A Labor Day Treat


Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 5.25.23 PMSome brave soul recorded this on Friday in Kazan at the III International Kazan Autumn Open Air Opera Festival.  Let’s just say that I don’t know when I’ve heard Dmitri Hvorostovsky sound this good – well, he sounded this good back in June, but that’s been a few months.  It’s now September and the operatic world is starting to get started again.  Unfortunately our favorite Barihunk is only doing one stint at the Met this year, and it’s not going to be on HD.  (Don’t get me started on that one).

Go ahead and blame The Pink Flamingo for having a one track mind.  Let’s be honest about a few things.  There is ONLY one real type of voice and that it the baritone.  Yea, I’m pathetic, but what can I say, I’m a baritone junkie.  When that baritone is a Barihunk, well, so much the better.  I love the photo, from Trovatore, done in what is basically a ‘Regency’ setting.  Mr. Darcy eat your heart out!

Deal with it.

At about 21 minutes or so is enough to get us ready for Rigoletto.  The problem is picturing Hvorostovsky as Rigoletto.  It’s a bit like dealing with Sherrill Milnes doing Rigoletto.  It sounds good, incredibly good, but …. Rigoletto was a stunted, deformed soul.  There’s nothing stunted about the original Barihunk nor Hvorostovsky!

I know, it’s not very dignified to say that baritones rule and tenors drool, but what the heck, no one ever accused The Pink Flamingo of being dignified.  I tried it once but tripped over my own feet and fell flat on my face.

It’s Labor Day, so I am laboring.  I may or may not paint the wall going down the first level of stairs.  I may or may not paint behind the sofa in the living room.  I’ll probably paint under the bar dividing the kitchen from the dining room.  That’s the problem when you begin a chain-reaction fix-up.  The Hosier cabinet is finally refinished and in the dining room.  I had to round-up all my clear glassware to wash and put it in place.  This freed up two sets of bookshelves.  So, I can take the books that are stacked up in my entry, and put them on the shelves.  Once I do that, I may be able to start painting the entry.  I may, instead finally get around to painting the kitchen. It needs it, badly.  Like my agent told me, when I sent her a photo of the refinished Hosier cabinet, it gave new meaning to the term Pink Flamingo Bar!

P. S.  I did manage to find the margarita glasses!

So, if I paint the wall leading down the stairs, I must take down several dozen crosses, figure out how to unbolt the bookshelves from the wall, and dust the cat hair, paint, let it dry, and so forth and so on.





2 thoughts on “A Labor Day Treat

  1. My goodness! He is sounding particularly good (he as a rule does, but voices are living things — sometimes they are blooming and sometimes they go a bit dormant; he’s blooming right now).
    Many thanks.

    I think he’d be good for Rigoletto — it will be a good test of his acting ability; he should do wonderfully.

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