Is This the End of the GOP?


Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 11.21.13 PMIn the state of Iowa, a woman can be fired from her job if she is too attractive.  In Iowa, the same court said that it is okay to beat a puppy to death.  What we are starting to see is an all out far right assault on women.  It is nothing more and nothing less.   If you read this pathetic ranting from American Spectator, evidently women are destroying men.  The Zimmerman jury is proof, positive. I guess that’s why men of the right are turning to Viagra in record numbers.  Rush Limbaugh used it for yet another of his Viagra induced, women-hating screeds.  These men truly do hate and fear women who dare speak out, on just about any subject now.

On Saturday, in the formerly great state of Texas, where an Aggie is governor, women who were in the gallery during the debate of the abortion bill had their tampons and maxi pads confiscated, as well as their lipstick, hand lotion, and make up.  Men with concealed guns were allowed to enter.

“…“She was crying when she came in crying, talking about how someone had confiscated her sanitary pads and was waving them around like a trophy,” Hughes said. “[The woman said] the state trooper was chasing her to the elevator, yelling at her that if she didn’t like it, she could get out of the Capitol.”

The trooper’s actions were in keeping with an attempt to bar items “that can be thrown at senators” from being taken into the gallery as lawmakers debate House Bill 2, which would result in the closing of all but five abortion providers in the state. The bill is expected to pass along partisan lines either late Friday or early Saturday.

“This is too much,” the woman says in the video. “This is like some kind of third-world country that we’re in all of a sudden.”

After the Senate became the target of online derision, the ban on hygienic products was revoked Friday afternoon.

“They’re taking water, hand sanitizer, lotion, cosmetics,” Hughes said in a telephone interview. “They’ve stopped taking tampons and sanitary pads, though, thankfully.”…”

Huffington Post
Huffington Post

Twitter has exploded with the story, basically making fun of the GOP in Texas.  Right now, if this continues, women in Texas are going to revolt.  There is no other way around what is going on, the obscene injustice of it all.  No matter which side of the abortion issue you are on, basic human decency should be enough to demand something like this be exposed and ridiculed.  The individuals involved should be fired.

Lawyers, Guns, Money
Lawyers, Guns, Money

“...Troopers thoroughly checked the bags of person entering the gallery, which holds almost 500 spectators. Senate Sergeant-At-Arms Rick DeLeon said no props — including speculums and coat hangers — would be allowed into the Senate gallery, per decorum rules.

Troopers tossed tampons, perfume bottles, moisturizers, pencils and other things into the garbage. The leader of the chamber’s Democrats, Sen. Kirk Watson of Austin, later said he intervened to stoop troopers from confiscating feminine hygiene products from women seeking to watch the debate.

Each spectator was issued a copy of the rules of decorum, which stipulate there can be no demonstrations or attempts to disrupt the chamber’s work. The Texas Constitution gives Dewhurst the authority to jail those who break those for up to 48 hours, no court necessary….”

The far right has been spreading the tale that jars of feces and urine have been confiscated.  Problem is, the tale is not quite true.  No one can verify it.  That hasn’t stopped the right from carrying the story.  They even gloss over the fact that the story has been updated to state that the story cannot be confirmed, that no one has found anything.

Reality Check
Reality Check

“...The Texas Department of Public Safety said Friday that officers had discovered more than a dozen jars containing “suspected” feces and urine at the Texas Capitol, the site of an intense debate among state senators over abortion restrictions.

In a press release, the agency offered scant details about the seizures and did not say where the items were taken or what happened to them, prompting abortion rights activists to express doubts about the official account.

The department said the items were found after the agency received information that protesters had planned to use a “variety of items or props to disrupt legislative proceedings at the Texas Capitol.”

“During these inspections, DPS officers have thus far discovered one jar suspected to contain urine, 18 jars suspected to contain feces, and three bottles suspected to contain paint,” the news release said. “All of these items — as well as significant quantities of feminine hygiene products, glitter and confetti possessed by individuals — were required to be discarded; otherwise those individuals were denied entry into the gallery.”

DPS officers outside the Senate gallery and at each entrance to the Capitol told The Texas Tribune they had not seen or found jars containing feces or urine, and multiple officers throughout the Capitol said they had not heard of any jars being found until a reporter mentioned it. Several officers also said they had not heard anything on the DPS radio system about jars of any excrement….”

Do people really think this is acceptable?


This is what a Daily Caller reader left in a comment.

Daily Caller
Daily Caller

It’s quite apparent that some of the anti-abortion zealots don’t seem to read the same Bible I do.  No one is more anti-abortion that am I.  I think abortion for birth control is just plain old out and out murder.  My friend Sharon, today on her Blog, Voices from the Heartland says it best.

“...For years I tried to fit into the Pro-Life mold of the Republican Party.  I said the right things to stay a member in good standing but one day I reached the conclusion that it was not my place to tell another women what to do with her life.  Realized at that point I had been pro-choice for a long time.  I was a square peg trying to fit in a round hole and it didn’t work.  Part of the reason it took me a long time to admit even to myself that I was pro-choice came from my own experience after my son was born over 30 years ago.  I had to be rushed back to the hospital with a severe, life threatening infection because the nurse had not given me the prescribed antibiotics.

In the room I was assigned they brought in a patient who in the middle of the night who was given a ‘partial birth abortion.’  Heard the baby cry and then heard the doctor say “kill it” and then silence.   I was hysterical because I was facing a life threatening situation, might never see my son again, and here a doctor was killing a baby in the next bed.  Nurse came in and yelled at me to shut up along with the doctor performing the abortion.  Then the head nurse on the floor came in after I hit the call button numerous times and started screaming – she got me out of the room into a private room, called my OB doctor who arrived in about 20 minutes who gave me something to calm me down so I could sleep.  Next morning a minister showed up to talk to me about what had happened and shortly thereafter my daughter and my newborn son were brought to see me against the rules of the hospital, but my wonderful doctor was not taking NO for an answer.

Finally after my children’s visit, the antibiotics started working, I started feeling better, and the danger of a rupture passed.  The nurse that had yelled at me to shut up came in my room, and I yelled at her to get out.  She started to say something just as my doctor walked in and he threw her out.  He went to the board to get her fired and the doctor suspended from privileges at the hospital.  My doctor took him to the County Medical Board to get his license suspended for a year.

It was a high risk facility and my doctor’s office was in the hospital.  They were both part of the faculty of the Medical College for high risk pregnancy.  Before it was all finished the hospital fired four nurses and suspended one doctor, while permanently removing the privileges of doctor that had performed the ‘partial birth’ abortion from practicing at their hospital.   County Medical Board suspended his license for year.   Since this was done in a semi-private room, it did not meet the requirements of the hospital that all abortions be performed in an operating room.

Could have sued but I wasn’t emotionally willing to go through the trauma of a lawsuit at the time.  The hospital awarded some damages and paid for my entire medical bill so the insurance company was extremely happy.  That is my personal reason for not supporting ‘partial birth abortion’ which is abhorrent to most people.  It affected my thinking for years about abortion, but then one day I realized what I had experienced was very rare and against the rules of the hospital.  That’s the day I finally came to the conclusion that I actually am pro-choice because I don’t walk in another women’s shoes and while I might disagree with the choice, it is not up to me.  Being pro-choice is not being pro-abortion as the hard right likes to say but it is about giving women the option in a safe environment to make her own decision.

Personally believe the choice to terminate a pregnancy after 20 weeks is between a woman and her doctor not politicians.  Believe that 99.99% of doctors abide by their oath and would not terminate a pregnancy at over 20 weeks without a sound medical reason.  Doctors will do everything they can to save the life of the mother and the child but in rare instances they have to choose because of severe complications.  A doctor should have that right along with the mother without worrying about facing legal problems as long as all rules are followed to make the procedure safe….”

It would be nice to think that what is going on in Texas is about protecting women and children.  Unfortunately, one of the craziest backers of the anti-abortion bill believes that women should be denied prenatal care if they are poor, for three months.

The worst part of this is the fact that the far right doesn’t seem to comprehend that this has gone far beyond abortion.  It is far beyond abortion, now.  I don’t know more than a few pro-life supporters among friends and family who have not been so turned off by the whole nasty process.  Every single one of the, friends and family have reached the point where they’ve had it.  It is NOT about abortion, not any more.  This is about treating women with dignity.

This is about protecting the rights of women that go far far beyond reproduction and the right to put an extra tampon in one’s purse in Texas.  This is about petty, impotent (literally) little men who obviously are incapable of answering the biological urge to spread their seed, and reproduce.  In order to do this, they must resort to medications to allow them to enjoin in the art of procreation.  When this happens, their minds become almost primitive and ape-like.

The great irony of this, as we watch the far right, conservative, so-called ‘christian’ male make a total ass of himself and HIS reproductive rights, to spawn one little white boy after another, he is no longer evolving but is turning into something that is not even a great ape.  When apes discover that there is a female they want in their harem, they will usually murder the child so that the female will be willing to reproduce, more quickly.  Quite frankly, I’m waiting for these men to start doing just that – killing the children of desirable women, so they can get them pregnant.

We are dealing with primitive, little, backward men who are so incapable of being alpha males.  In order to attempt to make themselves into something more than the pathetic little submissive they are, they are trying to emotionally and physically destroy the rights women have acquired over the years.  When we women decided to push back, it isn’t going to be pretty.

There’s a very good reason we don’t find these men, the Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannity, Glenn Becks, Mitt Romneys, Paul Ryans, Charles Kochs, David Kochs, Antonin Scalias, Mitch McConnells, Rand Pauls, and Ted Cruzes of the world so repulsive.  It is why Ron Paul makes normal women shudder. If you put the whole darn bunch together, you wouldn’t come out with a normal male’s worth of testosterone.  These men are repulsive.  They are pathetic examples of what modern day metro-sexual androgyny is all about.

If you go back through history, and try and ascertain which men treated women the worst, who became repressive monsters who felt the only way they could exercise their male hormones was to become a primitive ape and destroy women around them.

That’s what the modern day Christian, Republican, Far Right, Libertarian, Conservative, Tea Party male has become.  They are soft, pasty, sniveling, crying, shards of what men once were.  They disgust me.

Don’t insult real men by calling these little twits men.

They are girly-men.

It is the real reason they fear gays and hate them so much.  They aren’t even good enough to be gay.  They are nothing, sexless, worms.

I loath them.

I like real men, who know how to respect women, treat them kindly, who know that part of being a real man is that there are times when you belch, fart, spit, and posture, and then there are times when you know how to behave at the opera.

Real men are baritones, not sexless little tenors like the men of the far right.

Ergo – they hate us.

Have you ever been around a man who is required to take female hormones for prostate problems?  That is what these men are.  They’re half-women, lacking basic male hormones to know how to act like real men.

That is why they hate us.

It is why they’ve destroyed the Republican Party.  You see, Ronald Reagan was a real man with real male hormones.    These little girly-men are not.  They would rather destroy the GOP than treat women decently.

They are pathetic.


2 thoughts on “Is This the End of the GOP?

  1. Agree 100% with this well written article. Beginning to think that the Republican males use too much Viagra as all they think about is a woman must reproduce no matter the danger involved as it makes them feel like a real man. They go around with their chests all puffed out they have have reproduced when their wife gets pregnant. It is disgusting and sickening what we are seeing out of the older white males of the GOP. Some Republicans don’t see a need to get married if you are not going to have children. Cannot stand their arrogance and their wanting to put women down. Viagra and other ED drugs have been covered under the FEHBP for years but it wasn’t until 2003 that birth control was covered as the Congress inserted their will into the plan covering Federal Employees. Same plan that on 1 Jan 2014, members of Congress and their staffs will no longer have access. Republicans will have to use AFA or State Exchanges where Republicans are out of luck as their states didn’t set up exchanges for the most part. Love it!

    Any woman who votes for a Republican after what we have been seeing in Texas. North Carolina, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Oklahoma for starters, better think twice as the GOP males are getting worse with their war on women. When you confiscate tampons, but allow guns in the gallery, you have crossed the line which is exactly what Texas GOP has done. I lived in Texas when Ma Richards was defeated by GW Bush and worked hard to see him win. I wouldn’t lift a finger to help one TX GOP win ever again. In fact, I would drive south of the border to help a Democrat defeat Dewhurst or Abbott running for Governor. It would be my pleasure to help turn Texas Blue. The TX GOP assault on women’s rights have did me in and I will NEVER support another Republican that is part of the Neanderthal Party who believe women have one function in life and that is to have their kids. I know because I was married to one who sounded just like these jerks of TX GOP.

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