark became the Libertarian Party’s nominee for president at the party’s September 1979 national convention in Los Angeles. To fill out his ticket, Clark turned to an heir to a massive oil fortune and the president of a New York-based chemical company: 39-year-old David Koch. The pairing was a smart one for the Libertarians: As a candidate himself, Koch could sink his personal fortune into the Clark-Koch effort. With his money, the party would be able to afford a 50-state ballot drive, television ads, and a full-fledged national organization.

Hopes were high. In their inaugural national effort, the Libertarians had attracted fewer than 5,000 votes nationally in the 1972 presidential election (though a faithless elector defected from Richard Nixon and voted for Libertarian John Hospers). In 1976, they’d jumped to nearly 175,000. But now they had serious money to reach the millions of angry, anti-government voters who were growing louder everyday. This energy helped the party field 550 candidates for office across the country. It was only the beginning, Clark and Koch promised.Their goal for the ’80 campaign was to break ten percent in the presidential race, a feat that would give the party momentum and automatic ballot status in most states. By 1982, Libertarian candidates for Congress would begin winning elections, and by the end of the decade, the Libertarians would eclipse the GOP as the nation’s second major political party.

The Libertarians’ massive ’80 push was no small concern to the Republican Party and its candidate, Ronald Reagan.  The general election was supposed to be close. It was still assumed that Carter, the peanut farmer from Georgia, would sweep the South, making it critical for Reagan to win elsewhere. But by the summer and early fall, Clark began moving into double-digits in polls in some Western states; in Alaska, his support reached over 20 percent. Pundits had long assumed that the race’s other third party candidate, John Anderson, might play the spoiler role. But now Anderson’s numbers were fading, and while Reagan was scrambling to moderate his own image for the masses, Clark was winning new fans on the right. It seemed entirely possible that the the upstart Libertarian nominee would deny Reagan just enough votes in just enough key states to prevent him from unseating Carter.

Of course, that’s not how it worked out. In the race’s closing weeks, support for Clark and Anderson — and, for that matter, for Barry Commoner, the other other third party candidate — cratered and Reagan rolled to a 44-state landslide. Anderson finished with 5,7 percent of the vote, while the Clark-Koch ticket tallied 1.1 percent, or just over 900,000 votes. It wasn’t quite the breakthrough showing they’d envisioned, but it still stands as the best performance — by far — for a Libertarian national ticket. (Running in an election that attracted nearly 40 million more total voters, for instance, Libertarian Bob Barr attracted just 523,000 votes in 2008.) After ’80, the Libertarians fell victim to infighting. No members of Congress were ever elected on the Libertarian line and the party ended the ’80s nowhere near Clark’s goal of major party status. For Libertarians, the Clark-Koch campaign still represents the glory days…”

I guess it all begins and ends with Reagan.  If this were something new with the Kochs you would fob it off as just more rich guys with more time on their hands than good sense.  The problem, though, is that they have been at this since the mid-1980s.  There’s no coincidence here.


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  1. Personally, I don’t think the Koch brothers have any more political influence than George Soros, who by the way, has funded progressive PACS with several hundred of million dollars.

    As far as avoiding taxes go, the Kochs are just using the same system used by millions of other Americans, the same system used by people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, etal. And isn’t it Warren Buffett who owes a billion dollars in back taxes? And what kind of tax burden does George Soros have?

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