The World According to Koch


Picture 2Maybe Charles Koch might not need to spend his hard earned billions lobbying against the minimum wage.  Wages are rapidly falling for those who are in low-paying positions.  Never mind that workers are working harder, and earning less.  They’re just minimum wage creeps who have no right to a real life or decent treatment.  If they were indeed worthy individuals, they would be billionaires like the Brother’s Koch and the Walton family.  The Brother’s Koch earned their money the hard way, inheriting it from Fred, who worked with Stalin.  The Walton family also earned theirs the hard way, inheriting from their hard working father.

“...Low-wage jobs have been the majority of those added since the recovery began, replacing the middle class jobs that were lost in the recession. They accounted for 62 percent of the jobs added in June and overall have amounted to about half of those created since 2009.

Meanwhile, the minimum wage hasn’t been raised in nearly five years, leading to increasing income inequality as executive pay has far outpaced that of workers. President Obama has proposed raising it to $9 from the current $7.25. If it had kept pace with inflation since 1968, it would actually be closer to $10.50 an hour….”

Crooks & Liars
Crooks & Liars

Charles Koch wants to do away with the minimum wage. In DC, when told that Walmart must pay a living wage, the far right is disgusted because 900 jobs, that must be subsidized by the tax-payer, are going to be lost.  Good for the DC city council for standing up to Walmart, their bullies, and the fact that their employees are paid so little, over half of them are on SNAP and Medicaid.

Crooks & Liars
Crooks & Liars

Why isn’t Walmart required to pay a living wage in this country?

Now Republicans in the House plan to do away with SNAP.  What do they want the poor to do?  What do they want Walmart employees to do, starve to death?

“…House Republicans reportedly plan to remove food stamp funding from the federal farm bill, a move that stands to further jeopardize the survival of the critical anti-poverty program. This move comes after years of right-wing media figures demonizing food stamp recipients as lazy or dependent, with Rush Limbaugh going so far as to propose dumpster diving as an alternative….”

Why should they bother paying a living wage?  Charles Koch has spoken.  He does not believe in paying a minimum wage, and is willing to put just a small fraction of his money where his mouth is, to further impoverish the little people of this nation.  After all, he says if we do away with the minimum wage, more people will have jobs.  They sure will.  An employee can get 2 for the price of 1, or maybe 3 or 4 for the price of 1. That’s great, if you are a billionaire, but if you are a little person, like 99% of us, it’s basically about the descent into surfdom.  If you are a Koch Brother, you get the following government subsidies.  Each single Walmart store takes at least a million bucks in public benefits to keep their wages 28% lower than anyone else in their league.

“…1. Billions of dollars in oil subsidies: In his op-ed, Koch acknowledges government support of renewable energy, but he doesn’t point out the billions of dollars in tax breaks the oil industry receives every year. Koch Industries reaps billions in these century-old tax breaks, and spends millions lobbying specifically to ensure they stay in place. Koch is guilty of what he writes in his op-ed: “Far too many businesses have been all too eager to lobby for maintaining and increasing subsidies and mandates paid by taxpayers and consumers.”

2. Koch Industries has had at least $85 million in federal government contracts: Lee Fang reported that the Bush administration awarded the corporation expensive contracts, after Koch Industry contributions to Bush’s campaign. Many come from the Department of Defense, but they also include an exclusive contract to supply the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve and prior access to Iraqi crude oil.

3. They’ve asked for bailouts: A Koch refinery located in Alaska, Flint Hills Refinery, repeatedly asked former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for a bailout. Sen. Lisa Murkowski also asked for reduced royalties on the company’s behalf, arguing it plays a “vital” part in the economy.

4. After launching a campaign on behalf of the Keystone XL pipeline, they stand to benefit from taxpayer subsidies: Price of Oil calculates that refineries for the Keystone XL pipeline would receive over $1 billion in tax breaks for tar sands equipment. The Kochs have avoided talking about on how this would benefit the company. But InsideClimate News recently reported that a Koch subsidiary told regulators it has “direct and substantial interest” in the pipeline. Through its political contributions to Canadian lawmakers, the corporation help itself maintain a stake Canada’s tar sands.

5. Koch Industries contributes millions of dollars to advance anti-environment legislation, and has been accused of outright bribery: Koch argues that the point of business is to “act lawfully and with integrity.” However, Grist points out a telling anecdote that undermines Koch’s point: Koch Industries was accused of bribing French government officials to win contracts. The Seattle Times reported that a Koch ethics manager highlighted bribes and activities that were “violations of criminal law” in France; however, the whistleblower was fired soon after she alerted executives to the issue….”

The Republicans in the House and Senate will cave.  They belong to Koch Industries, bought and paid for like the good little whores they are.

Open Secrets
Open Secrets

They control the tea parties.

Just like the Kochs, Walmart controls this country, being its largest employer.  Because it is the country’s largest employer, they think they control the message.  Because it is a large corporation, the far right worships it. Never mind that we subsidize the entire corporation to the tune of billions, just the way we subsidize the Koch Machine.  We all know DC will cave.  The worst of it is the fact that brainwashed conservatives think that Walmart & the Koch Machine represents the free market.  What a joke.

Think Progress
Think Progress

If you listen to Bloomberg, Walmart is perfect.  They buy into the canard that Walmart’s average wage is over $12.00/hr.  They also think that activists who want to force a minimum wage, are so stupid that they look at the amount of money the company is making and are demanding some of that be redistributed, rather like socialism.

Never mentioned in their discussion about the DC big-box battle is the fact that each store basically costs the US Taxpayer a million bucks a year to subsidize them because of low wages.  They also ignored the Costco model, where the average salary  is well over double what Walmart pays, and how profitable Costco is.

Evidently, if you listen to the financials, if you think people should have a living wage, then you are some sort of socialist or activist.  The problem is the fact that those with that mind-set ignore the Costco model, where paying well over a living wage increases value, market share, and bottom line profit.

Makes you wonder just how these people truly view business.  It’s like austerity, which is an epic fail, bad for business. This isn’t about good business at all, but government subsidized corporate America.


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  1. I don’t think many on the right (or the left) realize that the far left is all for helping the far right (at the expense of the country) — the far wings of either party believe fundamentally in overthrowing our government, even destroying our nation (they both are engaged in a very unhealthy cult of personality, and they attract that sort of follower), because they both want to remake it (and I have a sneaking hunch they wouldn’t have a problem pogroming those they feel are “unworthy”)…and in order to do that, they will have to overthrow the government and our society (and this does not have to be bloody revolution — it can be conspiracy theories that destroy the public’s trust in the country, its institutions, and in each other, and in placing/supporting fellow travellers to further the “cause” in as key a positions as possible). They will help each other more the closer they think that first goal is close to accomplishment (the connections are there already, it isn’t exactly hidden), and they will use the citizens of this country, left and right (who have more in common than they both know) against each other in order to try and have their “side” finally “win” this ideological battle….and they have no problems with breaking a lot of eggs to make their omelets.

    What hurts the worst is: most people refuse to see this and, all the while exhorting people to not be sheep, allow themselves to be led into this.

    Of course…after reading what you wrote about Snowden and the FreeKate movement, I think I’m preaching to the choir here. (these people may seem polar opposites, and in some sense they are, but they all have very similar end goals…or at least are doing the work for people who do).

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