GOP Epic March on Washington Fail


imagesA PINK FLAMINGO DISCLAIMER:  In no way is the use of this photo, in conjunction with the GOP to be considered an insult to the stalwart Mephitis mephitis.  No insult was intended, and none should be taken by the fine, upstanding members of the animal kingdom.

Not only is the GOP the party of red, but they are a little red in the face, for being caught in a myriad of bald-face lies about the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. Not only did they get caught exposing their racism, but they got caught lying about it.

Maybe the most fun was Bill O’Reilly getting caught lying about the whole thing, and then forced to issue an apology.  He assumed Republicans were not invited.  ASS-U-ME?

“…Conservative commentators have had a lot to say over the last 24 hours about the fact that Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), the only African-American in the Senate, was not invited to yesterday’s March on Washington 50th Anniversary celebration. According to Bill O’Reilly, it was strange that “no Republicans and no conservatives were invited” to the event. As it turns out, that’s just not true….”

 According to Matt Purple at the Spectator, he took down his original post after learning that Senator Tim Scott, from South Carolina, and the only African-American in the US Senate, was, contrary to the lies being spread about town, invited to the event.  When he declined to attend, a source close to the senator said that he would then not be invited as a speaker.  In other words, the program was created around those individuals who were able to confirm that they were to attend the event.  If that isn’t a pile of pandering, I don’t know what is.  In other words, someone close to Scott lied about him not being invited. Then, to make up for their lies, they said that he was not invited to speak after he said he couldn’t attend.


Michael Steele was not invited to speak at the event because he was not a current party official or an elected official.

“…“But if I were the current chairman and hadn’t been invited, that’d be a different story,” he said. “If I hadn’t been invited, I would have forced myself on them.”…”

It’s too bad the current GOP chair did not feel the same way.  Oh, wait, he was doing something else.  Eric Cantor was meeting with lobbyists – oil lobbyists, pandering for money.  It seems like not one single Republican could be found to attend the affair  – not one damn Republican.    Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  Cantor has received around $600K from gas and oil so, we know where he stands on the issue.

Let’s see, John Boehner turned down an invitation.  So did Mitch McConnell.  Jim Sensenbrenner did not answer calls. But, Tim Scott did attend a church service Wednesday night, in Columbia.  Big fat hairy deal!  Evidently Boehner was fundraising in Wyoming.

It just gets better.  According to GOP officials, the organizers of the march were contacted by the GOP, but the organizers didn’t want to do what the GOP wanted them to do.  According to the GOP officials – NOT ONE SINGLE REPUBLICAN was invited.  Unfortunately, that’s not the truth.  Invitations went out to many Republicans, but evidently, no one told the RNC that.  Both Presidents Bush were invited, but due to health reasons declined.  Jeb Bush made a huge mistake by not attending.  Mike Huckabee turned them down.

And so  – we were treated to canards like this.

Weasel Zippers
Weasel Zippers

Never mind that every single elected Republican in the House and the Senate was invited.  Not one of them saw fit to even attend. But, that doesn’t stop the usual suspects from lying about it.   Like Donna Brazile said, for Republicans to try to make an issue out of ‘not’ being invited shows just how disparate they are.

Life News
Life News

Liar, liar pants on fire:

“...On August 9, a Scott aide replied to what appears to have been a form e-mail invitation sent to all members of Congress: “Thank you for extending to Senator Tim Scott the invitation to the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington on August 28th. Unfortunately, the Senator will be in South Carolina during this time, so he will be unable to attend the event. Please do, however, keep him in mind for future events you may be hosting.”…”

It gets better.  The Pink Flamingo has heard the invitations were hand delivered to each and every House and Senate office, just so that something like this would not happen.

Someone’s not telling the truth here.   Could it be someone out of Tim Scott’s office?


 “...On the August 28 edition of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly hosted Democratic strategist James Carville to discuss the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. During the discussion, O’Reilly complained that President George W. Bush was not invited to speak. O’Reilly later claimed that “[n]o Republicans and no conservatives were invited.” O’Reilly went on to respond to Rep. John Lewis’ statement that “we’re all in the same boat” by asking “Where’s the conservative side to that boat?”…”


The most fun has been watching O’Reilly retract his nastiness.

“…Bill-O never admitted that all Republicans had been invited to the event. The Republican decision to blow off the legacy of Martin Luther King was party wide, and a whole lot worse than O’Reilly let on. The entire congressional Republican caucus colluded to not show up. This wasn’t just a few leaders declining to speak. It was the whole party giving the King family and all Americans a big middle finger on the anniversary of an important date in U.S. history.

It is a piece of delicious irony that a serial misinformer like Bill O’Reilly is advising people to get their facts straight before they make a definitive statement. Bill O’Reilly wouldn’t know a fact if it bit him in the loofah….”

Joe My God
Joe My God

…Sen. Tim Scott, R.-S.C., the only African American serving in the United States Senate, wasn’t invited to the event commemorating the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s march on Washington, though a host of Democratic luminaries spoke on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

“Senator Scott was not invited to speak at the event,” Greg Blair, a spokesman for the South Carolina lawmaker, said in a statement to the Washington Examiner. “The senator believes today is a day to remember the extraordinary accomplishments and sacrifices of Dr. King, Congressman John Lewis, and an entire generation of black leaders. Today’s anniversary should simply serve as an opportunity to reflect upon how their actions moved our country forward in a remarkable way.”…”

The Grio
The Grio

“…The North Dakota Petroleum Council, by the way, is a lobby group that represents the state’s oil and gas industry. That’s what Cantor was doing on the day of the march. “They asked a long list of Republicans to come,” civl rights leader Julian Bond told MSNBC yesterday, “and to a man and woman they said ‘no.’ And that they would turn their backs on this event was telling of them, and the fact that they seem to want to get black votes, they’re not gonna get ‘em this way.” (Sen. Tim Scott, a Republican from South Carolina and the only black member of the Senate, said he was not invited to the march, though leaders say they invited every member of Congress.) Bond did credit Cantor for trying hard to find a replacement speaker, but, ultimately, the leader was unable to find a single Republican to attend the event….”

Red Alert Politics
Red Alert Politics

 “…ABC’s Rick Klein also reports that, after all of the other Republicans had blown them off, the event’s organizers invited Mike Huckabee, who said he couldn’t “rearrange things” like the radio show he put on during the event Wednesday, which could have been broadcast live from the event if Huckabee had wanted to. Minutes after President Obama concluded his speech on Wednesday, Huckabee did tweet out a song parody blasting First Lady Michelle Obama‘s efforts to get kids to eat healthier, so there’s that…”

There is nothing left to say, other than the GOP is digging itself deeper into a whole.  They’ve now officially pissed off:

  1. Women
  2. Blacks
  3. Hispanics
  4. Senior Citizens
  5. Young People
  6. Moderates
  7. Darwinists
  8. Military
  9. Immigrants
  10. Normal Republicans

It looks like the only ones left to vote GOP are poor, scared, little, white men who need free Viagra.  And – you wonder why I’m risking insulting skunks everywhere by changing the GOP mascot from the elephant to the skunk.



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  1. A fine way to get votes for the GOP – just ignore black people and kick brown people out of the country.

  2. ABC has confirmed that Tim Scott wasn’t invited to the ceremony. How many other “facts” are made up in this piece?

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