Who’s FOXie Now?


imagesThe UK Independent has discovered that Scotland Yard is investigating Rupert Murdoch News International as a ‘corporate suspect’.  Well… is this the big one or just another in a series of false hopes that this evil, putrid individual might get what he deserves.  Then, one must stop and realize that none of us should ever ‘get what we deserve’ or we’d probably all be in the Seventh Layer of Purgatory as envisioned by Dante, himself.  The only comfort is that people like Rupert Murdoch, Charles & David Koch, Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia and so forth and so on will be in the Ninth Layer, right along with people like Brutus and Cassius – you know – the traitors who have turned against their country.  Yep, that’s where he belongs.

“...The Independent has learnt the Metropolitan Police has opened an “active investigation” into the corporate liabilities of the UK newspaper group – recently rebranded News UK – which could have serious implications for the ability of its parent company News Corp to operate in the United States. One of Rupert Murdoch’s most senior lawyers has been interviewed under caution on behalf of the company and two other very senior figures have been officially cautioned for corporate offences. John Turnbull, who works on News Corp’s Management and Standards Committee (MSC) which co-ordinates the company’s interactions with the Metropolitan Police, answered formal questions from detectives earlier this year….”

The problem is this has nothing to do with News Corp in this country.  Oh, it could, but Rupert Murdoch has bribed and cheated his way to a point where  it has no accountability.  All he needs to do is turn Roger Ailes lose on his brainwashed cult following and all the little Koch owned tea party followers will inundate Congress with complaints.  Ergo – forget Murdoch ever behind held accountable.  Oh, and don’t hold your breath for the next generation.  They’re also libertarian.

The difference now is that the entire corporate entity is now being investigated – in the UK.  From what I gather, executives here in this country have been ordered NOT to corporate with the Metropolitan Police.  They said that if the company is charged, even in the UK, it could literally killed the company.  Now they are saying that up to 46,000 jobs could be at risk.  They will get off free, here.  This kind of person – corporation  always does.

The GOP, that once proud elephant has morphed into a foul smelling skunk.  As one long time reader, and friend has reminded me, don’t insult skunks by comparing them to the GOP.  The problem with people like Murdock, the Kochs, Ailes, and Rush Limbaugh is that they have helped turn the GOP into little more than a cult, with very brainwashed followers. What fascinates me is the fact that so many of the far right cult leaders are, like true cult leaders everywhere, starting to cross the line between what is legal and what isn’t.  Like Murdoch, and especially the Brother’s Koch, no one seems to even care about holding them accountable for their crimes – literally criminal actions.  They’ve created one of the largest cults in history, and they know how to use it and abuse their brainwashed followers.

Once again, apologies to skunks everywhere for using their image to now represent the GOP.