Jim DeMint’s Demented Epic Heritage Fail


imagesIt looks like those of us who have always thought that Jim DeMint was a total jerk, who would sell his soul for another donation, along with selling out his country and those who have worked with him, were right.  He’s nothing but a money-grabbing thug who will do anything, say anything, and betray anyone, to keep the cash flowing into his non-profits.  Let’s face it, this is the man who used white supremacist Jack Hunter (the Southern Avenger) who just ‘left’ Rand Paul’s staff, to ghost-write a book or two.

DeMint’s tenure at the Heritage Foundation is turning this once half-way decent organization into a partisan joke.  His latest comment, that providing health care for seniors and veterans is UnAmerican and Socialistic has basically broken the long held covenant to care for those who have given so much to protect this country.  Why should he care?  It’s not like he ever served his country, a day in his life, unlike Lindsey Graham, who has spent his entire adult life in the military, in some form or another.  Remember, the Heritage Foundation has always stood for protecting the rights of those have served this nation.  Now, the Heritage Foundation just stands right behind the military, to push them over a cliff.

He will do anything to destroy Obama Care, because that’s what he’s told to do by the Koch Machine.  You see, Jim DeMint is a good little Koch Whore.

“...Never mind that ObamaCare is based on a 1989 proposal by Stuart M. Butler at Heritage called, “Assuring Affordable Health Care for All Americans” — which included a provision to “mandate all households to obtain adequate insurance”….”

A battle is brewing in the House over the Heritage Foundation.  Evidently, since Jim DeMint has taken over, it has become so partisan and so dictatorial that something like 172 conservative House members have barred the Heritage Foundation from attending weekly meetings of the Republican Study Committee.  This is huge, earth shattering, in fact.  The Heritage Foundation has basically been kicked out of major policy meetings of the GOP.  Is it possible Republicans on the Hill are starting to wake up to the damage Jim DeMint and his associates are doing not only to the GOP, but also the country?

DeMint and his Senate Conservatives Fund had previously raised huge sums of money by picking on establishment Republicans, many of whom had conservative voting records. This relentless pursuit of ideological purity, financed by fat checks from conservative donors, alienated lawmakers from DeMint and his organization….”

Then, I saw this paragraph in the National Journal that made very sick sense to me:

“…To some conservative members, this was Heritage Action moving the goalposts, plain and simple. And they were furious about it. Members mumbled to each other about how it had become impossible to please these powerful outside groups, which are known to raise more money off Democratic victories than Republican ones. There was, as one Hill aide put it, “enormous discontent” among conservative members who were tired of feeling threatened by an outside group that existed as a parasite living off the Republican members of Congress….”

What if something like this were terribly and sickly true?

National Journal
National Journal

In a piece in Salon, Joan Walsh hits DeMint dead on by calling him the GOP’s destructive grifter.  What a perfect epitaph for the man who appears willing to do anything and destroy anyone, just to keep the donations coming in, folks.

“…There are plenty of signs of tension. When Congress reconvenes in September, DeMint’s Heritage Foundation staffers will no longer be welcome at meetings of the conservative Republican Study Committee, after decades of having a presence there, because of Heritage’s role in blowing up the farm bill.  Friday’s Washington Examiner reveals that the petition drive that goes along with the “defund Obamacare” campaign – dontfundit.com – is collecting “a million potential new donors” for the DeMint-founded Senate Conservatives Fund, even as polls show that the campaign is increasingly politically unpopular….”

DeMint has enraged the head of the US Chamber of Commerce for making threats not to raise the debt ceiling.  There are a number of Republicans in the House who are starting to complain about DeMint.  If he continues on his current path, not only is he going to cause humiliation for the GOP in 2014, but he will end up hurting millions of innocent Americans.  He is currently, also trying to destroy Lindsey Graham, by promoting three wannabes who can’t possibly win a general election.  That’s the whole idea, keep putting truly bad candidates in primaries, against normal Republicans, get the decent Republicans defeated, and then have the crap candidate lose.

Once the candidate loses, people like DeMint can go postal,  crying that they need more money to defeat the evil liberals.  It’s nothing but perpetual greed, fund-raising, and dishonesty. Oh, wait, isn’t that Jim DeMint?

Not to worry, Jim DeMint is now followed in the Senate by Ted Cruz, who may be even worse.

The Pink Flamingo wishes to note that by showing the photo of a stalwart and valuable member of the animal community, is in no way an insult to that creature.  No offense should be taken by members of the skunk community.  I am in no way comparing them to Jim DeMint.  I have too much respect, affection, and regard for skunks.


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