Snowden’s Treasonous Enablers


Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 12.48.47 AMEdward Snowden did not do what he did on his own.  There are some fascinating rumors about how he did what he did.  If these rumors are the least bit true, then someone did something very wrong.  It is quite apparent Snowden has harmed the nation.  Even more he has completely humiliated the Obama Administration with his antics.  What we do know is that Snowden did not have a real Top Secret security clearance. Someone helped him.  The question is who.

The Pink Flamingo does not approve of actions like this, no matter who is POTUS.  What he has done is treason.  Those who assisted him have committed treason.  I approve of the death penalty for only one thing – treason.

Once upon a time, until about 2 centuries ago, in Great Britain, if a person was convicted of treason, they could be executed.  What is even more interesting is that every single thing they owned was confiscated, going to the ‘crown’.  Their immediate families were also stripped of what they owned.

I like this, especially in the case of Edward Snowden.  If what The Pink Flamingo has been told is even half true, playing out in the end, then I think we should see the same thing happen to the individuals who assisted Snowden, starting with Rand Paul.

UK Guardian
UK Guardian

What Snowden did was pure evil. He betrayed our nation.  He should pay the price for that betrayal.  Anyone who assisted him, planned his treason and helped finance it should also pay the same price.   The reason I bring up the price that was once paid in Great Britain was because, if what I know is true, then, well, let’s just say a chunk could be put in our deficit by the fines and confiscation of property.

Yes, the above is hyperbole, but this story is only getting worse.  Secretary of State, John Kerry has said that he fears what Snowden is going to cost American lives.  Can we call that murder?  This is treason, dirty, stinking treason.  If it were done for some grand and glorious ideological reason, The Pink Flamingo could be slightly more tolerant of the situation.  Unfortunately, THIS is not about ideology, it is about betraying the country in order to create trouble with Russia.

You want proof?  Mitt Romney’s disgusting mouthpiece, Jennifer Rubin, is now on record stating that Romney was right about Russia being our enemy.  Yep, this is a set-up.    Rubin is one of the most despicable and repulsive individuals out there, pretending to be a journalist.  Her ties to Romney and the Koch Machine run quite deep.  During the election cycle The Pink Flamingo repeatedly said that Romney was trying to make trouble, for the Koch.  I think this is what is going on here, only the Kochs are now using poor, stupid, Edward Snowden to do their dirty work.

“...Glenn Greenwald has been looking to take down Obama and feed his own depthless narcissism for years now. He just managed to accomplish one of these goals in spades: If you’re a mainstream media outlet thinking of giving him airtime or copy space, you’re naturally increasing his visibility. Just be warned about what you’re up against. It damn sure isn’t the intellectual and journalistic honesty and relentless quest for the truth Greenwald would have you believe….”

In fact, if you look at a screen shot of Memeorandum, it becomes increasingly clear that this is truly a set-up to damage the Obama Administration, by minions of the Koch Machine.


Due to sequestration, no new Top Secret security clearances have been assigned since Feb. 2, 2013.  How did Snowden get his?  The Pink Flamingo has heard that Booz Allen is now in quite a bit of trouble because of what happened with Snowden.  Glenn Greenwald should go to prison – forever.

“...As the mysterious travel details of Edward Snowden continue to dominate the news cycle, on Monday evening “Piers Morgan Live” invited attorneys Gloria Allred and Alan Dershowitz to offer their candid reactions and detailed insights.

Over the weekend, Glenn Greenwald – the columnist for “The Guardian” who is largely credited with breaking the story surrounding Snowden, and his leaked info on government agencies use of secret data-mining programs – appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” taking issue with some of David Gregory’s questions.

“Edward Snowden has said, ‘I’ve committed a serious crime,’ the newspaper has put this out there,” noted Piers Morgan. “Surely he [Greenwald] should be prepared to answer questions about whether anything they have done – in cahoots with this guy, we don’t know how far he goes – anything they’ve done borders on criminality. I think it’s a perfectly reasonable question.”

Dershowitz, for his part, insisted there is no gray area:

“Well, it doesn’t border on criminality – it’s right in the heartland of criminality. The statute itself, does punish the publication of classified material, if you know that it’s classified,” explained the guest. “Greenwald – in my view – clearly has committed a felony.”

Continuing his assessment of the reporter, Dershowitz held little back:

“Greenwald’s a total phony. He is anti-American, he loves tyrannical regimes, and he did this because he hates America. This had nothing to do with publicizing information.”

Allred, meanwhile, questioned Greenwald’s concern with Gregory’s question, and moreover, wondered if “The Guardian” columnist may need to rework his business card:

“It’s bizarre that he’s really upset that that question is being asked. It’s an obvious question,” she said. “I wouldn’t necessarily call Mr. Greenwald a journalist – I would think of a journalist as someone who is neutral. I see Mr. Greenwald as more of an advocate, defending his source, almost acting as a lawyer.”…”


Snowden took the Booz Allen job intending to expose the NAS.  it was a set-up, planned, long planned.  It was premeditated treason.  There are some extremely interesting rumors out there, about who, what when and where this all went down, who was involved, why, and the chess game to humiliate Obama.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to humiliate the opposition.  That’s life in the political fast lane.  The Pink Flamingo has played this political game most of my life.  There comes a point though, where the game is no longer a game, but a very deadly game of treason.

Treason is a very vile and hideous game, a deadly game, with deadly consequences. This is a betrayal, plotted by evil individuals who feel they are better than everyone else.  They are more interested in destroying than building.  They should pay the ultimate price for their treason – every single person who is involved in this vile tale.

No, I don’t think they should be executed, but I think they should be told they are to be executed and publicly led to an old-fashioned block.  Set them up with a masked ax executioner and watch them scream like the vile cowards they are.  Then give them a reprieve.

They should also be stripped of their citizenship, and kicked out of the country.  Without a passport, no nation is going to take them.  Like the Flying Dutchman, let them be doomed, to wander around the rest of their lives, as the ultimate punishment for their betrayal.

Every single thing they own should be liquidated and the money given to the Feds.  Every single thing their families own should be confiscated and liquidated.  Their families should be left with nothing, on the street, with only the clothes on their backs.

Is this cruel, yes it is.  But, if we don’t get serious with this kind of thing, it is going to happen again.  If anyone dies because of the breach of security, then every single individual who was part of this should spend the remainder of their days in one of those maximum security mind bending prisons.

UPDATE:  Al Qaeda is already changing tactics thanks to Snowden’s duplicity.  This is already hurting us, and hurting our allies.  Thanks to Greenwald and Snowden, people are going to die.

When do we call it murder?