Requium for the Elephant


47444_130925036954307_5558329_nEvery tub should stand upon its own bottom.”
Pilgrim’s Progress, John Bunyan

Reince Prebius says that GOP stands for “God’s Own Party”. I gather he now speaks for God.  That’s nice.  But – there’s to be no tolerance.  “Grace, Love, Respect” – but no tolerance.  The word ‘tolerance’ upsets the far right, who have morphed into an intolerant bunch of nasty little bigots. In fact Prebius speaks of a “Sovereign God”.  When you hear a political leader use that specific phrase, run, don’t walk to the nearest exit.  It is about nothing more and nothing less than a Calvinist theocracy.

The Pink Flamingo ceased being a Republican on Wednesday, July 24, 2013.  I have been part of the GOP since I was just a little kid.  I cherish my ‘If I were 21 I’d vote for Barry‘ button.  I learned my politics directly from working with Lee Atwater. I have a stack of framed  inaugural invitations that go back to the days of Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Bush. I have framed letters from the likes of Barry Goldwater.  I worked my way up from chairing our local high school Republican club, to chairing the county party.  I helped Lindsey Graham get elected to the House. With the exception of my great-grandfather Moore, my family has been Republican since Lincoln. According to one family story, my gggrandfather Froehlich, who was a Hessian mercenary during the Civil War, received his citizenship with Lincoln, himself attending the ceremony.  It is part of my family heritage.  Until this year, with the exception of voting for Fritz Hollings for the Senate in SC, and a couple local Democrats, I have never ever voted for a Democrat – until I voted for Barack Obama.

This is killing me as much as it is killing the elephant.  Back in November, it became obvious that I could never, ever vote Republican again, but I wanted to retain my identity as a Republican, in order to make their lives a living hell.  I can’t even do that.  I don’t even want to be identified as such, even though I truly adore my elephants.

From Voices from the Heartland:

“…Had to grit my teeth to include the You Tube of Priebus because it puts his face on my website which irritates me to no end.  The Koch puppet is destroying the Republican Party as a viable Party.  I am livid that the National Committee and the State GOP Chairs allowed this to happen but then the religious right, social conservatives have taken over a lot of State GOP as we are seeing play out in the State Legislatures.  This interview by Priebus sent me through the roof and was told by a close friend to wait until today to read the article if I want to sleep – he was right.  I have been steamed since I watched the video which was painful since I have NEVER liked the Koch Brothers puppet Priebus from Wisconsin from Day One….”

This is what started it all.  There is to be NO tolerance.

The Republican Party is now, officially a religion.  On July 22, 2013, on the Christian Broadcasting Network, Reince Priebus created this new religion.

“...Priebus reassured his audience, however, that the GOP is “a party that embraces marriage,” and that he “is a chairman that understands that there’s only one sovereign God and that we ultimately aren’t dependent on what happens in politics, that what ultimately matters in our lives is that we’re salt and light in the world and that we’re honoring God in the things that we do every day.”…”

The salt and light comment befuddled me for a moment.  Granted, I’m a heathen Episcopalian who believes that women should be priests, that gays and lesbians have a right to the same things everyone else has a right to, and that there is nothing wrong with a person not being white.  We don’t discuss concepts like “salt and light” the way the far right dominionist cults like Focus on the Family does.  They provide excuse after excuse, ending with this piece of lying (you fill in the blank) _____.

“...Unlike the Roman Empire in the first century, our country is a participatory republic. We have the obligation to make our voices heard and to get involved in dialogue. Our government asks us, as citizens, to participate, not merely to shut up and obey. In the United States, ‘We, the people’ means Christians as well as non-Christians. Submission in our political system includes being willing to contribute to the political process, not withdraw from it.Minnery, p. 100….”

Can the author, Tom Minnery be so ignorant? Who do you think invented the concept of participatory republics?  The dang blasted Romans did. They excelled at it, putting us to shame. They voted, they could speak out in public and they did, basically inventing the concept of the soap box.  I am so tired of this  and the lying, ignorant, wretches who constantly promote this shit that I want to scream.  Let’s face it, Minnery is a perfect example of a lying piece of shit scum-bag pretending to be a Christian.  Yea, I’ve lost it.

Citizen Link
Citizen Link

This is what Priebus also said:

“Brody: I want to talk to you about this way forward for the GOP. When you use that word “intolerant” in what the RNC put out, Evangelicals start to grab the Excedrin bottles when they hear “tolerance” because they think “oh no the GOP is changing and the whole gay marriage situation.” Why don’t you address this and maybe put evangelicals at ease, or can you put them at ease at all here?

Priebus: Well, one hundred percent. I don’t know if I’ve used the word “tolerance.” I don’t really care fo for that word myself. I don’t have a problem with it. I just think it has another meaning politically that can go the other direction. I happen to believe that our principles are sound. I do beleive, and I still will tell you that our party believes that marriage is between one man and one woman. Our party believes that life begins at conception. I think those are foundational issues that aren’t going anywhere but what I have said, which I don’t think should be controversial at all and I would think Christians and pastors and everyone in between should agree that our principles have to be draped in the concepts of grace, love and respect and that’s not code language, that’s the New Testament, so I don’t think there should be any problem with that thinking in our party. That’s all I’ve said. It’s not what you say, I think, it’s sometimes like our moms used to tell us, it’s how you say it; and I think that’s really the issue and quite frankly I think some of that has been overblown. I’m happy to address it but clearly myself and our party haven’t changed on those principles….”

Smirking Chimp
Smirking Chimp

Priebus, in his fateful interview with CBN, basically used Minnery as his talking points. Minnery is using his political system to attempt to turn various red states into theocracy. In fact, the pathetic lies people like Minnery use to prop up their fake history of the US, come from Koch based donations

Investigative Reporting Workshop
Investigative Reporting Workshop

Rand Paul says that the GOP needs community organizers too.  I guess he’s referring to people to help sweep up all those little people who are living in the gutters, and are being squashed underfoot by his Koch sponsored theocratic corporate plutocracy.  I can think of no other reason for the GOP to even bother organizing.  Oh, well, they can let FOX News be their community organizer.  Before long, the only people who are associated with the GOP are going to be brainwashed and abused senior citizens who watch FOX, Rush Limbaugh listeners, members of the Dominionism cults, John Birchers, AFP, ALEC, Tea Partiers, and those who are part of the LDS religion and attend brain-washing cult-like allegedly ‘Christian’ churches under the direction of David Lane, Pat Robertson, the Doug Phillips Vision Forum bunch, and other churches who believe that woman should be submissive and out of the political arena entirely.

“…Vision Forum is a major advocate of Biblical Patriarchy. This ideology includes the belief that there are God ordained distinct gender roles and that man was created first and woman’s creation was secondary. It holds that patriarchy is the divine family order ordained by God itself. The husband and father is the head of the household, family leader, provider, and protector; the wife and mother, created to be a helper to her husband, is a bearer of children and a “keeper at home,”  remaining in her God-ordained and proper sphere of dominion for a wife, the the home; and the children are to remain obedient to their parents, even as adults. Children are to marry through a process of courtship guided at every step by their parents, and unmarried adult daughters are to remain under their fathers’ authority and in their fathers’ homes. This patriarchal family order is held to be divine and God ordained; stepping outside of it is held to be rejecting God’s will and listening to the lies of “the world.”

The patriarchal family order is seen as key to fixing our society, the family, and the world, and as crucial to bringing about the coming kingdom of God here on earth. Vision Forum subscribes to dominionism, which is the belief that God has called Christians to take over society, mass culture, and government, bringing them into line with God’s law and essentially instituting a theocracy and a hierarchical and ordered society….”

Paul's Passing Thoughts
Paul’s Passing Thoughts

Vision Forum is completely Calvinist, anti-women, anti-education, anti-girl, pro white male.  It is considered an abusive cult.   Sovereign God is a buzz word for Neo-Calvinism and their cultural mandate.

“…The cultural mandate is fundamental to the theocratic ideal of Dominionism and Christian Reconstructionism (where it is often called “the dominion mandate”), but it does not by itself imply that ideal. Christian Reconstructionism seeks to establish Old Testament law as modern civil law; but the cultural mandate, per se, seeks only to discover the biblical principles which relate to the human stewardship of the earth, and of society including civil law. The connection is even more remote, between this theological motive and those who see themselves as “creating God’s kingdom on earth now,” as Kingdom Now theology seeks to do. Unlike Kingdom Now theology, the cultural mandate does not try to establish the kingdom of God on this earth, but rather presents a holistic, biblical world view that proponents believe lead to liberty and happiness.

Calvinism in general acknowledges that public life is addressable by faith, based on the assertion that all human rule has its authority from God. Theologian Anthony A. Hoekema, for example, writes from the perspective of Amillennialism to speak of the public character of Christian faith.[1] The cultural mandate is most elaborately developed by Neo-Calvinism, which explores the implications for modern, pluralistic society, of this Calvinistic assertion. Although this concept is fundamental to theonomy ((the rule of) the law of God), the Theonomy movement is a distinct and minority branch of this Christian approach to the structures of society and moral philosophy. Theonomy is distinctive, for example, in that while it affirms common grace, it denies that biblical principles are compatible with pluralism….”

True Calvinism teaches that God has chosen certain individual from the beginning of time, to be His.  No matter how much the person who has accepted Christ as their Savior, via John 3:16 repents, if that person has not been chosen from the beginning of time, they go to hell.  The person who God has chosen can live the life of Ted Bundy and, because he/she is chose, they go to heaven.  They think that Christ died for only a select few.  The rest of us will go to hell.  Even innocent babies.  In hard-core Calvinism, the one envisioned by Prebius, if little Prince George were not to survive the night, and was not among the elect, he would go directly to hell.  So would my precious little 7 month old niece, Catie.  Sorry, but that’s not my idea of Christian.

Unfortunately, Neo-Calvinism is directly connected with the libertarian right, who have bastardized the old Bunyan ‘every tub should stand upon its own bottom’ to be a good ‘Biblical’ and ‘Christian’ way to do away with any form of public assistance or help.  According to their version of “God” people must help themselves or basically die.  If you want to know what their politics are, well, just think about Michigan.

“...Unless you sell Amway products, are a high roller in the Republican Party or are  from Michigan, you’ve probably never heard of the DeVos family.  They are the Michigan equivalent of the Koch Brothers.  They are right-wing Calvinists who have no problem using their billion dollar fortune to shove their political and religious ideology down the throats of the people of Michigan.  Their influence even bought Betsy DeVos the Chairmanship of the Michigan Republican Party where she earned a reputation of being the Veruca Salt of Michigan politics.  It should also be noted that Betsy DeVos’ influence was instrumental in securing her brother, Erik Prince’s private military company, Blackwater Worldwide, a huge Defense Department contract during the Iraq War….”

This is a decidedly anti-woman world.

“…The conservative Christian free marketeers are diverse on gender issues, some embracing a belief that they should submit to their husbands; many others departing from this view of “traditional” womanhood to support more egalitarian relationships. Some, as Barbara Brasher discovered in the 1990s, carve out a space of relative freedom within their church’s women’s networks. Others, as Kathryn Joyce has found, embrace a neo-Calvinist “Biblical Womanhood” movement pressuring conservative Christian women to “submit” to their husbands in all things, including their voting choices….”

Talk to Action
Talk to Action

One of the leading advocates of Prebius’ new theocracy is David Lane, who recently called for Christians to evidently began allowing themselves to be murdered for the cause.  In short, he is advocating treason.

…In the introduction to Between Babel and Beast, Leithart’s meaning was plain.  He wrote that Christians must respond to what he calls the heresy of “Americanism” — to which he observes that too many of his fellow conservative Christians have conflated with Christianity itself.  He believes the correct response is for martyrdom in two senses of the term.  “Churches must repent of our Americanism,” he wrote, “and begin to cultivate martyrs — believers who are martyrs in the original sense of “witness” and in the later sense of men and women ready to follow the Lamb all the way to an imperial cross.”

It is worth noting that David Lane did not back off from his call for Christians to wage war and create martyrs. He just took his essay down. (It seems likely that his political clients, such as Sen. Rand Paul, probably saw his essay as a potential obstacle to their electoral ambitions.)  Peter Leithart, the former Senior Fellow of Theology and Literature at New St. Andrews College in Moscow Idaho, and current director of the new Trinity House Institute in Birmingham, AL, has apparently also not changed his views between his book of last year and his blog post of last week.  He clearly believes that martyrdom is what is required — and that horrific confrontation lies ahead.  …”

The world of Reince Prebius, the GOP world of this pathetic little man, bought and paid for by the Brothers’ Koch is one where only certain people should be part of the formerly Grand Old Party. In the Prebius, Koch, Paul, Vision Forum, Romney, LDS, Calvinism GOP there is no room for:

  • Women
  • Middle Class
  • Poor
  • Blacks
  • Hispanics
  • Jews
  • Muslims
  • Gays
  • Lesbians
  • Pagans
  • Atheists
  • Hindus
  • Native Americans
  • Oriental
  • Buddhist
  • Catholics
  • Episcopalians
  • and non-Christian denominations like the Mormons, Christian Science, Jehovah’s Witness

There is only room for wealthy, rich, scared, little, white, men who are so inferior that they must require women to be submissive, die in childbirth, and establish a system where their daughters are no longer educated, must pander to them, obey their every word, and live in a world of emotional paternal incest.  This is NOT what my GOP once was.  The elephant is dead.  It has been slaughtered by truly disturbed, cruel, almost evil men who will do anything to remain in power and basically stage a theocratic coup against the rest of us, replacing our Republic with a theocratic corporate plutocracy with Charles & David Koch as the Oliver Cromwells of our time.

Once upon at time, in the UK, the likes of Prebius were allwoed to take over.  It was called the British Civil War.  I lost quite a few ancestors, fighting against the theocratic Calvinists who basically banned anything that wasn’t their form of perverted Christianity.  I am not going to sit here and see this happen to the United States.  If these religious freaks do take over, there will be no freedom.  When Calvinists run countries, people who disagree with them simply lose their heads, literally.

This is no longer my Republican Party.  It has become an entity that would openly welcome the likes of Oliver Cromwell.  When I was going through Westminster Abbey, I stomped on the spot where his head was buried. That’s what I think of theocratic Calvinists.  That’s what I think of Reince Prebius and his enablers.

P. S.  Many of us who are former Republicans, in exile, have decided we are keeping custody of the elephant.  The way things are now in the GOP, they would probably starve the poor thing and abuse it. We have, though, decided to paint it blue.


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  1. This article tells it all and anyone in the Republican Party that thinks it is going to change, think again as this bunch of hard right are firmly entranched with Koch Bros money supporting them along with David Lane and others. They are an affront to what America is all about and the whole bunch disgusts me to no end.

    Yesterday when I put the video of Priebus up for everyone to see, I wanted to throw up because I had to look at his picture. After calling the RNC to voice my total disgust and found out the Mormons are involved, that did it 100% – have always worked hard for Republican candidates but I am going to work a lot hard for Democrats to oust these hard right Republicans who want a theocracy where white males are superior and women take orders. I don’t support anything Calvinist including the people who live in my neighborhood who subscribes to those theories. They left the normal Presbyterian Church to join one that is so hard right I have trouble believing it is a Church as they have great disdain for the poor, minorities, other churches. Perfect example of ‘my way or no way crowd’ here in Middle America.

    Not getting rid of my elephant collection either — one of them is actually a blue elephant that came from the Convention in 2000 so I guess that was a forerunner of the elephant turning blue from the old base of common sense people where women were respected and had a voice.

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