Dirty Duplicitous Tea Party Cheats & Lindsey Graham


Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 7.14.03 PMI don’t like people who lie.  I don’t like people who cheat.  I don’t like people who refuse to play by the rules of the game because they think they are better than anyone, or that the end justifies the means.  I absolutely detest people and things that are grossly unfair.  On Tuesday, a third tea party cheat, Lee Bright, decided to primary Lindsey.

I really don’t mind admitting that I truly detest the tea parties and the money behind them.  This is not about grass-roots, freedom, or anything other than what the Charles and David Koch want for themselves.  They are willing to do anything to achieve their goal, including destroying good men and women who stand in their way.  Lindsey Graham must be removed from the Senate by the general election, so that the Koch machine candidate will have a better opportunity of winning South Carolina.  We all know that Mitt Romney is their choice, even for 2013

They are going to try and force Lindsey into a run-off, where the former owner of South Carolina’s LIBERTARIAN bad-boy blog  think they can pick him off.  Frankly, I truly detest people like this, libertarian minions of the tea parties and the Koch Machine.  That’s the real problem.  Lindsey is rational.  They want an irrational fool who will support either Rand Paul or Mitt Romney in the POTUS primaries and the general election.  Mostly it is about setting Rand Paul up for a SC win in the primaries.  Mace is a major supporter of Rand Paul and his almost treasonous foreign policy.

Red State
Red State

The claims made by Nancy Mace claims don’t really fact-check, but that doesn’t matter to the type of people who support her. Tea Party supporters don’t give a damn about the truth, only what they are told to do, say and support, mouthing the Koch Machine agenda.  It’s all about destroying this country as we know it.  People like Mace are nothing but pawns in the move to destroy everything I hold near and dear.  Mace, herself, is not, from what I gather, a very nice person.  Anyone who has worked with FTS’s Will Folks and gone along with his grand-standing and hate filled diatribes against Lindsey, along with basically anyone in SC who is decent, isn’t above suspicion.  There have been some very questionable , PG-18 rated things on the site, to which I will not link.

“…Nancy Mace’s Claim: In Senator Graham’s world, arming al-Qaeda in Syria is a good idea.
Fact: Al-Qaeda doesn’t need weapons from anyone and Senator Graham never voted to arm al-Qaeda.

Nancy Mace’s Claim: In Senator Graham’s world, government should always be trusted but never the American citizen.
Fact: America’s largest pro-freedom organization, Americans for Prosperity (2.3 Million grassroots activists strong) gave Senator Graham 100% rating for his voting record in Congress. AFP doesn’t award grades like that to Senators that “never trust the American citizen” as Mace erroneously claims.

Nancy Mace’s Claim: In Senator Graham’s world, the Constitution doesn’t exist.
Fact: Senator Graham spent several years at the University of South Carolina School of Law studying the Constitution, opened his own private practice as an attorney and served in the U.S. Air Force as a J.A.G. Lawyer.

Nancy Mace’s Claim: In Senator Graham’s world, the entire Bill of Rights is negotiable.
Fact: As an attorney and as a legislator Lindsey Graham has never voted for legislation that endangers the rights of American citizens.

Nancy Mace’s Claim: In Senator Graham’s world, our constitutional rights seem constantly up for debate.
Fact: Mace is right. Constitutional rights are constantly up for debate because Barack Obama is relentless in his pursuit of their erosion. Senator Graham is constantly debating Democrats to ensure our constitutional rights remain intact.

Unlinked Daily Caller  Comment
Unlinked Daily Caller

Nancy Mace’s Claim: In Senator Graham’s world, he says we’re fighting for freedom but is the first to surrender all of them.
Fact: Nothing could be further from the truth. But do not take our word for it ask the American Security Council why it awarded Lindsey Graham a 100% rating for his crusades against tyranny and in support of freedom in America and abroad.

Nancy Mace’s Claim: In Senator Graham’s world, America is going broke, and taxing hard working Americans while spending more money the country simply does not have.
Fact: We aren’t sure how Nancy Mace arrives at some of these wild accusations but here again do not take our word for it. Ask Americans for Tax Reform why they awarded Senator Lindsey Graham their coveted “Hero of the Taxpayer” award.

In conclusion it is obvious that in Nancy Mace’s world the facts just get in the way of her agenda…”

Mace is apparently tight with Red State and Fox News bigoted, anti-woman jerk de jour, Erick Erickson, who has hated Lindsey for years. This is the same person, who on Tuesday, called Texas Senator Wendy Davis, Abortion Barbie.  Mace is also working closely with Rand Paul and the Ron Paul Bots, who hate Lindsey more than they hate anyone or anything else in the world.  You need to remember that racist, Jack Hunter worked for both men.  I guess that says a heck of a lot about Nancy Mace, who is not trying to distance herself from anything Paul or Koch.

The irony is that someone like Nancy Mace thinks all they need to do is knock Lindsey out and Koch Machine cake walk to a win.  With her, don’t count on it.  She may have been the first woman to graduate the Citadel, but, SC’s amazing corrupt governor, Nikki Haley hates her.

“…While Folks has long maintained that Mace had no influence over editorial matters at FITSNews, that’s at least one question that the U.S. Senate candidate will have to answer, especially when it comes to the Nikki Haley allegations. Haley, like Davis, is a darling among Tea Partiers, and many of these people believe in their heart of heart that Folk’s confession was a smear designed solely to ruin Haley’s chances in 2010. While South Carolina Tea Partiers have little to no love for Sen. Graham — and that’s being kind — one wonders how many will respond when they learn that his opponent was at the helm of a news site that “smeared” one of their own. As a woman, Mace will also have to address the fact that she was co-owner of a site that routinely referred to Gov. Nikki Haley in the most vile of sexual inappropriate ways, not to mention this uncomfortable 2009 faux interview with Nikki Haley posted by FITSNews….”

Don’t think that FTSNews is going to leave Lindsey alone.  The libertarian bunch, once owned by Nancy Mace, is already attacking him for supporting the War on Terror, not worshiping at the feet of traitor Edward Snowden.  Like true libertarians, Nancy Mace being one of them, they don’t give a damn about national security.

“...The game, then, is whether or not this combination of challengers can somehow keep Graham from winning 50 percent of the primary vote, forcing him into a run-off. It’s a challenge that Graham’s never faced. In 2002, Graham was not opposed in the GOP primary to replace the retiring Strom Thurmond. In 2008, Graham’s opponent, South Carolina GOP national Committeeman Buddy Witherspoon, couldn’t pull Graham below 66 percent of the vote.

But while drawing the ire of a four-headed tea party hydra is a good way to measure the relative amount of disaffection that exists for the incumbent, it could also be a prelude to self-sabotage. As Kyle Trystad reports, “the sheer number of ambitious Republicans seeking to oust the South Carolina senator may end up being the undoing of them all.”

Why? The answer is mostly about money. Back in February, it was reported that Graham had amassed a mighty war chest — $4.5 million. Since then, that number has surged, in reports, to $6.3 million. Clearly, that wasn’t sufficient to scare away would-be competitors, but what $6.3 million lacks in fear-raising, it more than makes up for in its ability to saturate South Carolina with ads and finance a campaign through all the eventualities. Krygstad spoke to a GOP operative in the state who came to the same dead reckoning:…”

Lee Bright is also running, as is Richard Cash.  According to Wesley Donehue, the more tea party freaks who run, the better chance Lindsey has, because it will splinter their fringe vote.

“…“One, the money, that’s a big haul to try and catch up with and, two, Lindsey Graham is not as unpopular as people think,” Donehue said. “There’s a small minority that is very, very loud and don’t like it, but you ask Joe Blow on the street, they like him. He is a no BS guy and that resonates with South Carolinians.”…”

Lindsey has one of the largest war chests in Washington.  He has about $6 million in his own campaign account and another $3 million in a PAC.

One of the regular Pink Flamingo readers, and someone I respect sent me an email.  I mentioned that I was stealing the contents – which says it best:

The whole thing makes me sick.  Of course, she is a Koch job.  They are hoping Freedomworks, the Heritage Foundation and all that crowd are going to back her to oust Lindsey . I saw a video of her on Fox News and she acted like a 5 year old Kindergarten drop out.  She said they lost the seats in the 2010 election because the candidates were not conservative enough! Can you imagine her holding down Lindsey’s job in the senate? I wonder if she thinks she can replace him on all those committees.  She does not even have a law degree.  I read that she hopes she can beat Graham with the military.  She may have graduated from a military school, but she has never served a day in the military. She is only riding on her Daddy’s coat tail. I bet Nikki is not going to endorse  her.  I  wish the Tea Party would form their own party. They suck on the teat of the Republican party, destroy the best candidates and they are not even Republicans.  Like you, I probably will never vote Republican again if these nuts take over.  I wouldn’t want to vote for Biden or Hillary, but they may be all we have to vote for.”


From the Greenville News:

 “…”Confronted with a new challenge from his right flank, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said today that his re-election strategy won’t change, nor will anything else.

“I am going to keep being a social and fiscal conservative that focuses on our national security, takes care of our interests at home, like the Port of Charleston, working with my state officials, and be a conservative like Ronald Reagan who will sit down with a Tip O’Neill to solve America’s problems,” Graham said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Nancy Mace, the first woman to graduate from The Citadel, announced Saturday in Goose Creek that she will challenge Graham in the 2014 Republican primary, declaring, “I believe our state desperately needs new leadership, someone who truly understands the challenges

I Am Not a Witch Christine O'Donnell
I Am Not a Witch
Christine O’Donnell

before us and what’s at stake and is willing to fight for the principles that make America great.”

Mace, who runs a public relations firm, has criticized Graham as not conservative enough. She also dropped the name of the nation’s 40th president.

“Ronald Reagan helped regain our national pride, but he also left us with a powerful warning. He said, ‘Freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction.’ He said ‘we must fight for it, protect it, and defend it.’ I think those words ring true now more than ever.”..”

Somehow you can just see this woman coming out with a “I am not a witch” style speech.  Just because your father was a one star general does not make you much of anything, other than, in her case, a lying libertarian tea party Koch Machine, Rand Paul style person who doesn’t believe in much of anything.  This Christine O’Donnell clone may be a little more stable than ‘I am not a witch’, but that’s about it.   Let’s face it, they’re almost the same. The only difference is that Mace once wrote a book, and O’Donnell may have one time read one.  There’s not much else in her background to even suggest that she is capable of running for dog-catcher, let alone the US Senate.  Her official bio brags about her father and brother, but there is little that she had ever done, besides graduate from teh Citadel.

United Liberty
United Liberty

Freedom Works, another Koch Machine, is trying to do to SC, what they did in Texas, producing another Ted Cruz style Senator – God Help Us All.  They see Nancy Mace as that dingbat.  This is a Ron Paul set-up, if ever there was one. The Pauls hate Lindsey.

“...She declined to say whom she supported in the 2012 presidential primary, but her ties to Ron Paul’s legion of supporters is well known, and the former congressman has already hinted that he’s likely to endorse her. Additionally, Billy Hall, treasurer of the GOP Liberty Caucus, told me Mace backed Ron Paul strongly in 2012 and will likely sign on to Rand Paul’s presumed 2016 endeavor. Whether she can convince his son Rand to back her endeavor publicly is unclear, especially given the 2016 repercussions such a blessing would have in South Carolina, a politically crucial state. (A Paul confidante says it’s unlikely.)

But while Mace smartly steered clear of launching any direct barbs against Graham in her initial outing, she made clear she hopes to join the band of rabble-rousers of whom Senator Paul is seen as the leader.“I think that Sen. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz and Mike Lee … I think that the American people are looking for someone to join that leadership up there,” she said. “I see this as a bigger battle. It’s about folks who go up there and become part of the establishment.”But before Mace can storm the gates of the “establishment,” she must win the audition for the primary within a primary, a message she received on her first day as a candidate.“It’s got to boil down to one. We’ve got to find out which one of these three—and I told Nancy this a few minutes ago—we’ve got to make a decision which one of these three is going to be the horse,” said Tony Piscatella, a state GOP committeeman. “It’s going to be tough, it’s not going to be easy.”…”

Don’t forget, it is quite obvious Mace is the FOX candidate to take out Lindsey.  She made her announcement to run on Cavuto.  That makes sense.  She’s also the “liberty” choice.  In other words, she’s polling well with the Ron Paul Bot crowd.

Lee Bright has a far better record.  He has actually achieved things besides graduating from a good old boy military academy.   He’s a Mark Sanford crony.  Where he has it over Mace is the fact that his district includes Greenville & Spartanburg.   Unlike Mace, who is playing Christine O’Donnell coy about who she endorsed in 2012, Bright is a staunch supporter of Ron Paul.  Richard Cash is a religious person, anti-abortion, quiverful, he is part of Pastors for Life, a pro-life missionary in SC.  At least he has achieved a few things in his life.

One thing that Mace and Bright need to consider is that in the 2012 primary, Ron Paul pulled 12.98% of the vote.   In 2008 278,945 voted in the GOP Senate primary.  Lindsey received 66.8% of the vote, his white supremacist opponent, Buddy Witherspoon (the approved Ron Paul candidate) received 33.2%.

The Koch Machine doesn’t like Lindsey, primarily because he is a decent and honorable man, honest, and has the best interest of this nation at heart.  They don’t like people like that because they don’t have the best interests of this nation at heart.  The only thing that matters is their agenda, which they are purchasing by buying just about every politician in the country.  Apparently Lindsey Graham is one of the few men or women who cannot be bought and paid for. In other words, unlike Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Jim DeMint, Steve King, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and their ilk, he is not a whore. Ergo, Lindsey Graham must be destroyed, for the good of the Kochs.


2 thoughts on “Dirty Duplicitous Tea Party Cheats & Lindsey Graham

  1. This is a very informative post! When she announced that she was going to challenge Lindsey, Nancy Mace wrote, “the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence are the law of the land.” The Declaration of Independence has never been the law of the land and the Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution. The lady obviously slept through classes at the Citadel and needs to go back to learn some Political Science. She also stated that she supports Paul, Rand and Lee in defunding the Affordable Care Act. That means she supports shutting down the government. Her tweet calling Lindsey a Nancy boy is back firing on her. Her association with FitsNews is very obvious. She comes across as a Middle School bully…….I understand that Lee Bright advocated that South Carolina print its own currency. I guess he thinks it will come in handy when South Carolina secedes from the Union………Richard Cash is supposed to be pro-life, in fact all of them say they are pro-life, but let’s get this straight. These people are not pro-life. They are pro-fetus. They couldn’t give a flying flip about the baby, once it is born, or the life of the mother, or the lives of thousands of senior citizens, who are going to suffer if the government is shut down. The Teahadists are not pro-life in any sense of the word. In the world of their narrow little ideology, where their leadership is hung up on a book written by a Tsarist refugee who lived off of Social Security, one has to be either a Republican or an American. You cannot be both. If you try to be an American, who like Lindsey, reaches across the aisle to other Americans, you must be destroyed.

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