The Care & Feeding of Pedophiles


P1010493“…Perpetrators often delude themselves into viewing their actions as helpful to children. They might tell themselves they are contributing to a child’s development or that the child is enjoying the act…”

If you have been following the Free Kate Hunt story on The Pink Flamingo or on Twitter, many readers would be shocked to discover that those who are supporting Kate Hunt, the 18-year-old central Florida high school student and recent graduate are saying.    According to Psychology Today, Kate’s actions toward the unnamed 14-year-old, now 15-years-old Smith child, are not pedophilia.  The Pink Flamingo does not think that Kate Hunt is a pedophile.  She is basically guilty of molesting an innocent child, but it’s not quite the same thing, technically.

The real problem with this story is the fact that there are a specific group of individuals who are defending the actions of this obviously disturbed young woman.  They show traits of being pedophiles, and that is the truly disturbing part of this tale.

“...Narcissistic pedophiles claim to be infallible, superior, talented, skillful, omnipotent, and omniscient. They often lie and confabulate to support these unfounded claims and to justify their actions. Most pedophiles suffer from cognitive deficits and reinterpret reality to fit their fantasies.
The pedophile believes that he is in love with (or simply loves) the child. No amount of denials, chastising, threats, and even outright hostile actions convince the erotic-maniac that the child is not in love with him. He knows better and will make the world see the light as well. He interprets everything the child does (or refrains from doing) as coded messages confessing to and conveying the child’s interest in and eternal devotion to the pedophile and to the “relationship”….”

What is equally fascinating is the fact that Kate Hunt’s parents immediately began blaming the 14-year-old victim.

“…Pedophiles appear to have narcissistic and antisocial (psychopathic) traits. They lack compassion for their victims and express no repentance for their actions. They are in denial and, being pathological confabulators, they rationalize their transgressions, claiming that the children were merely being educated for their own good and, anyhow, derived great pleasure from it.
The pedophile’s sense of self rests on his allopathic defenses. He usually tends to blame others (or the world or the “system”) for his misfortunes, failures, and deficiencies. Pedophiles frequently accuse their victims of acting promiscuously, of “coming on to them”, of actively tempting, provoking, and luring (or even trapping) them…”

Pedophiles, unlike some psychopaths/sociopaths are made, not born. (There are some researchers who think that they are born that way, but their research is still in its infancy).  A sociopath can be born that way, something missing in their brain, not quite flying on all thrusters.  They can be made via abuse, a head injury, and having experienced so many things as children that they become a Hannibal Lector.  Most people in prison for specific crimes are psychopaths.  There is an estimate that, in the city of New York, there are over 100,000 psychopaths in residence.

No, very few of those will ever commit a crime.  They are teachers, doctors, cops, lawyers, dentists, bankers, brokers, fire-fighters, ministers, just about anyone.  The difference in them and in the rest of us is that they need a little more excitement in their lives.  Consequently they will be a little disorganized, create chaos once in awhile, and at times have a total and complete meltdown due to the fact that they can’t deal with the chaos they have created.  It is estimated that most high-powered Wall Street types, the vulture capitalists an captains of industry are almost always psychopaths.

A sociopath is someone who becomes a psychopath because of a head-injury or is born that way.  That is the only difference in the two creatures.

A pedophile, on the other hand, is made.

In the Baby Boomer and Gen X 1 out of every 10 of us will have been sexually abused by the time we reached the age of 18.  In the younger generations, the estimate is now 1 in 5 children will be sexually abused by the time they reach the age of 18.  The vast majority of these will have been molested by member of their family or extended family.  The next largest group will have been, like I was, molested by an educator.  Stranger molestation is farther down the list.  Far more children will be abused by educators than ever will by priests or members of the clergy.  This does not absolve members of the clergy.

Every pedophile was molested at one time or another in their lives, probably repeatedly.  Very few of us who have been molested will ever go on to become monsters in that way, thank heavens.  The normal reaction to a pedophile, from those of us who have been subjected to their ravages is utter and complete disgust, contempt, and absolutely no pity.

In many ways, pedophiles have been carefully groomed by their abuser, to become abusers themselves.  When you hear of  a small child abusing another child, sexually, you can be 100% certain that child was abused. In many cases, it is a tragic, multi-generational circle that never ends, unless someone makes a conscious effort to stop the abuse.

(The one thing that gives me the freedom to forgive and move forward in my life is that the son of the person who abused me has become a fighter for the cause of children, against pedophiles.  From all indications, he stopped the abuse.)

A person who is molested rarely becomes a pedophile.  Something snaps in a person’s brain,  after a person, almost always a male, has been subjected to almost unspeakable perversions.  Researchers today think that the abuse explanation is no longer enough.  I’m not sure about that. Anywhere from 1% to 5% of the male population is attracted to prepubescent children.  Today, there are some who think that it is a born tendency.  If this is so, then they are going to start the onslaught to make pedophilia an alternative life-style.

Child Molestation Prevention
Child Molestation Prevention

If you start surfing the internet, you will find that there are numerous articles popping up, along with sites, saying that the whole problem of pedophilia is hysteria.

Psychology Today defines:

“…Pedophilia is considered a paraphilia, an “abnormal or unnatural attraction.” Pedophilia is defined as the fantasy or act of sexual activity with prepubescent children. Pedophiles are usually men, and can be attracted to either or both sexes. How well they relate to adults of the opposite sex varies.Perpetrators often delude themselves into viewing their actions as helpful to children. They might tell themselves they are contributing to a child’s development or that the child is enjoying the act; however, they do tell their victims not to alert their parents or authorities.An estimated 20 percent of American children have been sexually molested, making pedophilia the most common paraphilia. Offenders are usually family friends or relatives. Types of activities vary and may include just looking at a child or undressing and touching a child. However, acts often do involve oral sex or touching of genitals of the child or offender. Studies suggest that children who feel uncared for or lonely may be at higher risk….”

Those who destroy the innocence of children leave behind a mess.  Trust me, I know.  I found a list of symptoms, and trust me, I’ve been there and done that, especially with the panic attacks, depression, flash-backs, anxiety, low self esteem, damaged goods syndrome, self blame, social isolation

  • Depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping.
  • Low self esteem.
  • “Damaged goods” syndrome. i.e. negative body image due to self-blame. This may be intensified if physical pain was experienced during the abusive incidents.
  • Dissociation from feeling.
  • Social isolation.
  • Relationship problems such as an inability to trust, poor social skills or a reluctance to disclose details about themselves.
  • Self destructive behaviour such as substance abuse or suicide attempts
  • Sexual difficulties such as fear of sex or intimacy
  • Indiscriminate multiple sex partners
  • Parenting problems such as fear of being a bad parent, or fear of abusing the child or being overprotective.
  • An underlying sense of guilt, anger or loss.
  • “Flashbacks” and/or panic attacks.

The people, some of them well-meaning, who are defending Kate Hunt, don’t give a damn about the Smith child, who was her victim.  Too bad they are ignoring the tragic statistics. According to a recent CDC study, the effects of dealing with child abuse and molestation in this country are nearly $600 billion dollars, annually.

  • There are over 42 million survivors of sexual abuse in America.
  • Somewhere between 2/3 and ninety percent of sexual abuse victims never tell
  • 293,000 children and youth are estimated to be at risk of exploitation.
  • 100,000 are prostituted annually.
  • 90% are abused by someone they know, love or trust.
  • 20% of child sexual abuse victims are under the age of 8 ..
  • many victims of abuse most never tell, and some don’t recall the abuse.
  • More then 60% of pregnant teens have been sexually abused.
  • 55% of girls living on the streets engage in prostitution.
  • 20% of prostituted girls are transported across state lines for services.
  • The average age of entry for girls into prostitution is 12 to 14 years old.
  • One in 7 children who are regular Internet users receive sexual solicitations online.
  • 1 in 3 is exposed to unwanted sexual material.
  • 1 in 25 receives a request to meet someone in real life that they met online.
  • 800,000 children are reported missing every year in the U.S. or 2,000 every day.
  • An estimated 200,000 are abducted by family members;
  • 58,000 by non family members, the primary motive for which is sexual.
  • In the most serious cases, the child is abducted by a stranger and killed, held for ransom, or taken with the intention to keep.
  • There are 38 million males under the age of 18 who have been sexually abused
  • There are 36 million females
  • Annually 353,000 males under the age of 18 are abused
  • 506,000 females under the age of 18 are abused, annually
  • There are 967 new male victims (under the age of 18) of sexual abuse each day
  • There are nearly 1400 female victims
  • Each hour 40 males under the age of 18 are newly victimized
  • Each hour, 58 females under the age of 18 are newly victimized
  • 68% of all children who are abused, are abused by a family member
  • 31% of women in prison today were abused as children
  • 60% of adults in drug rehab were abused or neglected as children

We know quit a bit about Kate Hunt.  She comes from a family who doesn’t appear to practice impulse control. The Pink Flamingo has been given confidential information that is indicative that she is not a pedophile, nor a lesbian, nor a classic predator but a classic case of someone who is going to do exactly what they want and destroy anyone who gets in their way. Her family is like this.

The Hunt family is harassing and terrorizing the Smith family, and now the county officials who are trying to, or at one time were trying to help their seriously disturbed daughter.  Instead of fighting them, they should be trying to get help for a young woman who has some very serious character flaws.  If she continues the way she is going, one day, she is going to truly destroy either herself, or her intended sexual victim, male or female.

They are manipulate an increasingly small cross-section of the LGBT community.  Their vocal supporters who appear to stop at nothing to attempt to prevent anyone from speaking out on the situation are either friends, family members, or a small group of individuals The Pink Flamingo and others believe are not of the most savory character types.

On Friday, I did a family lunch with my parents and a friend who brought along her 14-year-old daughter.  I’ve known this child since she was a growing bump inside her mother.  Even thought she is starting to tower over me (a fairly easily accomplished feat) and is going to be a beautiful young woman, she is still an innocent.  She has grown out of her clumsy coltish stage and is getting ready to ‘blossom’ in the classic Regency term.  In other words, her father is going to go through agony for the next 8-10 years.  There is nothing worldly about her.  Like the Smith child, she has been raised in the family church, nurtured, and is quite an athlete. The thought of anyone 18-years-old, male or female, preying on her to take her innocence for sexual gratification makes my blood literally run cold.  The Hunt family had best be thankful that the Smith family is not as powerful nor as bonded as the child’s family is.  The end results would not be pretty.

When I read, on twitter, so-called #FreeKate defenders say how a kid her age should be free to enter into a sexual relationship with someone several years her senior makes me sick. For them to also state that children her age should not be required to follow the rules and regulations of a loving home is akin to abuse, ignorance of the law, and truly makes me wonder just what their agenda is.

I don’t think it is a wholesome agenda.



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  1. This was a good post. I know nothing about the story other than an 18 year girl had sexual relations with a 14 year old girl. So forgive my naive view.

    Our society has made sex nothing more than a feel good handshake that everyone should partake in. My wife and I have only known each other. There was sexuality in our relationship prior to marriage, but no intercourse. I don’t know if there really is a difference. I started dating my wife when I was late in my 18th year and she was late in her 16th year. If I was a child of 2013 without family or God I would have had sex with many girls as often as I could I am certain.

    I do know that there were 14 year olds in their freshman year of high school when I was in high school, and while rare seniors did date freshmen. If everyone was in high school nothing seemed wrong with dating, but again we did not play human trampoline like they do today. Yes there was sex, but not like we have today.

    So I don’t know how to view this situation. Some young women ‘blossom’ earlier than others, and some young men later than others.

  2. If it were the case of someone who was involved in what my father always called ‘puppy’ love, it would be one thing. This is much different. The tale is like an onion, you peel and the layers just continue. I think there is also the issue of refusing to follow orders, to the point where she was kicked off the basketball team for chasing this kid. Prepped her, groomed her, chased, stalked, the whole nine yards. It’s not the first time. She’s violated restraining orders, basically took the child from her home for a weekend of sex, while the child was a run-away. She just kept digging herself deeper and deeper into trouble. Still is. Rules don’t apply. She needs help.


  3. Good post. Dr. Carol Shakeshaft of Hofstra specializes in this topic, and her research is fascinating – and terrifying. She estimates that a child is 100 times more likely to be molested in public school than by a priest. Not to excuse those priests, but the dearth of media attention on teachers, as well as on the rampant sexual abuse in the Muslim community, indicates to me that Christianity is viewed as the real impediment to those who want to “normalize” sex with children.

  4. They are supposed to send out notifications to neighbors if a sex offender or someone convicted of a violent act moves within a three block radius of your home. Last week I received two such postcards with pictures on them. One of them was convicted of fondling a child and the other was convicted of violence against his wife. So there are two offenders living close to my home. There is also an elementary school within this three block radius and I wonder how one can be comfortable with a known child molester living so close to a school.

  5. Here from McCain’s. Good post.

    I’m afraid the current state of affairs became inevitable the moment society decided that experimentation among younger and younger humans was somehow “normal.” See, e.g. inter alia, OTC Plan B. That is, make it “normal,” eliminate parental supervision, knowledge and control, make the perp the “victim,” and here we are.

  6. I did have one question about this sentence, from the fourth last paragraph; you write “They are manipulate an increasingly small cross-section of the LGBT community.” Did you mean this to say, “They are manipulatING an increasingly small…” or “They are BEING manipulateD BY an increasingly small…?” It changes the sense of the paragraph somewhat depending on which is the case, I think.

  7. It is the ones who aren’t on the list who are frightening. Then again, there are so many people who should not be on the list, either. It is almost a mockery of what it should be. I remember an episode of the George Lopez show where the neighbors were up in arms when they received notice that a sex offender was now living near them. They were all scrambling to lock up their wives and daughters. Then the men discovered the offender was this beautiful young woman who had had an affair with a 17-year-old male student, and their attitude changed. The predator became the prey.


  8. I love the ‘Tannhauser’ part of your address. My favorite opera. I wrote the post about 4AM today, so it should read that their supporters from the LGBT community (and I can’t find all that many) are becoming increasingly smaller in number as they realize they’ve been manipulated by the Hunts. Hope that helps.


  9. Wow! This whole article is well written and straight to the point. Everything that I read is true and it’s sad that the majority can’t stand to hear the real truth here. There’s a whole lot of manipulation going on.
    I feel sorry for the Smith family. They should not have to deal with the harassment that’s going on.

  10. I wasn’t aware of this bit of info that you mentioned here in the last paragraph. Thank you for posting that. I wasn’t aware that she violated restraining orders! I knew that she went over to the girls house and picked her up and drove her back to her house. Great post

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