Polanski’s Victim Is Finally Speaking Out About Him


la luz 5The Pink Flamingo has differences with certain individuals within the far right community, but one of the things in which we DO NOT disagree is the treatment of pedophiles, and dealing with child abuse.  And, we should agree.  After all, even if we disagree, politically, I think we all agree that we are all decent, moral individuals who realize that the most innocent in society deserve to be protected.  Decent men and women of all political ideologies should feel the same way.  Protecting the innocent and exposing pedophiles should not be a political wedge issue.  It should be an issue every single normal, decent man and women in this country supports. It’s that plain and simple.

Jazz Shaw is one of those people.  Sure, his politics make me crazy, but so what?  He’s decent and honorable.  That’s all that really matters.  It’s like R. S. McCain.  We butt heads, but the man is honorable and a real fighter for children. To me, that is all that really matters.  I know my views on things puzzle him.  No problem.  There is a bottom line, a good person, bad person test, and they pass the good person test.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for them, especially McCain.  If I had to chose only one person for a fight against the evil of pedophilia, he’s the one I want in the game.

The reason I bring this up, is because Jazz Shaw wrote a scathing, and heart sick commentary about the way the media is handling Samatha Geimer’s book about Roman Polanski.  He’s right.  It is sickening, especially the LA Times.

Jazz Shaw wrote:

Hot Air
Hot Air

The article is sickening.  It makes you wonder about the author, Rebecca Keegan who wrote the following:

“...Samantha Geimer, the woman Roman Polanski was convicted of having sex with when she was 13, has released a provocative cover for her new memoir, “The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski.”..”

Keegan then added:

“…Three weeks later, at another photo shoot at Jack Nicholson’s home, the director gave Geimer a piece of a quaalude and some champagne, and raped her, according to court records…”

Sure, she is covering her tushie by mentioning the court records, but because Polanski was convicted of molesting the child, she could have come down a bit harder.   The piece Lauren Sullivan wrote for TODAY is no better.

“...The photo was snapped just weeks before the director’s infamous sexual encounter with Geimer, who was just 13 at the time. Polanski was accused of raping the teen during a modeling shoot at actor Jack Nicholson’s home, after drugging her with alcohol and a Quaalude, and was originally indicted on six felony counts.

He ultimately pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, but left the country to avoid a possible prison sentence….”

This is sickening.  When a little girl is 13 and the person who has ‘sex’ with her is 18 or over, that’s called child molestation.  It isn’t sex. The person who does that to a child, whether it is an allegedly attractive 18 year high school cheerleader in South Florida named Kate Hunt or an award winning director, it is still child molestation.  The person doing it is a pedophile.  The “rules” basically state that a pedophile is someone at least 4 to 6 years older than their victim.  Sex then, is not sex, it is child molestation.  When that child is drugged and given champagne, it is called rape.

Don’t these people grasp that, when a 13 year old child is involved in an ‘infamous sexual encounter’ it is about that child being molested.  When the person who molests that child has been found guilty of the crime, that adult, even a famous Hollywood personality, is a pedophile.  He was accused of rape and convicted of  ‘unlawful sexual intercourse’ – rape.   Actually, Polanski plead guilty to having unlawful sex with a minor.

The man is a damn pedophile.

“...”I am more than `Sex Victim Girl,’ a tag the media pinned on me,” Geimer, who long ago identified herself as Polanski’s victim, said in a statement released through Atria. “My friends in junior high, scolded by their parents to stay away from that girl, also labeled me. I offer my story now without rage, but with purpose – to share a tale that in its detail will reclaim my identity. I have been dogged by tired thinking and easy tags nearly my entire life. I am not a stick figure. I know what it is like to be a woman and a victim in the realest possible way.”…”

It is strange how the media is discussing the fact that Geimer, now 50, is using the infamous photo Polanski took of her as the cover of her book.   As someone who has ‘recovered’ from being molested by a pedophile, I know what she is doing.  It is called control. By using that cover, she is now in control.

Polanski is now prohibited from traveling in 188 countries associated with Interpol.  He can travel from Switzerland to France, and that’s it, or else he could be arrested.  Funny how those two countries allow him to move about freely.  Switzerland refused to depart him to the US in 2010.  Makes you wonder about how safe children are there.