Wierd Wacky Women & White Trash & Obama Hating Far Right


skunk_lgThe GOP has problems.  We all know that.  They don’t care for women, blacks, Hispanics, gays, education, and now they’ve turned on White Trash.   They detest the holocaust of abortion to the point where a group of ignorant teens were sent to picket, and distribute their anti-abortion propaganda at the New Mexico Holocaust and Intolerance Museum. They then demanded the museum director host an exhibit comparing abortion to the Holocaust. Yep, they are that stupid.  It is rather like the dimwits who worship guns and demand they be allowed to carry them, everywhere.  That’s fine.  I don’t mind if they carry them, even in Starbucks – as long as they have no bullets and are not loaded.

Rand Paul has had something of a bad week.  In an Bloomberg  interview, Paul displayed his abject stupidity on any number of subjects.

This is Markwayne Mullin’s big week. Not only did he embrace, then renounce Birtherism, but he also must be a little paranoid about people using EBT cards.  Evidently he allegedly saw a ‘physically fit’ couple using the card at Crystal City.  Because they did not look like Honey Boo Boo’s family, they were fraudulently using the card.  He also said that it was obvious, because everyone was using cards, that they were all on the SNAP program and committing fraud.   Yes, he is that dumb.   Not to worry, there is the Cantor-Ryan bill.


I think this is where we should start looking for the silver lining.  At least one member of the GOP House has figured out that there are far more whites on food stamps than there are minorities.  In this day and age, when the GOP is imploding, fast, maybe we should consider this just a small victory for the information age.  Except that he has now insulted the most popular demographic on television – the Red Neck White Trash Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty viewing male 18-45.  Doesn’t Rohanbacher know that

Huffington Post
Huffington Post

Meanwhile, the Politico has hired discredited white supremacist leaning Jason Richwine, who was too extreme even for the Heritage Foundation.  The Politico has published one of his racist rants, but because it is now hiding behind a pay-wall in New Mexico, forget about a link.

What more can be said about this one?

Raw Story
Raw Story

According to Tony Perkins, if you don’t believe the Flintstones version of science, you are a leftist who is trying to infiltrate our schools and brainwash our kids.

Raw Story
Raw Story

In Texas, the radical, far right candidate for governor, Gregg Abbott is preparing to disenfranchise anyone who isn’t a far right whte person. Maybe, though, Ebony Magazine gets the last laugh and the last word.  Tea Partiers have, allegedly threatened to boycott Ebony Magazine over their coverage of the Treyvon Martin trial and verdict.  Their reply – umm… we don’t have any Tea Party readers!

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 12.09.40 AM

(Yes, tea partiers are THAT stupid).  So is Ken Coccinelli.

And – so is Rush Limbaugh, only he is far from stupid, but his racism is showing:

“…LIMBAUGH: Apparently last night on Entertainment tonight, figures, Nancy O’Dell interviewed media mogul The Oprah and during a discussion about whether The Oprah still experiences racism – what is she the highest paid woman on tv in the world – so naturally they’d do a discussion on whether Oprah still experiences racism. I mean it makes total sense doesn’t it? She’s got her own TV network, she’s got her own magazine, she’s one of the richest people in the world, probably the richest media person in the world on the talent side of things[…]LIMBAUGH: Well obviously [the store owner] is a racist scum, who thought [Oprah], as a black person, couldn’t afford anything, and she wanted you out of the store. That’s what we’re all to conclude. Why not mention the brand name? Who was it? Gucci? Louis Vuitton? Is that how you pronounce it? Vuitton? Who was it? Tell us who it was.[…]LIMBAUGH: Now I look at this a whole different way. If I were Oprah I would be so thankful I could go some place and not been recognized. I’d be happy about GilligansIslandCast_310x310it.[…]LIMBAUGH: We do not know [if] the salesperson based her judgment on The Oprah’s skin color. The salesperson obviously thought that The Oprah couldn’t afford the what is it — $38,100 bag. Maybe it’s because The Oprah’s fat. Well, that’s an — how was The Oprah dressed? I mean, she didn’t look like The Oprah, obviously. Was she wearing [a] jumpsuit with tennis shoes, maybe Air Jordans that were not laced up? I mean, who knows?...”

Yesterday, The Pink Flamingo featured a single day’s worth of truly insane headlines, quotes, quips, and exposes.  Today, I’m only doing what I’ve found in about a 3 hour period, rather like the SS Minnow on that infamous three hour tour.  The worst of it is the fact that the GOP has turned into the cast of Gilligan’s Island, hapless, stupid, incompetent, and utterly lost.  The problem is the fact that Gilligan’s Island was funny.  What is going on in the GOP is far from funny.  It is disgusting.

Want proof?

“...On Monday night, those on “The Five” discussed the incident which resulted in charges being filed against the attackers. They differed on whether the driver should have intervened. Gutfeld ascribed the cause of the brawl as “the consequences of a dying morality and a break-down of family.” Jesse Watters said that “Sharpton needs to make an example of this.” Gufeld lied about how juvenile delinquency has “skyrocketed” when it is declining.

Engaging in some patented Fox slut shaming, he said it’s “proportional to out of wedlock imagesbirths” He claimed that Obama avoids discussion of this issue when Obama addressed it during his commencement speech at Morehouse and his 2008 Father’s Day remarks. Somebody recommended that the assaulted boy be given a scholarship. Tuesday, Gutfeld doubled down in his attack on the black community. He started his homily with a Bill O’Reilly like lament about the decline in values. He lied, again, about “explosive juvenile delinquency.” I

n a slut shaming slam on unwed mothers, he said “free love begets free pain.” He ascribed the bus incident as a “symptom of a culture that forgot consequences in choosing immediate consequences over long term, familiar commitment.” He cited unemployment figures for black teens and how that has lead to “stomping a kid on a bus while holding on to your stupid saggy pants.”

After blaming “corrosive government programs,” he suggested that black teens just don’t have a work ethic because they want to “shun work and sell drugs.” He, again, lied about how Obama ignores the problems in the black community. He pointed out how this is not being considered a hate crime even though it was three blacks against a white.

Fox’s newest acceptable black, right wing radio host, David Webb claimed that if this were white on black violence, black leaders would be irate. Andrea Tantaros didn’t know if it was racially motivated but then cited how, because it was three blacks on one white, “it certainly appears that way.”  She wanted to know where the anti-bullying and the “Hollywood community” are. Engaging in a patented racist trope of reverse racism, she played to the sense of white victimhood at the hands of brutal blacks with the comment that “because it’s three black kids on a white [she zipped her lips] they don’t say a word.” 

Liberal Bob Beckel accused liberals of being “silent.” Without having all the facts of the case, the boy who “said no to drugs” was praised. Who knew that white families are intact, have a work ethic, and kids who never commit crime. But if African-Americans need to apologize for bad behavior on the part of those in the minority community, who should apologize for Greg Gutfeld’s racist idiocy cuz he does make us white folks look bad!..”

From now on, I’m going to be using a skunk for the new mascot for the GOP and the far right.  When dealing with FOX news, and things like the above, which is pure racism, there is nothing more I can do.  They no longer deserve the mighty elephant. If Republicans and conservatives did not religiously watch FOX and listen to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and soon to be unemployed Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Michael Medved, Bill O’Reilly, Alex Jones, and other haters, maybe, something might be different.  But, FOX viewers are the most ill informed voters in the country.


I smell a skunk.



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