There’s Something About Syria


Picture 4Over the years, many different despotic little creeps have come and gone.  They’ve done truly nasty things, gassed their people, committed war crimes and just basically been a blight on society.  The United States rarely does much about it.  We don’t pay much attention to things unless there is a major humanitarian crises, when thousands upon thousands of refugees start arriving in camps where conditions are squalid, leading to death and disease.  Sure, people get upset when these snots gas their own, but not much is done about it other than some chest beating, and a few misc. complaints at the UN.

Why is Syria different?

Could it be oil?

There is no logical reason for a drumbeat for war when it comes to Syria.  It’s a civil war.  We allegedly don’t get involved in civil wars.  Frankly, here, this one isn’t a good idea.  Considering the mess that is Egypt and Libya, let’s sit this one out, and let the bad guys kill one another off, several at a time.

If we were living in a normal world, we could step in – but shouldn’t.  This isn’t a normal world.  The one force that is waiting to fill the vacuum of failed dictatorships is al Qaeda.  And – they are the enemy.  We know that they are actively working in Syria, so why on earth to we empower them, even more?  As nasty as it sounds, we did that in Egypt.  We did that in Libya.  Maybe I’m wrong, but what if this is about something else, entirely?

Right now, the US is sitting on so darn much oil we don’t know what to do with it.  Our tanks are full.  We’re pumping and fracking and refining so fast that a glut is being created.  When gluts happen, prices fall.  I swear they’re being artificially propped up so that the billionaires can continue to pocket their cash off shore, not pay taxes on it, and continue to impoverish we the little people.

There are certain individuals who are terribly over-extended.  These individuals basically control public opinion within the far right media, and own a heck of a lot of punditry in DC.  They also own certain power that be in DC, the ones who will vote to do a surgical strike or two against Syria, just to teach Assad a lesson or two – right?


David Cameron is saber rattling like crazy.  He needs to.  He’s in trouble.  Austerity in the UK is a dismal failure.  We know the current powers that be in Israel want it.  That means the far right in this country will want to do what ever the far right in Israel wants.   After all – it is Israel, and we must protect Israel even if it means destroying ourselves.  It’s the religious – conservative religious thing to do.

The Saudis want it.  Of course they do.  They make more money.

OPEC makes more money.

Everyone profits, except we the little people, who will now be paying more for higher gas prices, driven up by speculators, including the very billionaires who aren’t going to pay a damn in taxes on it.  They’re the ones promoting the attack – so they can get richer.

What if we are being fed a convoluted storyline by the media?  To me, it looks like this is more and more the case.  This isn’t our war.  If we get involved we take the side of al Qaeda, which doesn’t make a bit of sense to me.  Besides, as much as I don’t like petty despots, the replacement despot is even worse.

Let’s just follow the money.  Oil futures are way up. Gold is way up.  The rich are getting richer, and we the little people are going to be required to shell out more of what we don’t have to enrich them.

Yep, it’s business as usual.

It reminds me of my favorite Marx Brothers’ movie.

Right now, it looks like the media wants us to go to war.  No one, except for John McCain and a few others want us to.  Even Cameron is backing down a little.  So, what benefit does having a quiet little war with Syria do for the media?

Why are they promoting a war?


2 thoughts on “There’s Something About Syria

  1. This is something that needs to be handled by both the Congress and the UN. The use of poison gas is against International Law and the Geneva Convention. I am another one who doesn’t want us to get involved but the red line was drawn a year ago by Obama against the use of poison gas. Now, that they have used it, to be taken seriously he is going to have to back up his words. Iran and our enemies won’t believe a word we say if we don’t do something. Obama should have had some specific plans on what he would do before he made threats like this. How this is going to be handled is going to be interesting.

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