Rupert Murdoch’s Little Tape Problem


Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 5.16.18 PMEvidently Rupert Murdoch thinks he is above the law. Let’s be honest here, he is. If he were not above the law, because of what he did in the UK, he would probably not be allowed to own certain media outlets in this country.  It looks like he did not like being investigated.  He said the cops were incompetent.  He also said they would hit back.  During the discussion with his London staff, he admitted that his people were not quite honest in the way they gathered the news.  Like we all don’t know that?

So what if his papers bribed police? So what if they hacked people’s cell phones, illegally tracked the conversations of the Royals, and truly damaged a family who was grieving over the loss of a child?  It’s Rupert Murdoch. Like everyone else of the plutocracy, he can get away with just about anything.

“…It may be one of the biggest American holidays today but something tells me naturalized American citizen Rupert Murdoch may not be in much of a celebratory mood. Besides reports that his soon-to-be ex-trophy wife Wendi Deng has moved on to her third meal ticket, now a secretly recorded meeting with employees caught up in the phone hacking scandal strongly hints that Murdoch’s hands in News Corporation’s tabloid scandals are far dirtier than when he made himself out as the victim of wrongdoing by his underlings….”

So what if he were bribing the cops and public officials?


“...This outs Murdoch lying that he didn’t know about his newspapers bribing public officials for news until an internal investigation in the wake of the Milly Dowling scandal uncovered it. That’s not shocking. What’s truly stunning is that he would say it to a room full of journalists—each of whom has recording equipment at the ready.

I don’t think the “everybody did it” defense is going to work here.

There’s much more in the transcripts, including Murdoch trashing Scotland Yard and scoffing at the significance of the crimes.

But on the corruption angle, there’s this, in response to a question about whether Sun staffers convicted and jailed will still have News Corporation “support”…This wink-wink stuff has been standard operating procedure for News Corporation throughout its crisis. It paid off Glenn Mulcaire and Clive Goodman after their convictions and kept paying for their defense, leaving Parliament “with a strong impression that silence has been bought.” It paid off hacking victims Gordon Taylor and Max Clifford in a bid to prevent the scandal from breaking. It gave the Scotland Yard lead investigator who scotched the early probe a plum job as a Times columnist.

In a separate scandal, when a whistleblower exposed serious wrongdoing at News America that would eventually cost the company more than half a billion dollars in settlements, News Corp. bankrupted him with lawsuits and made the CEO of News America, Paul Carlucci, the publisher of the New York Post…”

None of this really matters. People like Rupert Murdoch are so wealthy and powerful they can literally get away with almost murder.  Above the law, no one is going to hold them accountable for anything, no matter what they do.  The man admits to bribing the cops.

He really should be in jail.

The question for me is why on earth would someone even bother reading the Wall Street Journal or watch FOX News?