When Dumb Morphs Into Supid


Picture 2Did you know that abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy are extremely rare, only 1.3 percent of all abortions?  Most of these are due to life-threatening problems of a serious fetal abnormality.  The original version of the latest GOP atrocity did not include an exception for rape or incest.

In North Carolina, if you are a person of conscience who opposes the draconian new laws created by an ALEC owned, out of control far right legislature, you get arrested.  It really doesn’t matter if a person is liberal or conservative, they are entitled to peaceful protest. Most of those arrested are members of the clergy – hardened criminal types, all.  In the state of Florida, ALEC helped the far right legislature pass laws preventing paid sick leave.

“…The idea of passing laws in Republican-controlled states preemptively banning worker-friendly labor laws is not unique to Florida and nothing new coming from ALEC that is on a tear to destroy the democratic process for years. Since 2011, 67 similar ALEC-template bills have been introduced in states to weaken labor provisions and wages, and Scott is the twelfth governor to sign similar measures into law banning future laws that benefit workers and preventing voters from having a voice in how workers are treated. Other preemption bills have emerged in Wisconsin, Mississippi, and Michigan as part of Republicans’ efforts to create a slave-labor force rivaling Civil War-era plantations togive businesses, particularly big corporate businesses, a competitive edge over Chinese businesses’ slave labor force….”

Once upon a time, the GOP was all about fiscal responsibility.  Forget that.  Never mind that the CBO has said that passing comprehensive immigration reform saves the country a heck of a lot of money.  They think the bill is too heavy, literally.  Never mind that the fetal pain restriction was attempted last year, and shot down.  Like the fools on the Hill, they keep re-introducing the same failed measures, costing the country a tremendous amount of money.  Too bad we can’t afford someone who re-introduces failed legislation to pay for it out of pocket.  Never mind their insane sequestration cuts are literally killing people. Oh wait, women are being killed.  Since they are already born, who cares?  If the woman who was murdered by the pedophile who was not properly supervised due to budget cuts was pregnant, we’d be hearing about the dead fetus.  Never mind that they don’t give a damn about truly doing something for the country.

Sharon wrote:

“...The Party of NO supports the unborn but they want to cut food stamps drastically for those already born – convoluted thinking but it comes from a party that has the common sense of a gnat.  They take parts of the Bible and try to relate in their own words to today.  They don’t like women as equals, don’t like minorities, and detest anyone who doesn’t think like them.  Have seen the ‘my way or no way’ around on the net and in person for years with regular dust-ups with them.  The hard right went from being a small but loud minority in the party but now thanks to the Libertarian Koch Bros they now run the GOP through the Koch puppet Priebus.  He thinks the problem with the GOP is not the message but how they package the message which is Bravo Sierra. …”

Republicans in the House and Senate are no longer just dumb, they’ve entered stupid territory. When we have a Republican say that ultra sound images of males in utero say that, because they appear to be touching themselves, it proves that males, at least, are very aware in the womb, and already enjoying the delights of sex.  Ergo, abortion would terminate that sort of things.

With this kind of thinking, one can only imagine the next step.  Sooner of later we’re going to get some pervert Republican stating that, because in utero twins appear to be caught in what we will call compromising positions, it is an indication that child sexuality is there, even before birth.  Someone will use it for an argument for child pornography and pedophilia. Michael Burgress from Texas is the idiot who said that fetuses masturbate.

Granted, this is hyperbole, but the far right He Man Women Haters in the House and Senate are starting to look this bad.  Forget passing a work-place fairness bill to protect the jobs of pregnant women.

“…“Women make up almost half of the labor force, but all too often they are forced to make an impossible choice: risk their own health and pregnancy to keep a job or lose their income at the moment they can least afford it,” said NWLC Vice President and General Counsel Emily Martin said in an advisory. “Pregnant workers are ready, willing and able to continue working but they are often forced out by employers who refuse to make minor accommodations. These women and their families pay a steep price when they’re pushed out of jobs. There’s no reason for pregnancy to be a job-buster.”…”

Politicus USA
Politicus USA

The far right only cares about the fetus.  I don’t like that term, ‘fetus’, and consider it almost insulting to the wonderful life, that miracle, but the far right has made it something filthy, dirty, and disgusting.  They’ve turned the miracle of life into a battle to control and demean and control women.  They don’t even want to allow a woman to abort a baby without a brain.  Then, once it’s born, they’re sure not going to help that now unfortunate, and shattered woman to care for it.  We can’t have any form of public assistance.  If a person can’t take care of themselves, then let them wallow in the mud until they die.

In the Ferengi universe, women are kept naked, and at home.  They aren’t allowed to learn to read, and must do so in stealth.  They are there to wait on their sons and husbands, going so far as to masticate food and place it in their mouths.  The far right is heading in this direction, with one glaring exception.  They are so threatened and repulses by women and their bodies that it wouldn’t surprise The Pink Flamingo to see some groups demand women go around in ‘American’ versions of modest burkas.  It’s heading in that direction.  I wonder when it will occur?

Or – has it already begun?


2 thoughts on “When Dumb Morphs Into Supid

  1. If a woman has not made up her mind to have an abortion before 20 weeks of pregnancy she is the one who is stupid. Of course the democrats call the ban an outrage. They think there should be no limits to this barbaric practice even up to the day before the child is born. Senator Patty Murray said the charade will stop in the Senate and Senator Barbara Boxer said it was putting a limit on women’s health. Most countries have a ban on late term abortions. For the UK and Singapore it is 24 weeks. For most other countries it is less than 20 weeks. In my opinion, in a civilized nation, there should be some limits. after 20 weeks another person’s rights besides the woman’s should be considered…..Are we really supposed to feel sorry for American women? We are having to pay for their free contraceptives, girls as young as 10 years old are considered mature enough for the morning after pill, but a 26 year old is considered juvenile enough to be carried on the parents’ insurance policies. Women are getting ready to train to go into combat and just recently they brought down two four star generals. And this is supposed to be the American version of modest burkas?

  2. There are times when a woman must have an abortion to save her life. I was on the phone today with someone who was forced to make that decision. She had an excellent OB-GYN who managed to save she and the baby, but she was required to make that decision. Before I was born, my mother was told it was going to be either one of us, but not the other. Her OB-GYN told her there would be no contest. They would try to save me, but she came first. If a child is born without a brain, I can’t see torturing the woman carrying that child, to have it be born, DOA. There are several hereditary diseases that are literally a curse to the infant, nothing but pain and torment. These are when I think that an abortion is necessary.

    I think abortion for birth control is repulsive and basically murder. A woman’s health needs to be considered, like the instance in one of the South American countries where the child had no brain, and the mother had lupus. The very act of carrying the child was slowly killing her. If a woman is raped she should have the right to an abortion. I know of instances where, had the young woman been pregnant and could not have had that option, she would have taken her own life. A woman should not be held criminally libel for having a miscarriage. The GOP is trying to do this in several states.

    RU-486 is a miracle drug for endometriosis. I’ve been advocating for it to be readily available, and over the counter (for this purpose) since it was first used in Europe, at least 20 years ago. Because of the ‘pro-life’ (what a joke) lobby, what could be a wonder drug for woman, is almost considered worse than heroine or cocaine.
    “...Other medical applications of mifepristone that have been studied in Phase II clinical trials include regular long-term use as an oral contraceptive, and treatment of: uterine fibroids, endometriosis, major depression with psychotic features, glaucoma, meningiomas, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer. Mifepristone has been used to treat Cushing’s syndrome with treatment durations being as long as 10 years without noticeable adverse effect.”

    I’ve spent most of my adult life suffering the effects of endometriosis. If I had been in Europe, I could have had this miracle drug in 1988. Unfortunately, because I live here, I literally suffered, incapacitated, at least 1 week a month. You wonder why I detest the whole ‘pro-life’ movement, well, that’s the reason. They don’t give a damn about the living, only the pre-born as they call it. There were many women who have been anti-abortion, who basically changed sides of the argument on Tuesday. Don’t we have any rights?


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