Shark Week Has Jumped the Shark


200px-Fonzie_jumps_the_sharkOnce upon a time, Shark Week was about education.  Not any more.  Now it is about stupid college age kids – allegedly – getting drunk on the truly vile Shark after Hours show.  This year, it is all about pumping up ratings for a network that has truly jumped the shark, providing nothing but white male based, redneck entertainment, with women being pushed to the back of the bus, if they are seen at all.  If they are to be seen, they are allowed to be housewives, brides, or sluts.  There’s a reason for this, which I will explore tomorrow.

You can call me a prude, spoil-sport, fuddy-duddy, and a bitch.  That’s fine.  This said, I think that, as adults who are promoting something that still had the aura of ‘educational’, that is used to teach those who are under the age of 21, you have a certain bit of responsibility. You don’t promote drinking games.  You don’t promote pornography, and you don’t promote a twitter feed that has morphed into pure filth.

I’m not a prude, far from it.  In fact, I am so much not a prude, prudes get really ticked with me. I can put up with a heck of a lot, but what I read on the #SharkAfterDark site is pure filth.  I don’t do filth and I don’t repeat filth.  Let’s just say the things being discussed are something no one but pure abject filthy trash discusses.  Yes, it is late – for the East Coast, but not for the West, when kids are still up, to watch Shark Week. Not only that, but the disgusting excuse for comedy was designed to bring in college students, with their off color humor, discussions of pornography, and constant drinking of moonshine.

This is NOT acceptable.  Then, if you Google the Shark Week Drinking Game, and pull up a couple of sites, they link to all manner of soft porn and scantily clad women.  That’s fine, if you are dealing with something that is not alleged to be educational, something that was once ‘family friendly.  Not any more.

There are families planning to watch Shark Week.  Forget that.

Shark Week Drinking Game
Shark Week Drinking Game

The Shark Week drinking game has been around for several years.  Fine.  Just don’t promote it on a channel that claims to be educational.   I wish I did care about how drunk a bunch of stupid brain dead college kids get, but that’s their problem, and their parents.  If they are over 21, deal with it.  I’m concerned about those who are under that age.

Now That's College
Now That’s College

“...So he expects “Shark After Dark” will be more expansive than the title. Craig Ferguson is the show’s executive producer, and Wolf said the late-night host’s interviewing style is an inspiration. “He lets the conversation go where it goes,” he said. “That’s what I hope to do, too.”

“It’s shameful that the shark demographic has been neglected for so long by late-night TV,” Ferguson said. “I’m delighted to be making a show that combines comedy, witty chat and ferocious biting predators.”

“Shark After Dark” is part of Discovery’s effort to promote “Shark Week” as a pop culture event, said Michael Sorensen, the network’s senior director of programming. Discovery can only hope for ratings success that mirrors its promotion; its cheeky ad about a giant shark ruining the return of “Snuffy the seal” to the ocean has received more than 5 million streams online.

The idea behind “Shark After Dark” is that “‘Shark Week’ is a party and people just want to be invited, (so) let’s continue the experience into a talk show,” Sorensen said….”

To make it worse, they start the week off with a fake documentary about Megalodons, with some stupid people believing that it is real.  Don’t worry, the crime has been compounded by the twitter feed they have created for #SharkAfterDark.  It is complete with fake twitter and spam accounts, which are retweeting on a regular basis.  It’s one thing to hype something, and another to load the hype with fake accounts, promoting a show that is something only an inebriated college kid on spring break could enjoy.

The problem with that – if you go through the twitter feed, with few exceptions, almost every person tweeting about how wonderful the show is, apparently is a college student.  That’s fine – but then you start going through the profiles and see that there are a heck of a lot of high school students out there watching this stuff, tweeting about the drinking game and shark porn.

I don’t think it is a bit funny.  Dang – I sound like my mother!