The Tea Parties Solution for America – Destroy Lindsey Graham


Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 8.50.57 PMOn Tuesday, The Pink Flamingo profiled Staff Sgt. Ty Carter, a true American hero if ever there was one.  I bring this up to contrast the cowardly cur actions of the Tea Parties, who pretend to wrap themselves in the flag of patriotism.  They spew forth platitudes about freedom, and pretend to worship the false gods they have created in the Founding Fathers.  They pretend to know all about the Constitution, and liberty but they know nothing about it.  I bring up Sgt. Carter because one of the hallmarks of a the extreme right ‘patriots’ elected by the Tea Parties, replacing good men and women who truly understand how this country works, is to cut funding for the VA, assistance to our military, and are truly harming our military.  They don’t give a damn about the men and women who have served and are serving our nation.  Instead, they do their best to try and destroy truly good and honorable people like Lindsey Graham, who has one of the finest reputations in the Senate when it comes to assisting our men and women in uniform.

Lindsey is being challenged by Richard Cash, a pro-fetus freak.  SC State Senator Lee Bright is a Tea Party freak who is an embarrassment to the state. Nancy Mace has at one time owned a questionable libertarian web site that has been known to promote, shall we say, sexually explicit material to which I will not link Like Chip Felkel said of Nancy Mace, she’s just not ready for prime time.   The NY Times quotes Bob Woodard, who says Cash has a chance.  In other words, Woodard, who was once employed by Lindsey – and no longer is – must be getting some cash from Cash.

Let’s face it Jim DeMint, the Koch Machine Whore is doing everything possible to make Lindsey’s life a living hell.  So is Rand Paul.  The problem is the fact that Lindsey is reasonable, honest, honorable, and has refused to sell his soul to the Kochs and the Tea Parties, which are one in the same.  Mace is a libertarian.  Lee Bright isn’t.  Richard Cash isn’t going to get very far at all.

Bright wants South Carolina to have its own currency.  He even sponsored a bill calling for a study of the creation of a state currency based on gold or silver.  He thinks that anyone enforcing Obama Care should spend a year in jail.  Like I said, he’s not all that bright.   He also:

  • High schools should teach students to shoot guns
  • Anyone forcing federal health care should get a year in jail
  • Banning public funding for abortion in case of rape and incest
  • He compared abortion to the slave trade
  • Opposed funding for rape crises centers
  • SC needs its own currency
  • All SC made guns should be exempt from federal safety regulations
  • Supports secession
  • Opposed Sharia Law
  • He believes women should be subservient to men in church and at home
  • Was the state chair for Michele Bachmann’s failed POTUS campaign

We don’t need another jerk in office who is affiliated with the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

The Three Far Right Stooges who are after Lindsey are not ready for prime time.  Lindsey has the money, and the brains, along with reason and honor.  The others are tea partiers.  Need we say more?


4 thoughts on “The Tea Parties Solution for America – Destroy Lindsey Graham

  1. Well, I reckon everyone has to have an obsession. Yours is the Koch brothers and the tea parties. Mine is dipshit liberals and getting rid of Lindsey Graham. He’s had his time to shine and now it’s time for him to go out to pasture…or like his predecessors, go to work for exorbitant salaries working for lobbies on K Street.

    Personally, I like Richard Cash. I believe he will do great things for SC and America.

    As far as some of Lee Bright’s ideas, what’s wrong with kids learning gun safety in school? I remember taking gun safety and learning how to shoot when I was in school in California back in the late sixties, early seventies.

    What’s wrong with a state having a back up currency based on Gold or Silver in case the fiat currency we currently have goes to hell?

    The feds have no business making anyone buy a product, including ObamaCare.

    As far as abortion…I think it’s a state’s rights issue, as is gay marriage.

    So you’re in favor of Sharia Law? You claim conservatives are misogynists and yet you ostensibly support one of the most misogynist religions in existence?

  2. What’s wrong with a state’s having a backup currency? The US Constitution forbids the coining of money by the states. And Mike, you may think Richard Cash will do great things for America, but if he is going to be anything like Jim DeMint, expect him to do absolutely nothing for the USA. He never introduced or sponsored a single bill the whole time he was in the senate…..Personally, my only criticism of Lindsey Graham is that he did not continue to stand up to the Tea Party the way he did in 2009. For awhile, in a spirit of compromise, he echoed their rhetoric, but this was a mistake because they stabbed him in the back…….I am sure the Tea Party will do everything in their power to primary Lindsey out and if they succeed, I doubt if they will even realize their mistake. With Graham South Carolina is represented on some of the most powerful senate committees. Rookies don’t just take over seats on those committees because they win a state election. They are chosen by the members of their party based on qualifications and expertise…..There is also mass hysteria in South Carolina based on a number of lies. It is true that Lindsey went along with the majority of republicans in the senate by refusing to sign Lee’s letter to defund Obamacare, which could mean shutting down the government. But he did sign Ted Cruz’s senate bill to defund Obamacare. If Lindsey were my senator I would be glad that he was willing to work with both parties to get something done. I would also be proud of him for not going along with the NSA paranoia, fueled by Fox News, which has been sweeping the country. The Tea Party is always saying they are going to take the country back, but that group never had the country in the first place. They may be appealing to people in South Carolina, but in most parts of the country they are coming across as childish, petulant, extreme and downright destructive to the entire political fabric of the United States. Yes, they want to take the country back – backwards. It cannot be done. No matter how wonderful one thinks the past has been, no ship has ever sailed on yesterday’s wind.

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