The Kate Hunt Tragedy


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKate Hunt’s life is in ruins, as ruined as her victim.  She has ruined her victim.  That’s what happened here. Only Kate Hunt was not alone. Her mother helped her. This alone, even on the surface is disturbing. What sort of parent would do this to assist their child? What sort of mother would allow their 18 year old daughter to take a 14 year old child into their bedroom and have sex with them? Kelley Hunt Smith knew that the victim had run away from her parents, yet she harbored her, under her roof, allowing the sexual contact to continue – and did not inform the victim’s parents where their child was.

It is apparent from the defendant’s past and present patterns of behavior that she does not care that two circuit judges have ordered her to stay away from the victim. She has covertly contacted her victim thousands of times, had continued intimate contact with her victim, and threatened to blame her victim if her own misconduct is discovered, instructed her victim on what to say to the prosecutor, solicited her victim to lie for her, and in general sought to obstruct the judicial process….her mother has solicited the victim to cover up the defendant’s misconduct by destroying evidence. It is apparent the misconduct of both the defendant and Kelley Hunt Smith is severely threatening the integrity of the judicial process…”

Like R. S. McCain said, this is absolutely devastating to Kate Hunt. This is no longer a pending train wreck waiting to happen, but a full blown disaster for both families. Kate Hunt’s life is in ruins. A pretty, bright, vivacious, promising young woman will spend the remainder of her life with the label of sex offender. She is looking at upward of fifteen years hard time in Florida’s really ugly prison system. When she does get out of prison, she won’t even be able to get a job pole dancing at the local strip club. She’s a sex offender. I have a tremendous amount of compassion for her. If her parents had been the right kind of people they would have done everything to protect and help her. Instead, they used her to make money. They allowed her to continue violating court orders which would, when she was caught, completely destroy any chance she will have at having any sort of a normal life.

Oh, sure, she’s a cause celeb today, with her fifteen minutes of fame, her parent’s fifteen minutes of fame down to their last ten seconds or so. Once the clock stops on that one, she’s done. Sure, the parents can still cash out on her, selling their story for a chick-flick movie, once she is rotting away in prison. If they hold true to form, that’s what they’ll end up doing. She’s a meal ticket to them.

The photo of Steve Hunt with his hand, rather intimately on Kate’s leg, to me, is terribly revealing. Maybe I’m a total and complete prude, but I don’t remember seeing ‘normal’ father – daughter dynamics doing this. There must be some logical reason why the Hunts think that their daughter does not deserve to be in jail. I’m just saying it is difficult for a person Kate Hunt’s age to become a predator unless preyed upon as a child.

As for Kate Hunt’s victim, the poor child is so screwed up, her life is in ruins. Using what is literally a tried and true brainwashing technique, Kate and her mother have basically managed to separate the kid from her family. They have destroyed the child. One must fact the possibility that the now 15 year old victim wanted to be involved with Kate Hunt. It is possible, entirely possible, that her relationship at home was so stormy she was in a position to be manipulated. And – that is what it is, manipulation. An honorable individual, even someone as young as 18 would know where to stop. Kate Hunt is far from honorable. She has drawn a child into a web of deception, of lies, and just plain tawdry behavior that will forever scar what was a once innocent child.

TC Palm
TC Palm

The psychological damage that has been inflicted on the Smith child is not going away, not any time soon. When a victim finally begins to ‘recover’ from something like this, several things could happen. This could open the flood-gate for a life-time of risky sexual behavior, drug and alcohol abuse. It really doesn’t matter if she considers herself a lesbian, bisexual or straight. Her life has been so completely compromised that it will take a minor miracle to salvage just a shadow of what she once was. As for the relationship with her parents, that is another story.

I have tried to give Kate Hunt the benefit of the doubt. What we have seen is that this is a young woman who does not think the rules of society are for her. She flaunts them. Nothing about the law, about convention, or basic moral and ethical behavior applies to either she or her mother. They don’t care. Either they are so full of their own importance and self-worth, and sense of entitlement, or something else is going on here. Something like can lead a child to suicide.

Kate Hunt is beginning to exhibit the classic signs of a psychopath. The problem with that scenario is that psychopaths are rarely born. Oh, they are, but they have a tendency to be formed in one of two ways, either through a traumatic head injury or by having been abused as a child. I don’t want to accuse Steve Hunt and Kelley Hunt Smith of anything, but there is something terribly disturbing with their family dynamics. I don’t know when I’ve ever seen a group of people with such a blatant disregard of the law or the basic conventions of society.

Something is terribly wrong here. The entire affair is a tragedy waiting to happen. Nothing good is going to come out of this.

  • Kate is looking at up to 15 years of hard time.
  • She will be a registered sex offender for the remainder of her life.
  • Kelley Hunt Smith is probably going to be indicted.
  • The victim is experiencing serious psychological problems.
  • The victim’s relationship with her parents has been destroyed.
  • She is forever marked as a ‘victim’ where she attends school.
  • Her life will never be the same.
  • Her life has basically been destroyed.
  • The Smith’s family life has been destroyed.

All of these things have happened because Steve Hunt and Kelley Hunt Smith were unwilling to require their child face the consequences of her criminal behavior. Instead of being good parents and demanding she get the help she so drastically needs, they encouraged her. They made at least $30K off her plight, and became ‘Free Kate Celebrities’. If they had truly loved their child, they would have tried to get help for her.

Kate Hunt is seriously disturbed. It is apparent that her mother is, also. Neither one of them even comprehend the fact that there are societal rules for behavior. They have decided they are above the law. The real question is why.

The problem is not LGBT.  Frankly, I don’t care if either Kate or her victim are gay or straight.  People are who and what they are.  The victim identifies herself as lesbian.  Most people I know who are gay have a tendency to know who and what they are, from the time they are quit young.  Contrary to what is being said about the Smiths, both parents are on record as saying they don’t care if their daughter is gay or straight.  They just don’t want her doing anything about it, sexually until she is 18.  Contrary to popular opinion, a majority of teens in this country don’t do much about sex until they are 18.  It is not against social customs or expectations to think that your child should be among that group, suggest that he/she be among that age group, and tell them so.

Kate Hunt’s defenders and now her attorney are attacking the Smiths because they are regular church goers and have a Christian background.  According to her attorney, Christians treat gays/lesbians like dirt, throw Bibles at them, and shout at them.  I guess she doesn’t attend my church.  I don’t know about you, but I refuse to go to any church that does that – to anyone.

I have repeatedly stated that this is NOT a LGBT issue.  Kate Hunt may say it is.  Her parents are using it and manipulating good, decent people who see in her, problems they either knew as teens, or knew someone who went through hell due to their gender identity.  I think about a kid I know, who is so happily gay, goes to a ‘country’ school, and doesn’t have a bit of trouble.  That’s the way it should be.  Kids should be free to be who they are.  BUT – what Steve Hunt and Kelley Hunt Smith have done, turning their seriously disturbed child into a poster child for LGBT rights is disgusting.

As they get to know #FreeKate, I’ve noticed that her LGBT support is dying, very quickly. It’s the old, fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  They’re no longer fooling anyone.  Word is slowly circulating that Kate Hunt is far from being a lesbian.  If anything she is bisexual.  Frankly, it is my humble opinion, she has been so damaged as a child, she will sleep with anything.  Sure, there are kids who just are this way, but the average teen doesn’t turn out to be such a (cough-slut) an opportunistic bottom-feeder if they haven’t been subjected to something to train their behavior.

The entire incident is a tragedy in the making. I don’t know which is worse, what Kate Hunt did to her victim or what her parents have done to her by not making her seek help. She is one of the most selfish individuals I’ve ever encountered. One can only be thankful that the Hunts are of limited means and have no real political or social power or status. If they did, their little darling could morph into a monster of legend.

Unfortunately, this could still happen.


4 thoughts on “The Kate Hunt Tragedy

  1. Unfortunately there’re many victims/perpetrators walking around 2day untreated w/ psychopathic behavior. From my experience as police transcriptionist in sex crimes & homicide most cases encountered were horrendous & totally unbelievable! Also a lot of my gay friends experienced brutal rapes as children. Some hv predatory type behavior as grownups. Not all but some. We all hv some responsibility to make wrongs rights to the best of our abilities. Then life won’t be in vain. My opinion only. This is a very brave thought provoking piece of work. A+ for Reid’s work. You are helping many ppl w/this work.

  2. Thank you. I spent my childhood almost being locked away by my parents after the principal of my elementary school molested me in the 3rd grade. He attempted to kidnap me from my new school, several times. Prowled, stalked, basically terrorized me to the point where my childhood was ruined. So, I know….


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