3rd UPDATED: Are the Koch Brothers Attempting a New Mexico Take-over


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BREAKING UPDATE #3:  There is a good reason the Kochs met in New Mexico over the weekend.  Apparently, they are making a play to basically take over the state.  In fact, their most important consultant, Eddie Mahe, who basically created Freedom Works and helped invent the tea parties is now living in ABQ.

“...Capitol Hill Blue founder and publisher Doug Thompson worked for Eddie Mahe as a senior communications adviser from 1994-2002.  When asked about the meeting, Thompson laughed and said “how the hell would I know?  First and foremost, I’m independent media and independent media has no role or use in any activity involving the Kochs.”

When asked if he was invited, Thompson laughed again and responded “no way.  I’m the enemy to those folks because I believe power in this nation belongs to the people, not the rich or the right-wing.”…”

What is quite interesting is how the meeting is being covered – with Susana Martinez being given a tremendous amount of coverage.  Are they planning on using her for the #2 spot on the ticket? She is just want they want, shallow, incompetent, and very corrupt.

UPDATE #2:  As additional information becomes available, it is more and more apparent this was a Koch Machine meet & greet, a command performance for all their little Koch Whores.  It was basically nothing more than a cattle call, a beauty performance, complete with talent contest, swimsuits, and that all important question and answer session about world peace.

UPDATED:  Hours after The Pink Flamingo was the second source to go online about the top-secret meeting the Koch Brothers had arranged in New Mexico, it is starting to be noticed by the world.   Attendees included Eric Cantor, American Enterprise Institute President Arthur Brook, and other wealthy donors, who were watching a booty call of Koch Whores like Martinez, Cantor, Ryan, Rick Santorum, etc. strutting their stuff in hopes of lining up support for further political ambitions.  In other words – they were acting like the expensive whores they all are, including the Governor of New Mexico.  According to the ABQ Journal, these individuals were flowing in by private planes, to the Cutter Aviation air field in ABQ.  In other words – they were trying to keep thing under the radar.  I suspect that the Koch Brothers thought those of use who live in New Mexico are so stupid, we wouldn’t notice.  According to Eric Layer, spokesman for Steve Pearce, they just aren’t sure if he participated.  He was on personal time.  Yea right.

According to KOB, reporters were turned away at a check-point up to a mile away from the location of the event at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort in Bernallilo.

ORIGINAL POST: Yesterday evening, I tweeted that Paul Ryan and Susana Martinez met on Monday.  Apparently he also met with the Koch Brothers, here in New Mexico.  The Daily Kos has picked the story up from NM’s own Joe Monahan.  The problem with Monahan is that he doesn’t like quotes, clips, or the like, so I can’t  do mroe than mention what he has said.

My first reaction is:  There goes the neighborhood!

  • Why does Susana Martinez need a security detail?
  • Why did the Kochs sneak into NM unless they are yanking her chain?
  • Why would the Kochs want to run such a failed governor?
  • Why is Paul Ryan here?
  • Is the rumor that Paul Ryan is planning a 2016 run for the big one true?
  • Are the Kochs thinking they can purchase much needed Hispanic votes with Martinez?
  • Do the Kochs realize that NM only has 4 electoral votes?
  • Do the Kochs realize how corrupt Martinez is? (Oh wait, corrupt is okay with them)
  • Do they think that Paul Ryan has a snowball’s chance?
  • Are the Brother’s Koch going to dump Mittens for Ryan?

Seriously, why on earth would Charles & David Koch be here, other than to avoid the vile weather that is plaguing Wichita?   There is no reasonable explanation why they would be here in the state, except for the fact that they bought up and closed off the entire Hyatt Tamaya.  Is this where they decided to meet with their donors and their acolytes, avoiding the spotlight of bigger and better places like Palm Springs?  Do they they think those of us in New Mexico are so stupid we wouldn’t notice their presence?

I wonder who else was here?

I’m still not getting why Martinez needs a security detail.  This is New Mexico for heaven’s sake.  Gary Johnson rode his bike all over the state.  People were crazy about Big Bill.  Martinez is still probably going to coast to re-election but people aren’t that in love with her.

So, why the secret meeting with the Brother’s Koch?

They couldn’t possibly be dumb enough to consider her for VP, but they’re not the brightest bulb in the marque.

Exiled On Line
Exiled On Line

All of this brings up a very salient point about the Koch Family.  As Voices From the Heartland reported and has The Pink Flamingo been reporting, the Koch Family has very strong Stalinist ties.  They are doing their utmost to obscure their links to Stalin.

What else is at play, here?



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  1. Interesting! I saw on the news the other night that they were putting up a new statue of Stalin in Russia. Could there be a connection? Makes you wonder.

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