Bad Grades Can Kill If You Are a Young Black Male


la luz 5Have you ever wondered why Dick Cheney was able to get his heart transplant so quickly?  Probably because he is rich and the former VP.  That’s a far cry from what has been going on in Atlanta this week, where it took just nasty publicity to get a 15 year old kid put on the transplant list.  His only real crime was being a young black male.  The only real thing Barack Obama has done wrong is being of a mixed race heritage – and of the wrong racial mix.  If he were white, and governing as moderately as he has been, normal, honest Republicans would be declaring him the next Eisenhower.  Instead, they want to impeach him – for being black.

It’s a good thing that Sarah Murnaghan is cute, white, and allegedly had good grades.  If she were black, male, and had poor grades, she would be dead by now.  Not only did she require one lung transplant, but was required to have a second due to a problem with the first lung.

Not to worry.  She is cute, female, and – most importantly – she is white. Because she is cute, female, and white, she is alive, and recovering, to the point where she will probably be out of ICU next week.

If you are a white teenager living in Utah, you can run for mayor, even if you’ve done time for threatening to bomb your school.  In Georgia, though, if you have bad grades and a criminal record, you get a death sentence because you aren’t a good subject for a heart transplant.  It took an uprising on Twitter to get him put on the transplant list.

…In a statement issued shortly after the family’s announcement, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta said: “As we stated previously, a heart transplant evaluation is an ongoing process based on the patient and his or her family’s ability to meet specific transplant criteria. … Our physician experts are continuing to work with this family to establish a care plan and determine the best next steps for the patient.”

Anthony suffers from dilated cardiomyopathy, in which the heart’s main pumping chamber, the left ventricle, fails to pump enough blood. The condition is generally treated with medications or devices such as pacemakers before a transplant is considered. Stokes’ mother, Melencia Hamilton, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday that without a new heart, her son was would likely die within six to nine months….”

Anthony Stokes only has about six months to live. He could have a life-time, but that has been denied him. Instead, the good doctors at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta have sentenced him to death.  He had bad grades, and has had run-ins with the law.  His poor performance in school is just indicative of the fact that he probably wouldn’t take his meds if given a life saving heart transplant, so they’re going to let him die.

Think Progress
Think Progress

This is criminal.  The real crime is that it took publicity like this to help the kid.

“...Adult transplant surgeon Dr. David Dean from Piedmont Healthcare said non compliance could mean a patient has a history of drugs or alcohol, or that the patient has not shown up for their doctor’s appointment.   Hamilton says her son’s only sin is anger management. He has been in some fights — enough that a judge sentenced him to house arrest. He was wearing an ankle monitor when he initially went to the emergency room. …”

So, the kid was in a few fights.  He had a problem with anger management and was under house arrest.  That’s not like going to juvenile detention for threatening to blow up a school, but is now free to run for the mayor of a small town.

I think what is now enraging and shocking me the most is how this one man, Dr. David Dean, from Piedmont Healthcare, sounds like the voice of God… or thinks he is a god.

Racism is alive and well in this country.  Read the comments from the Gawker about Oprah’s being treated like dirt by a clerk at the Trois Pomme boutique.  When Oprah asked to see a bag that cost about $40K, the clerk told her it was to expensive.  Now the clerk denies having said what she did.  From Forbes comes an interesting comment:

“...According to Forbes magazine, Oprah reportedly made $77 million the last year alone, which solidifies that she could have bought the purse more than threefold without a small dent in her wallet. Goetz has since apologized in later reports and credits the misunderstanding to the fact that the employee did not recognize who Oprah was. Swiss newspaper, Blick, quotes Goetz who said, “We don’t have any facial recognition here.” Christian Trottmann, corporate communications head of Zurich Tourism, told CBSNews about travelers who may consider (or re-consider) a visit to Zurich, “You’ll find here very friendly people. We are, I would say, quite an open-minded city. We are used to having people from all nations and all cultures.”…”

Um…. it was racism.  If Oprah had been white or Middle Eastern she would have been treated much better.    She tweeted this:

Guardian Express
Guardian Express

Good.  I would have been disappointed if she had spent $40K for a handbag.  And – I can legitimize anything when it comes to hand-bags, but not this.   What is even more interesting is that the web site for Trois Pommes does not feature prices – on anything.

Oprah is telling the truth.

Do you know why?

I’ve never been to Zurich, but I’ve been in my fair share of high end stores.  One NEVER even asks the price, nor bats an eye, but discretely lifts the lid of the Judith Lieber bag to see what the price is.  You DO NOT ask.  It is just NOT done.  The fact that the woman allegedly did this was blatantly racist.  You don’t even ask the price of something at Louis Vuitton.  You slyly slide the price out and quickly look at it.   You don’t ask.  It isn’t done.  The clerk does not tell you how much – it isn’t done – unless they are trying to be so nasty, snobby, snotty, and obnoxious that they will force you to leave. I know how the game is played.

I guess it all makes sense, because Texas congressman Louis Gohmert says that Barack Obama is trying to stir up racial tensions to provoke a race war.


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  1. If you are a Dick Cheney or a congresswoman, you get the best medical care. If you are an ordinary person you die. I have a friend who has been waiting for a kidney transplant for about five years. Ordinarily, she would have already received one, but now younger people are put on the list ahead of her. She is only 56, but it is unlikely that she will ever get a transplant unless a member of family decide to give her one. One of my former students died last January because he was unable to get a kidney transplant. He was not black so I am not so quick to accept the racism idea. Transplants go to the elite.

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