The Right & Wrong, Good Vs Evil Smell Test


Picture 2In the state of Florida a black woman who fired a warning shot at her the man who was abusing her, is going to prison for 20 years.  George Zimmerman murdered a young black man in cold blood and is going free.  Don’t you just love the wild and wacky world of far right, racist, libertarian, GOP, ultra conservatives? She even used the Stand Your Ground law.  BUT, because she was black and female, she must spend 19 more years in prison. Her baby was just a few days old, and is now growing up without her.

Where is the justice here?

Oh, wait, Zimmerman is white.  That’s all that matters.

Evil is someone like Erick Erickson tweeting that women in Texas need to find a good source of coat-hangers for their illegal abortions – and all that it implies – death.  Evil, pure and simple, wrong, not right is someone like Steve King suggesting that Barack Obama is to blame for George Zimmerman, who killed a teenage boy, was to blame for the seriously disturbed jerk even going to trial.  Evil is Ann Coulter who said that Obama needed Zimmerman to be found not guilty so that he could start civil right’s problems.  Rush Limbaugh was making it all about race, and how a seriously disturbed cop wannabe was able to get away with murder.  Sure, it was about race.  It is also about a political party that is completely out of control.

A criminal defense attorney from Wisconsin wrote about the law in Florida.  Knowing what I know about Florida, he has it just about right.

“...I got curious and read the jury instructions Friday night and, I was wrong. In Florida, if self-defense is even suggested, it’s the states obligation to prove it’s absence beyond a reasonable doubt(!). That’s crazy. But ‘not guilty’ was certainly a reasonable result in this case. As I told in friend in Tampa today though, if you’re ever in a heated argument with anyone, and you’re pretty sure there aren’t any witnesses, it’s always best to kill the other person. They can’t testify, you don’t have to testify, no one else has any idea what happened; how can the state ever prove beyond a doubt is wasn’t self-defense? Holy crap! What kind of system is that?…”

Today, in the GOP that is owned, hook, line & sinker by the Brother’s Koch, Charles & David, if you are a decent man like Lindsey Graham, you must be destroyed.  One of Rand Paul’s missions in life, one of the reasons he hired Jack Hunter, is to destroy Lindsey.  The libertarian side of things hates Lindsey, with a passion.  He is what the GOP once was.  I’ve been told the advertising against him, within the state, sponsored by Rove and the Koch Machine is horrible, vile, and nasty.  It makes sense.  Karl Rove and the Kochs are horrible, vile and nasty.  Various and sundry conservative groups are already courting disgraced jerk, Mark Sanford, Trey Gowdy, and Jeff Duncan to run.  Last time, the recruited a CofCC leaning white supremacist to run against him.

Something is very wrong with this country, especially within the GOP.  In Texas, the Attorney General, Greg Abbott is going to run for governor.  They way things are now, he will probably win. If he does, he will be the most extremist far right governor in the country. Not to worry, he’s basically hand-picked by the Koch Machine.  He is what they want, someone white, malleable, just a bit corrupt, not too bright, and basically hates anyone who isn’t a scared little white men.

“...Koch funds both socially conservative groups and socially liberal groups. However, Koch’s financing of front groups and political organizations all have one thing in common: every single Koch group attacks workers’ rights, promotes deregulation, and argues for radical supply side economics. Not only do the Koch’s front groups pad Koch Industries’ bottom line, they supply the Koch brother’s talking points. In fact, for his opinion piece today, Charles heavily relied on front groups he finances for statistics. The “freedom index” cited by Charles is a creation of the Koch-funded Heritage Foundation, and the erroneous “unfunded liabilities” claim was supplied by the Koch-funded National Center for Policy Analysis….”

Abbott is the status quo type of Koch Machine pimp.  This is what they want.  They can’t use men of honor.  You don’t find many women working with them, and there aren’t all that many minorities.  It’s about the corrupt and those who can be easily corrupted.  It is about men (mostly) who are so impotent that they will do anything to promote themselves, to control, for absolute corrupt control.

“…And while Charles Koch criticizes “crony capitalism,” his company is one of the biggest players in the nation when it comes to lobbying and political donations. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Koch Industries has spent more than $40 million lobbying the federal government in the past three years alone. Koch Industries, company executives, and the company’s political action committee have doled out $11 million since 1989 to federal candidates, political parties, and political committees; Charles and David Koch and their wives contributed $2.8 million of that, a mere $1,500 of which went to Democrats, according to the Public Campaign Action Fund (PCAF). Much of that spending has gone toward fighting new regulations of the oil and gas industry, which would hurt Koch Industries’ profits. Not surprisingly, then, lawmakers on the influential House energy and commerce committee have pocketed $630,950 in Koch-connected donations….”

Even more frightening is the fact that Ted Cruz is already cruising Iowa and New Hampshire.  Scuttlebutt is the Koch Machine’s hand-picked dummy is Rand Paul.  Watch for the powers that be within the GOP to start coalescing around him.  They want him.  They’ve made a deal with big daddy Ron, to push junior.

The hatred for anyone in the country who isn’t ultra wealthy is just strange.  As in Europe, austerity, the sequester is hurting those who can’t afford to be hurt.  Sure, Charles Koch thinks if you make $34,000 a years, you are ultra wealthy, just like he is, but let’s face it, David and Charles have never lived in the real world.  They live in a strange Ayn Rand land where, if you aren’t of their social status, and cannot be purchased, you must be destroyed.  The official poverty level for a family of 4 is $31,000.  I guess it’s nice to be so rich!

One of the things that is quite fascinating about exposing the Koch Roaches, is the fact that corporations with connections to ALEC are dumping them right and left. When you look at their list of corporate sponsors, it makes you wonder if this country isn’t screwed already.  At least these companies have dumped them.  American Bell, AT&T, Bayer, Exon-Mobil, Peabody Energy, Pfizer, Reynolds America, State Farm, UPS, are still on the corporate board of ALEC.

  • Coke
  • Pepsi
  • Krast
  • Intuit
  • McDonalds
  • Wendy’s
  • Mars
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Amazon
  • Wal-Mart
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Dell
  • John Dere
  • CVS
  • Miller Coors
  • HP
  • Best Buy
  • GM
  • Walgreens
  • GE
  • Western Union
  • Sprint Nextel
  • Symantec
  • Wells Fargo
  • Merec
  • Bank of America
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Publix
  • Gate’s Foundation

ALEC controls the country.  It’s that plain and simple.

“…The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) describes itself as the largest “membership association of state legislators,” but over 98% of its revenue comes from sources other than legislative dues, primarily from corporations and corporate foundations. After the 2010 congressional midterm elections, ALEC boasted that “among those who won their elections, three of the four former state legislators newly-elected to the U.S. Senate are ALEC Alumni and 27 of the 42 former state legislators newly-elected to the U.S. House are ALEC Alumni.”…”

Source Watch
Source Watch

Thanks to ALEC, the GOP is beyond control.  It is bordering in insanity.  There is so much wealth, so much money being thrown around, with no one willing to put a stop to it, that the Koch Machine can do what they want.

“...All in all, it has been as good a month for ALEC as it has for the NRA and Republicans. Three of ALEC’s model legislation templates; African American voter suppression, stand your ground legislation, and anti-abortion measures were successfully defended in the Supreme Court, Texas legislature, and the Zimmerman trial and likely embolden them to move forward with new resolve that they can impose their will on the people unopposed. The greatest danger, though, in the immediate future are not voter suppression and anti-abortion measures raging in Republican states because they can be addressed in the courts and U.S. Congress, but the legal justification for open warfare on African American youth is already firmly established in dozens of states courtesy of ALEC and the NRA who openly tout their intent to establish stand your ground laws in every state in the Union. The so-called “Castle Doctrine” has already accounted for the legalized killings of African Americans in several states and with ALEC, the NRA, and Zimmerman’s acquittal advocates for vigilante justice were just given approval to proceed exactly as the NRA intended for good guys (read white) with guns to stop unarmed bad guys (read Black) from being in places they are not wanted….”

They have morphed into the ultimate James Bond style villains.  ALEC helped create the laws which allowed Zimmerman to get away with murder. It is behind the insanity in North Carolina. It is behind the rank hatred of women in Texas.  It is behind the hatred of gays and lesbians by the Kochs helping to fund far right so-called ‘Christian’ haters.   It is about destroying what is right, honorable and good in this country.

The Koch Machine is aided by the likes of FOX News, which controls the minds, the thinking of brainwashed conservatives.  Thanks to watching FOX, they are now considered the most ill informed voters in the country.

Robert Reich wrote:

“…Suppose a small group of extremely wealthy people sought to systematically destroy the U.S. government by (1) finding and bankrolling new candidates pledged to shrinking and dismembering it; (2) intimidating or bribing many current senators and representatives to block all proposed legislation, prevent the appointment of presidential nominees, eliminate funds to implement and enforce laws, and threaten to default on the nation’s debt; (3) taking over state governments in order to redistrict, gerrymander, require voter IDs, purge voter rolls, and otherwise suppress the votes of the majority in federal elections; (4) running a vast PR campaign designed to convince the American public of certain big lies, such as climate change is a hoax, and (5) buying up the media so the public cannot know the truth.

Would you call this treason? …”

For awhile it was just politics as usual. Unfortunately, we can no longer look at it this way.  This is about two very corrupt, evil, detestable men, both terrible racists, who detest women, think they are only for having children, who now control both the GOP and the country.

When do we call this treason?