A Very Annoyed Pink Flamingo


skunk_lgI’m truly too annoyed to do a post today.  Right now I’m so ticked off with the world to even go on Twitter. I would probably be too nasty.  I just learned that I did not get the job I applied for, back around the first of April.  Not only was I the most qualified for the position, but I submitted a two inch perspective about the position, and what needed to be done to bring a certain institution up to actual real world status. I spent 2 weeks studying what needed to be done, and examined every aspect of the job.

I was never called for an interview.  I was never told that someone else, far less qualified, but with the correct gender based features, had been hired, though the good old boy network. What’s worse, because my application was the first one presented for the position, my qualifications were listed on the classified that was used to advertise for applicants.

What gets me is I provided a way to increase attendance, raise the bottom line, and turn the facility into something quite remarkable.  The person they hired has said he cannot guarantee an increase in attendance, and is going to take three months do study what I did in two weeks.

So, I’m ticked.  I’m still waiting for a returned phone call. From what I gather, I have a right to know why I was neither hired, interviewed, nor contacted about the position.  Let’s just face the fact that the entire process was filthy dirty.

Let’s just use the word – corrupt – and be done with it.


3 thoughts on “A Very Annoyed Pink Flamingo

  1. I know you’re not ready to hear this yet…but you know darn well the Lord has something WAY better for you, darlin’. His thoughts, His ways, His love… Give yourself that moment to rant and be pissy, then surrender to His plan, His creative imagination and His pithy sense of humor.

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