Happy Shark Week!


Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 9.16.33 PMIt has become a summer tradition. Some people wait for the week between Christmas and New Years, others for spring break, not me. I wait for Shark Week! Sure that makes me a total and complete geeky nerd, but that’s okay. At least I get to learn something – I hope. Let’s just hope and pray this year’s Shark Week is better than last year’s, which was nothing but Great Whites jumping for joy.

Okay, I’ll admit, also that I like cryptids.  We all like something strange.  I don’t go in for the paranormal, nor do I have much patience at all for conspiracy theories.  My joy in baseball has been stripped because of the drug scandal.  If things go down the right way, this week, and certain individuals are banned for life, I might feel a little better about it.   So, I like cryptids, and not the paranormal version.  Tonight is all about Megalodon.  Monday night is about the search for another cryptid in the Bayous.

There have been a couple interesting horror novels about what would happen if a Meg were brought into captivity, or if they began coming closer to humans.  With something like 95% of the oceans yet to be explored, who knows what lurks in the depths.  The speculation is how a Meg would effect oceanic life.  Well, if they exist, they are part of ocean life, already, so what’s the deal?

Sharks from George Willis on Vimeo.

There are a few of us who are die-hard science fiends, enjoying the science based channels.  A friend and I were discussing, the other day, how miserable the programming now was on the Discovery Channel.  Once one of my favorite channels, I only watch it for Mythbusters, and they  never seem to have that on it.  Then, I began noticing that the new ‘character’ driven nature of Discovery, Nat Geo, History, etc is about white, conservative males.  I’m working on a rant and rave for a post later in the week.

But, this is all about Shark Week.

And – now you know why I don’t go in the water.

You thought I was paranoid.