Does RNC Chair Now Control FOX Programming?


imagesThe poor, scared, little, Viagra-popping, white men of the GOP are absolutely terrified of women like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Oprah Winfrey, and Michelle Obama.   It is at this time that I, SJ Reidhead, want to apologize to one and all for being the first person to truly began writing about the potential of, and promoting the VP prospects of Sarah Palin back in 2007.  I was wrong.  And, yes, I was the first to truly began promoting her national prospects. I was wrong.  I was seduced by the need to see the GOP put a woman on the ticket and the public image of someone who turned out to be too go to be real.

I think though, that my desire to see the GOP put a woman on a POTUS ticket stems from the fact, as a woman in the Republican Party, I have known, for years, that the GOP treated women like second class citizens.  It is one reason I no longer consider myself a Republican.  I don’t think any of us realized, at the time, in 2008, that the current crop of female GOP governors was so pathetic.  They still are.  When you consider the likes of Jan Brewer, Haley Barber, Susana Martinez, and Mary Fallon, the GOP has a terrible track record with women elected as Republican governors.

The Republican party has a huge problem when it comes to women.  Do you see the Democrats with Democrat Women’s Clubs?  No – women are equal.  Not the GOP.  Women must be reduced to ‘clubs’, so they can think they are contributing something more viable than punch and cookies. Let’s just face the fact that the GOP is currently ruled by a group of men who are so utterly impotent that they are terrified of women. They are so completely incompetent that they must do their best to put women down, walk all over them, silence us, and then pretend they know what they are doing.

Case in point is the current RNC Chairman, who is little more than a puppet for the Brother’s Koch, Charles & David.  He does their bidding.  After all, he’s bought and paid for by them.  They own him.  They own the GOP – which is another reason I’m no longer Republican.

Is it possible that RNC Chair, Reince Priebus is now calling the shots for network programming, especially FOX.   It should be noted, that The Pink Flamingo is in no way endorsing a Hillary Clinton candidacy.  I’m not quite sure she is going to run.  That is neither here nor there at this point.  What I’m enjoying is the sight of the RNC Chair making an abject fool of himself over the thought that a biopic of Hillary Clinton might just be aired on one of the ‘enemy’ networks, and not on friendly FOX network.

The other day Priebus announced that any network airing a biopic about Hillary Clinton would not be allowed to host a GOP POTUS debate.  Boo Hoo Hoo.  Who the h – e – double toothpick, wants to see the likes of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Steve King, and Paul Ryan debate the merits of their lord and savior Ayn Rand.  When Candy Crowley confronted him, he told her she did not know what she was talking about.  Yes, he is that rude, arrogant, and abjectly stupid.

Here’s the best part.  Evidently NBC is in talks with FOX Television Studios to produce the proposed Hillary film.  Priebus who, had said no network involved… is now backtracking.   According to News Corpse, if his threat holds true, there will be NO news network that will be allowed to air the GOP debates.  Okay, this also eliminated NBC.  It leaves three networks:  ABC, CBS and …. Univision.  You think the GOP is going to allow Univision a place at the table?  Forget that.  They don’t need no stinkin’ illegal Hispanic voters!

Oh, wait, I forgot about Glenn Beck’s own satellite channel, The Blaze!  He’s bought and paid for by the Kochs.  They could use that channel.  I imagine they could also use the numerous religious channels.

But – on Sunday, the genius RNC chair said that he would be allowing FOX News to carry the debates.  He had told Morning Joe that the debate moderators should be interested in the fate of the GOP, rather than the fate of the nation.  Evidently FOX has the best interests of the GOP at heart, so no matter if their production arm does produce the picture.

Now, thought, it matters who airs the Clinton films, not who makes them.

I guess he’s now controlling programming for FOX.  Or rather, the Koch brothers control him, and he controls FOX.

Can he be this stupid?