How to Destroy a Life in One Easy Lesson


rattlesnakeNo matter how one looks at it, Kaitlyn Hunt’s then 14 year old, and now 15 year old victim will never be the same.  #FreeKate has destroyed her life.  She will never be the same person she once was, never, ever.  I know.  It happened to me.  What people don’t understand is the fact that, frequently, a person does not come to grips with the sexual abuse they faced as a child until they are in their late 30s and early 40s.  Until that time comes, there is no way you are ‘normal’.  It just isn’t happening.  Your life is in ruins and you don’t understand why.

A person dealing with this is like someone with PTSD.  You are sometimes crazed.  Some people develop substance abuse problems.  Others become hyper sexual.  There is depression.  There can be an inability to maintain relationships.  Women either gain weight or have eating disorders. Life is lived on pins and needles.

Then you explode.  When it does, your life is shattered.  If a person is married, the vast majority of times the marriage does not survive.  The spouse cannot live with the person during the going nuts process. Once that process is over, and it is like you have two different personalities, they must merge.  I know from bitter experience, I am a completely different person.  I have friends who are no longer my friends.  We just don’t ‘mesh’ after I finally accepted what had happened to me.

Yes, there were the suicide attempts.  There were the screaming fits.  I did not know how I was going to survive with my sanity.  I lashed out at everyone.

And then – I discovered my insanity was ‘normal’ for my situation.

This is what Kate Hunt’s victim is looking forward to, for the next 30 or 40 years of her life.  She’s been separated from her parents, now probably doesn’t even trust them.  She won’t trust her old friends.  Friends at church will not be part of her life.

I know someone who dated a guy who was abusive.  His family thought they were above the law, so to speak.  His mother did everything she could to separate this person from her mother.  The damage has taken over thirty years to be repaired.  Their relationship has never been the same.  This is what the victim’s mother has to look forward to, if she is lucky.

Kate Hunt’s victim is at an extremely vulnerable age.  Being 14 and 15 is traumatizing enough, without being a young lesbian, and without being the victim of a psychopathic, narcissistic predator and her extremely vicious parents.  Dealing with life at her age is not easy.  You either hate or love yourself, both at the same time, almost bi-polar as normal.  You are up and you are down, all in the same minute.  When you sit, you hold a pillow in front of your body.  That’s normal.

Now, try being of mixed race, in Florida.  Add to it being at that gawky age.  Factor in the fact that the victim identifies herself as a lesbian. The kid doesn’t have a chance.  Her life is a soap opera, then Kate Hunt comes along and literally destroys her life.

Like a true predator, Hunt groomed the child.  She manipulated herself into her victim’s life, basically separating a child who was still being sheltered and protected by loving, normal, apparently very good parents, from her life.

The child will never be the same.

Now, she must go back to school and face the kids there.  Girls that age are mean.  There’s a reason why they are known as Mean Girls.  That’s what they are.  Kate Hunt’s remaining friends in the school are going to be vicious, making her victim’s life a living hell.

The victim has been manipulated into thinking that Kate is probably the love of her life.  Her morals have been destroyed.  Her innocence is shattered.  Unless her parents take her far away from Florida, she’s never going to get a break.  The Hunts of this world are far too nasty and far too invasive.  If you  what Steve Hunt is doing to those who are writing about the story is bad, just wait until they continue to harass an innocent life and her family.

What I’ve described above is the best case scenario.  As for the worst case scenario, let’s not even go there, not right now.  This is a shattered, destroyed child who is going to need special love, therapy, and understanding, if she is to ever over-come what Selfish Kate did to her.  She will never again know a special sense of peace, thanks to the harassment of Predatory Kate.  As she grows into a young woman who has a right to find love, Manipulative Kate has already ruined that.  If the victim continues to speak out to the courts, she will discover the Wrath of Kate and the bullying, harassing tactics of her parents.

Kate’s victim’s life is basically now going to be a living hell.  There is no sentence strong enough for Kate Hunt to serve that will restore what she has destroyed.  In many ways, if you look at from my point of view, Kate Hunt is guilty of premeditated murder.  She has basically killed her victim’s future. Trust me, I know. I live with the shattered ruins of what I once was, on a daily basis.   Yes, you can get back who you once were, to a point.  But, you will never get back the lost opportunity to be something you should have been, but never became because of my life being so screwed up – for decades.

This is what Kate Hunt and her parents have done to her victim.  She is literally ruined, inside her soul.  The only way she will ever be able to piece together what she once was is through a higher power.  I found peace through Christ.  At times it is an uneasy peace.  But it is there – after four decades of searching for it.

Kate Hunt will never be able to pay for what she has done to her victim.  There is no restitution big enough.  No prison sentence stiff enough.  No time will be hard enough. People like Kate Hunt end up getting away with so many things.  They leave shattered in their wake.  M. Scott Peck calls them People of the Lie.  When you get right down to it, the only explanation for what they are is – evil.


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  1. What you just wrote is me. I was 15, of mixed race, and Vero Beach Florida when I met him.. He told me he was 18, but soon I found out he was 24. After a year of phone contact and thinking I was in love we had sex. I got pregnant, an std and a ton of other things happened. A year later I still thought I was in love when I found out he had been dating another woman for 3 years. I was basically a side person… I fought my parents tooth and nail and thought I was in love every minute. I went through everything you stated. Depression, suicide, substance abuse, abusive relationships etc I watched my mother cry in pain because I was hurting and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t date him. I’m 37 now and I have come to realize that he is a sick sexual predator. I started to realize this around the age of 25 after counseling. I can tell you just like the victim I fought my parents and snuck around just like her. I thought I was in love and so was he. Love isn’t late nights in a car, love isnt sneaking out at night, love isn’t dating someone else, love is patient, love is kind.

  2. This has left me in tears. I pray you are recovering. It is a life-long process. At least you are farther ahead of the game than I was at your age. Bless you. Thank you for sharing.

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