The Ring from Bain Is Just Another Pain


Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 1.02.33 AMOn Monday, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putkin extended the Nunn-Lugar Agreement.

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin met privately in Northern Ireland.  One of the topics they discussed was the fact that a ‘moderate’ cleric has been elected to the presidency in Iran.  This is a very big deal that could eventually lead to a draw down of nuclear tensions not only with Iran but North Korea.  The very last thing the hard-line GOP right in this country wants are:

  • Better relations with Russia
  • An easing of tensions with Iran over nuclear weapons
  • A way out of the possible disaster with North Korea
  • Not getting involved in a shooting war in Syria as a proxy war with Russia

In fact, one of the reasons Obama and Putin were meeting was to extend an agreement with Russia – the Nunn-Lugar Agreement.  If both Obama and Putin had been the fools the Koch Machine wanted them to be, we would be heading into a new version of the Cold War.

“...”I hope that after the elections in Iran there will be new opportunities to solve the Iranian nuclear problem. And we’ll be trying to do that bilaterally and in the international negotiations process,” Putin said, according to translated remarks.

Their agreement on Iran contrasted with tension over the civil war in Syria, about which both men acknowledged having differing views.

Obama and Putin met privately at the G8 summit to talk about pressing security issues and agreed to work together to protect, control and account for nuclear weapons.

“I think it is an example of the kind of constructive, cooperative relationship that moves us out of a Cold War mindset,” Obama said after meeting with Putin.

Ben Rhodes, a spokesman for the National Security Council, said Russia had been reluctant to extend the agreement, which was signed after the collapse of the Soviet Union and was known as the Nunn-Lugar agreement after former Democratic Senator Sam Nunn and former Republican Senator Richard Lugar.

Rhodes said the Russians’ concerns were “well founded in some respects,” noting the Nunn-Lugar agreement had taken a “very aggressive and intrusive” approach to securing nuclear material in Russia.

On Monday, Nunn applauded the new deal, although he noted that some parts of the old one focused on chemical and biological weapons would not continue.

“We must find ways beyond this agreement to work together on these critical issues,” he said. “I believe that we will.”…”

Over the weekend, a mini-revolution occurred in Iran (we hope).  Hassan Rowhani, who claims to be a reformer, wants to reduce tensions with the US.  Sort of.  It could be a big fat hairy deal.  What it does prove is that, after awhile, idiotic extremists can’t maintain power forever.  I hope.  This is important, because became the far right extremists in this country aren’t exactly happy about the fact that they might not be going to war with Iran.  This is terribly important.  If you begin to read between the lines of what is going on here, within the Koch world, anything connected with Russia is evil, bad, and the Cold War is good.

The Pink Flamingo has been telling you this for nearly a year.  There are encouraging signs out of Iran, but we can’t possibly have this.  The Kochs don’t want it.

Evidently Russian President, Vladimir Putin is a kleptomaniac.  Nearly ten years ago he stole the Super Bowl ring of New England Patriot’s owner, Robert Kraft, or so Kraft would lead us to believe.  Kraft is now screaming and crying about the theft.  What is important is the fact that Kraft is still a huge supporter of Mitt Romney.  With Obama doing the G-8 thing, what could be better than to try to humiliate him?  Why is Kraft’s connection to Bain Capital so important?

This is yet another follow the bouncing ball kind of things.  When do we get to start pointing fingers at Edward Snowden, the adorable little traitor, who is a Ron Paul Bot, third party voter, libertarian, and all around Barack Obama hater? What could be better for the Kochs?  Obama is heading to the G-8 being humiliated and embarrassed in pubic by a scandal they created by the leak of classified documents.

  1. This is where we might want to ask who actually leaked the documents?
  2. How long have Greenwald & Snowden been working together?
  3. Is there a House or Senate GOP leak of documents?
  4. If so – just who might have leaked the material?
  5. What Republican Senator recently resigned so that he could work directly for the Kochs at the Heritage Foundation?
  6. Is there a connection?
Twitter Feed
Twitter Feed

When can we discuss the fact that Glenn Greenwald works for the Cato Institute, is a libertarian, and has also worked for the Koch Brothers in various and sundry ways? What Greenwald did is a federal crime.  (18 USC § 798)  This is not the first time Greenwald has stepped in it.  He has a history of not exactly being honest with his writing.

“...Why didn’t Glenn Greenwald disclose his own deep libertarian ties, and ties to the Koch-founded Cato Institute, going back several years, when Greenwald attacked our article exposing the Koch-funded libertarians leading and fronting the anti-TSA media hysteria? Why hasn’t Glenn Greenwald apologized for not disclosing his conflict-of-interest? Also, John Tyner has come out in favor of privatizing the TSA, against unions, against gay marriage, against drug legalization and as a follower of racist libertarian Murray Rothbard, promoter of David Duke’s candidacy, contradicting the progressive Jimmy Stewart image that Greenwald painted in his article defending the Koch-linked libertarians behind the anti-TSA media hysteria.

4. Glenn Greenwald claiming he only wrote “2 freelance articles” for the Cato Institute is offensive it’s so utterly absurd. We know it. Glenn knows it. For one thing, one of those “free-lance articles” was nothing resembling a “freelance article”—it was a major policy whitepaper, a one-year massive report that included numerous speaking engagements on behalf of the Koch-founded Cato Institute. And let’s not forget, the Cato Institute was originally founded as The Charles Koch Foundation of Wichita. We merely copied the phrase “Glenn Greenwald of the libertarian Cato Institute” from the description used by numerous mainstream media outlets across the country over the past few years….”

Snowden’s latest interview is quite self-righteous.  He has told so many different version of his story that it makes a person wonder just what his purpose it.    Much of what he says is terribly misleading.

“…“Obama’s campaign promises and election gave me faith that he would lead us toward fixing the problems he outlined in his quest for votes. Many Americans felt similarly. Unfortunately, shortly after assuming power, he closed the door on investigating systemic violations of law, deepened and expanded several abusive programs, and refused to spend the political capital to end the kind of human rights violations like we see in Guantánamo, where men still sit without charge.”…”

The problem here is he never supported Obama, at all.  He’s a Ron Paul Bot.

Raw Story
Raw Story

The bottom line here:

  • Glenn Greenwald works for the Kochs
  • The Kochs are joined at the hip with Bain Capital
  • Bob Kraft is part of Bain
  • The Kochs supported Mitt Romney
  • Bob Kraft supported Mitt Romney
  • The Kochs want to instigate a new Cold War with Russia
  • Mitt Romney promoted a Cold War with Russia
  • Bob Kraft attempts to humiliate Putin before the G-8
  • A Koch flunkie attempts to humiliate Obama before the G-8
  • By extending the Nunn-Lugar Agreement Obama/Putin stopped the Koch Machine

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the entire Snowden affair was designed to humiliate Barack Obama at the G8 Summit, and cause as many problems as possible over the Nunn-Lugar Agreement.  If this is so, then it is also becoming increasingly apparent that the far right, especially those hanging around the Koch Machine do not have this nation’s best interests at heart.  They have the best interest of the Brothers’ Koch at heart.

There are those of us who also think that it is becoming increasingly obvious that Mitt Romney, the vampire candidate who won’t go away, is prepping himself for yet another run.  It is also obvious the Koch Machine is behind him.  Don’t worry, they’re working on an alternative plan – Scott Walker.

When do we get to call what they are doing treason?


3 thoughts on “The Ring from Bain Is Just Another Pain

  1. Koch’s want a puppet in the White House which is Romney again or Walker – they cannot trust Rand Paul to their bidding, Rubio is not their choice, and Cruz is a loose cannon. Love seeing the owner of the Patriots, Kraft, be such a jerk – figured he was a Romney supporter. Patriots are my least favorite NFL team and Kraft just signed my least favorite player, Tim Tebow, the holier then thou quarterback, to a 2-year deal with the Patriots. Perfect fit!

    Nunn-Lugar was important to be signed so you can excuse the crocodile tears of the GOP neocons today as their plot to get us into more wars is going away starting in Iran and then North Korea. To neocons war means more money for their defense contractor donors and Koch’s which means more millions in their pockets. Think I will get out my little violin and start playing a tune for the neocons.

  2. Okay, so let me get this straight. Glenn Greenwald, who writes for the left-leaning UK media group, and has previously written for, among others, even-further-left-leaning, is actually a hardcore far right libertarian, who also “works for the Koch machine”? I suppose the Kochs own the Guardian as well? And when we really get down to it, the Kochs must’ve wanted the NSA leaks to be publicized, since they’re known for hating the military-industrial complex, and being front-and-center fighting for civil liberties, right? Plus, since Greenwald is also gay, he would naturally be the first to promote the Koch-sponsored Tea Party conservativism.

    Yeah, that really makes sense. What is actually “becoming increasingly apparent”, is that the blogger seems to be losing her grip on reality, seeing “connections” and conspiracies everywhere. By the way, back in the Watergate days, what people like Greenwald did was considered journalism.

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