A Day in the Life of the Ridiculous Right


Picture 4Senior Citizens are turning on the GOP in record numbers.

Usually, it takes a good week to accumulate a collection of links to a subject.  Believe it or not – these are links The Pink Flamingo collected in basically a 24 hour period, more or less. In order not to be accused of mendacity, let’s say it is a 26 hour period.  That alone is absolutely insane.  It shows how completely out of touch, corrupt, unreasonable, and just plain laughable the GOP has become.  They are out of their minds.  The inmates have escaped and are not only running the asylum, but they have turned the Republican Party into a total and complete joke. Like my grandmother Froehlich always said, you lie down with dogs and wake up with fleas.  When the GOP began to snuggle up to, and allow themselves to be controlled by the alleged tea parties, we all knew this was going to happen.  Funny thing, though, the tea parties are controlled and funded by the Koch Machine.  Get rid of Citizen’s United and you get rid of their influence  – sort of.

Two days ago, The Pink Flamingo told you that Paul Ryan was in New Mexico, worshiping at the feet of his Koch Pimps, Charles & David.  I also told you that the purpose of their meeting was for them to choose which little puppet was going to win their beauty contest to be their hand-picked nominee for 2016 – if Mitt Romney decides not to run.  It looks like Paul Ryan has received that nod.

Did Ron Paul’s 2012 Koch Machine campaign buy an Iowa endorsement?  Golly, who knew that tea party candidates like Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul were crooked?  They might want to look into Rick Santorum’s allegedly illegal activities in Iowa.

Rick Santorum said that liberals make it uncomfortable for students to shower in a gym at school.  No, it wasn’t because he is almost insanely homophobic, but because liberals do nothing but promote abortion rights – even a gyms shower?  Evidently it has something to do with Americans winning the Revolutionary War because we wanted the big win in the victory column more than the Brits.  I kid you not.  At least I think that’s what he said.  His ramblings were almost irrational.

Santorum is terribly out of touch with reality and the real world.  But, that hasn’t stopped equally out of touch pundits like Byron York from pondering why he is not the GOP frontrunner for 2016.  First, it is only 2013.  He’s planning on running, and heading for another defeat.  The problem with people like Santorum, York, and even perennial loser Mitt Romney is that they are so arrogant they cannot consider the fact that their ideas are not shared by even a large minority of the country.

One of the problems with the extreme nut-cases of the right is the fact that they apparently watched the Flintstones a time too many when they were growing up.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a fan of the Flintstones, but I know it is a cartoon and Fred and Barney did not drive their foot powered car away from an attacking T-Rex just six thousand years ago.   One of the other problems is that the GOP is extremely anti science to the point where Steve King thinks that global warming is a religion.  Don’t get me wrong, I completely disagree with the far left take on global warming.  I think their version is not much different than the far right’s Flintstone version of the world.

In Virginia, the state funded crises pregnancy clinics are telling women that they don’t need birth control and should not use condoms.  They are there to promote chastity and natural family planning.  A study found that 71% of the state funded centers were giving out incorrect information.

Don’t worry, these are the very same people who want unlimited access to all guns all the time, promoted by ALEC. The problem with these people are the fact that they aren’t very bright. They are also terribly irrational, and very unstable. If the tea partying idiots who went after me this morning on Twitter are any example of NRA, gun-lovin’ patriots, well, Houston we have a problem. They were so stupid they did not know that minimum gun totin ages varies state by state.

There is something so profoundly screwed up in the state of Pennsylvania, that I don’t see how normal people even want to live there.  It’s like there is the creeping evil that is taking over the entire state, not only with obscene racism, but just plain strange things.  And – it isn’t about idiots like GOP Rep. Steve Bloom who wants creationism taught in schools.

In Texas there is a GOP bill that would prevent equal pay for equal work.  Is it about equal pay for equal work or the fact that the minority opinions of the tea parties, who are sponsored by the Koch Machine, have become so irrational that any Republican, such as Robert Pittenger of North Carolina, is attacked to the point of almost being destroyed? There is also another Texas size attack on voting rights.

In Arizona Juliann Ashcroft has been denied health benefits because the far right city council of Prescott considered her heroic fire-fighting husband to be part time.  That’s how they are getting out of paying anything to the families of those 19 men who died.

Scott Walker wanted to require people watching a protest against his policies to be arrested.  The problem is that in states like Wisconsin and North Carolina, where ALEC now controls the agenda, the First Amendment doesn’t apply to anyone who does not approve of the Koch Machine agenda.  There is a bitter irony here.  The far right screams and yells about their devotion to the Constitution, but they are the ones who are doing the most damage to it.  The only reason they are doing this is because the Kochs demand it. That alone should be terribly troubling to anyone who is remotely interested in preserving this nation’s freedom.

In the state of Georgia, Paula Deen more popular than MLK, Jr. FOX News continues to smear Oprah. And, talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck can say anything they want.

On Tuesday evening, racist slurs were written on the statue of Jackie Robinson in Booklyn. That alone is disturbing to the point of being obscene – Jackie Robinson of all people. The entire neighborhood was vandalized with swastikas and racial slurs. The irony is that the statue was about the time, in 1947 when Robinson was being taunted by such racist remarks that the legendary Pee Wee Reese walked over to him and put his arm around him, standing by his side.

According to Iowa’s Tom Harkin, an unnamed Southern Senator (and we all know it wasn’t Lindsey or Bill Nelson or Tim Scott) described Barack Obama as exotic, as in “…You’ve go to understand that to my people down here, Obama seems like’s exotic and doesn’t share our values…”. That’s basically code for the fact that that specific senator thinks the problem with Barack Obama is the fact that he is not his specific racial mix.

In Phoenix, which is part of Sheriff Joe’s near fascist terror state of Maricopa County, on Tuesday, a protest timed to coincide with the visit of Barack Obama to the state, turned nasty, horribly racist. People were shouting, calling him the 47% Negro, singing By By Black Sheep, and shouting to impeach the half-white Muslim. It was the most revealing protest of the year, I think. It was all about Barack Obama not being white. One racist said that the problem is the fact that she hated Obama because he divided the races.

One would think that this overt racism was just a song of the South, which, in many ways it is being promoted.  Trust me, a few years back, the South – at least South Carolina and north Georgia were not like this.  The racism and alleged Confederacy romanticism is something new.  It is being used to promote anti-Obama hate.  It is being used to further the far right ALEC agenda, sponsored by the Koch Machine.  It is promoted by FOX, Rush, and Glenn Beck’s mindless hysteria.

In Florida, Ted Yoho, a Republican Congressman said that a tax on tanning beds was a racist tax because only white people used tanning beds. He also thinks Obama is racist against white people.

When it comes today’s neo-Confederate racism, it is being promoted by the Koch Machine.  Their latest version of racism is to say that the Democratic Party is where the roots of racism is.  There’s a little bit of ‘truth’ in that, but the facts are a bit convoluted.  What you need to understand is that those who were racist oriented, anti-Civil Rights, etc. were members of the John Birch Society and primarily the KKK.  Yes, they were in the South, but the John Birch Society began in Utah, founded by a far right member of the LDS and Fred Koch.  They hated Eisenhower, who was able to, with the continued assistance (over the years) of the likes of Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley, to completely marginalize them.  Most of the deep south members of the House and Senate, seeing the error of their ways, switched parties, becoming Republican.  Somewhere along the line, by the time LBJ rolled around, the Democrats were exorcized of their racist element.  Basically, so was the GOP. The racist elements were forced to go Third Party.  They congregated around the likes of the Ron Pauls, libertarians, Constitutional Party, John Birch Society, this sort of thing – the people who now control the GOP.  When you consider that George Zimmerman’s biggest defender is an infamous White Supremacist, it makes one think – or it should.

Something truly has happened in the South.  A new poll states that 70% of Georgia Republicans believe in Creationism.  That is now.  Something truly weird is going on here, like the Republican Party is being systemically purged of all rational thought and wisdom.  Sure, I believe in intelligent design, even Carl Sagan was forced to admit there was something to it, but something is feeding this insanity. Could it be a Koch Machine?

Don’t fall for their Koch based, John Birch, racist, he man woman hating, Viagra popping lies.  Want to know more about them?



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  1. Could say the Republican Party has been taken over by Zombies, a game my 5-year old grandson likes to play, but that would insult Zombies. Think I will go with the old description for Limbaugh supporters “mind numbed robots” as my explanation for what ails the GOP today because any thinking person is going to run as fast as they can to get away from the GOP insanity of today. Hard to believe a legitimate poll would show 70% of Georgia Republicans believe in Creationism. Unbelievable that they found 70% of any group who wants to throw science out the window.

  2. I read something, just today, that when FOX tells their brainwashed audience something, they believe it. The anti-science turn makes sense, when put in that context.


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