Obama and Egypt


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce again, the Middle East is in a mess. It’s a disaster, not completely of our making.  Oh, sure, Jimmy Carter did not help things when he completely bungled Iran, years ago, but…unfortunately, if we were brutally honest, it’s time to stop blaming Jimmy Carter.  Iran is a mess, but, here again, the Iranian people have had well over a quarter century to put things to rights.  They haven’t done it.  So, let’s just blame the Iranians for Iran.  While we’re at it, maybe we should start blaming the Syrians for Syrians, the Afghans for Afghanistan, Israelis for Israel, Palestinians for Palestine’s mess, Iraqis for Iraq, and last but not least, the Egyptians for Egypt.

What’s the fun with that?  If we expect people in this crazy old mixed up world of ours to take responsibility for the mess they have created, and butt out, we can’t have politics as usual.  We can’t thumb our nose at Russia.  They can’t try humiliating us.  So-called down-trodden people would be required to either remain down-trodden or develop a spine and do something about it.  The far right would so called ‘christian’ base would need to shut the hell up about Israel, which does need to deal with the mess they created.  They created the Palestinian disaster.  Let them figure it out and grow up, stop crying and begging for us to bail them out every time there is an election – over here.

Until recently, we could all say it was about the oil, stupid.  But, we know that’s not necessarily so. The United States is so wealthy when it comes to gas and oil reserves that it is disgusting the way we act.  If we would shut up about our lot in life and stop being brainwashed victims of life, we would once again lead the world in technology.  Contrary to popular far right opinion, we have everything we need to make this country energy independent – not in decades, but right now.  We do so with small-scale solar and wind.  DO YOU KNOW that power companies are required to take the power generated by homeowner solar power systems?  Do you now that the batteries now exist to power entire cities off wind.  If you don’t believe me, check out Norman, Oklahoma.  On a very hot, sunny day, if you have solar panels, they generate electricity which is put back into the grid.  You have enough homes doing this, enough businesses and we don’t need black-outs.  Eventually we can go lean, clean, and green, with an explosion of new industry in this country.

Then – we thumb our nose at the Middle East.  We don’t need ’em.
They need us.

But, in the manner of Saint Barnard puppy-like people, everywhere, we want to be loved. We slobber around, rubbing up against the very legs of the jerks who would readily destroy us, because they don’t like us.  Like so many truly able bodied welfare states, they hate us.  They hate us for our generosity.  They hate us because we’re so stupid and easily used.  Like Israel they have no respect for us.  Most of these less than sophisticated mentalities don’t realize that we’re still playing Cold War Mean Girl Drama Queen Na Na Na Na Na with Russia.

Ergo – we get a never-ending political soap opera in this country by political attention whores. If you read the headlines, especially from the press that leans GOP, Obama has ruined his reputation over Egypt.  He has blown it.  Everything is bad.  Nothing is good.  He is now a failed POTUS because of how he has handled things there.  I’m beginning to think this headline is what started the feeding frenzy:  Obama on Egypt:  We Don’t Take Sides.  I started following the headlines.  The frenzy started a few days ago – and is far right driven!

You might want to note that this one headline from insane Alex Jones Infowars says it all.  This is about Barack Obama going on vacation.  He pissed off the far right with that one.  Egypt Is Descending Into Civil War, But Don’t Expect Obama To Cancel His Golf Vacation

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From the NY Times comes a fairly rational explanation of the problem.  You can’t blame Obama for this, folks.  I would be screaming if the left blamed Bush, so I’m just trying to be honest.  Maybe the real problems is butting into things in the first place.

“…All of the efforts of the United States government, all the cajoling, the veiled threats, the high-level envoys from Washington and the 17 personal phone calls by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, failed to forestall the worst political bloodletting in modern Egyptian history. The generals in Cairo felt free to ignore the Americans first on the prisoner release and then on the statement, in a cold-eyed calculation that they would not pay a significant cost — a conclusion bolstered when President Obama responded by canceling a joint military exercise but not $1.5 billion in annual aid.

The violent crackdown has left Mr. Obama in a no-win position: risk a partnership that has been the bedrock of Middle East peace for 35 years, or stand by while longtime allies try to hold on to power by mowing down opponents. From one side, the Israelis, Saudis and other Arab allies have lobbied him to go easy on the generals in the interest of thwarting what they see as the larger and more insidious Islamist threat. From the other, an unusual mix of conservatives and liberals has urged him to stand more forcefully against the sort of autocracy that has been a staple of Egyptian life for decades.

For now the administration has decided to keep the close relationship with the Egyptian military fundamentally unchanged. But the death toll is climbing, the streets are descending into chaos, and the government and the Islamists are vowing to escalate. It is unclear if the military’s new government can reimpose a version of the old order now that the public believes street protests have toppled two leaders in less than three years, or if, after winning democratic elections, the Islamists will ever again compliantly retreat.

As Mr. Obama acknowledged in a statement on Thursday, the American response turns not only on humanitarian values but also on national interests. A country consumed by civil strife may no longer function as a stabilizing ally in a volatile region.

Mr. Obama has found Egypt’s tumultuous political transition a headache for more than two years. Accused of sticking for too long by President Hosni Mubarak, the longtime ruler in Egypt who was ousted by a popular uprising in 2011, and then criticized when he later abandoned him, Mr. Obama gambled on Mr. Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood leader elected a year ago. He found Mr. Morsi a useful and pragmatic partner in handling issues like a violent flare-up in Gaza. But Mr. Obama became convinced that the Egyptian was not being inclusive enough at home to stabilize his own country….”

 If we were to be honest here, we would mention that Barack Obama is stuck here.  The NY Times has it right. He has very few options.  This is a civil war and well publicized one.  You don’t go butting in to civil wars.  Sorry, but it’s just stupid to do so.  It’s like Syria, stay the hell out of it.  In all honesty, Syria is Russia’s mess just like Afghanistan is our mess because we created the Taliban. Our old Cold War policies have literally come home to roost.  Maybe it’s time to just sit back and let nature take its course.

Of course, one of the reasons the far right is screaming and crying their usual crocodile tears is because Obama canceled military exercises in Egypt.  This is NOT about Islam, patriotism, or Barack Obama.  This is about the conservative corporate military screw the tax-payer machine being left hung out to dry, the same way these same corporate plutocrats have screwed the American tax payer.