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Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 9.59.13 PMWhere does this all end?  Would someone please explain to me how the Republican Party, something I’ve spent my life building, working for, and struggling to help build, could come to such an inglorious and malignant end?  Oh, sure, logically and rationally I know exactly what has happened.  We’ve been betrayed from within by a bunch of men and women who don’t give a damn about the country.  All they care about is their little piece of the pie.

My first reaction on seeing this photo in TPM was to tear up a little. It doesn’t matter what your opinion of a strike in Syria is, or what your position concerning politics happens to be at the moment.  This is about a situation, nineteen years ago, where a handful of people in Oconee County, South Carolina decided we needed a decent Congressman in Washington.  We worked our hearts out to get Lindsey through a strange primary.  The long-term Dem had decided to bow out, with a huge war-chest and quite possible a girl friend or two.  The district had not seen a real change in years.  It was a free-for all on both sides.  Lindsey won.  During that time, one of our goals was to just have Rush Limbaugh mention how he was running, and what a good guy he was.  Now, though, the likes of Rush Limbaugh have made a mockery of the system and of the country.  Now, I cringe when Rush mentions Lindsey.  He is never fair, and has done a tremendous amount of damage among his brainwashed listeners.  It is just case in point about what has happened in the GOP.


Strange how things change.  Twenty years ago, I never thought that I would be cringing every time I even think about what is going on in the GOP.  I am absolutely embarrassed that I once thought the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Michael Medved, and the like were good for the GOP.  I always knew Laura Ingraham was a vile creature who did more harm than good, but I never in a million years thought that the others would betray good and honorable men like Lindsey, for a heck of a lot more than thirty pieces of gold pressed latinum.

From the Charleston City Paper:

“…As U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham continues to call for American intervention in Syria, an unusual coalition of war hawks and doves from both sides of the aisle appear to by lining up to oppose the president’s appeal to Congress ahead of possible military action. [Buzzfeed] CNN’s Peter Hamby profiles Graham’s bid for re-election, asking “Who can beat Lindsey Graham.” Hamby, who calls challengers Nancy Mace, Lee Bright, and Richard Cash “a trio of unpolished, lower-tier candidates” who are long shots against the veteran Graham, who’s become a fixture on the Sunday morning media circuit, as the P&C examines. [CNN, P&C]..”

Here’s the deal.  Right now, Lindsey has one of the biggest war chests in Washington.  If what I am hearing is true, that the GOP and the Tea Parties in particular are having to deal with the Brother’s Koch and their apparently very real cash flow problems, just who is going to pay for Richard Cash, Lee Bright, and Nancy Mace?  They’re not exactly rolling in the donations right now.  This is politics.  Hard money is the mother’s milk of the game.  You don’t have money and you don’t have a game. That’s the good news.

If your read Byron York’s hit piece, you would think Lindsey is DOA, that Trey Gowdy, who could beat him.  If you also pay attention to Byron York, then Jim DeMint, who is having some very real problems of his own, including the possibility of the Koch Kash Kow being slaughtered, is a conservative hero in the state of SC.  He may be to some, but people I know in the state can’t stand him.

BUT – the problem is that Ron Paul is sitting on a wad of campaign cash.  He has money to spend. This is the bad news.  Rand Paul has announced that he is refusing to support Lindsey for re-election.

Tea Party Express Email
Tea Party Express Email

So, the tea parties in SC have done their own little 99 thesis thing against Lindsey.  It reads like a conspiracy theory joke.  Let’s face it, these people are brainwashed jokes.

  • Graham’s support of providing weapons to “Al Quaeda / Muslim Brotherhood Revolutionaries in Syria,”
  • how Graham “[s]upported amnesty but not border control,”
  • how he supported “NSA spying on private American citizens,”
  • “abridging the First Amendment for those who criticize the government,”
  • “restrictions on the Second Amendment,”
  • “Obama’s drone program against American citizens,”
  • “subordinating American sovereignty to the United Nations,”
  • “giving foreign aid to terrorist governments in the Middle East,”
  • “granting members of the Muslim Brotherhood high level positions in the US government,”
  • “giving taxpayer money to international organizations,”
  • “giving taxpayer money for excessive foreign aid generally, not just to terrorist governments in the Middle East,”
  • “restricting the First Amendment rights to criticize Islamic radicalism,”
  • “Obama’s radical appointments to the Supreme Court,”
  • “liberal proposal to nationalize banks,”
  • “Obama’s energy taxes and Cap and Trade,”
  • “bailouts for financial institutions (TARP),” 
  • “bailouts for independent mortgage institutions (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac).”
  • Graham opposed “principled application of free trade policies,”
  • opposed“making Bush tax cuts permanent,”
  • opposed“President Bush’s conservative nominee from South Carolina to the Court of Appeals,” and “medical malpractice tort reform.”
  • The Tea Partiers also rip Graham for siding “with Democrats on government regulation to combat ‘climate change,’”
  • having “[p]raised Hillary Clinton’s prospects for higher office,”
  • having “[f]ailed to fight for President Bush’s conservative judicial nominees generally,”
  • and for criticizing “the South Carolina GOP for defending the Republican platform.”

Yes, they are that stupid and that ignorant.  If you are a reasonable person, the very things these brainwashed idiots condemn Lindsey for are the very things that make normal people want to support him.  In fact, if you want to read about his opposition, how abjectly insane and stupid they are, well, do so at your own risk – to your own sanity.   The most fun is that, apparently, the most vocal of the Lindsey haters don’t live in South Carolina.  BUT – they are Ron Paul & Rand Paul Bots!  The idiot promoting the anti-Lindsey stupidity is a true ‘liberty’ lover in the truest Ron Paul Bot sense of the word.

The far right is spending a heck of a lot of time doing the to be or not to be over Lindsey’s re-election.

“…So, Graham’s campaign may be centered on the inspirational theme that whether you like him or not, the other guy has flaws too, and judging by overall re-election rates, that might be all Graham needs to convince primary voters that he’s “their guy” again.

One would think that when an incumbent campaigns on the platform that they’re going to fix all of our problems, that Americans would step back and say, “But aren’t you responsible for a majority of the problems that you promise to fix?” They don’t. They usually say, “He’s trying,” when they’re asked to describe their vote in exit polls. One would think that, based on past performance, the one profession most Americans would try to avoid when electing their representatives would be lawyers. They don’t. Lawyers comprise about 43% of Congress. One would think Americans would press harder for term-limits, so that no politician would live with the career mindset that prompts them to form allegiances with other Congressman in and out of their party, thereby losing track of their constituents’ concerns. They don’t. Most campaigns to enact term-limits don’t even see the floor for a vote. One would think that while all of these concerns are not going to be at the forefront of every voter’s mind when entering the booth, at least some of them would. One would think that Americans would look at the blueprint for how this whole mess was created and say we need change, even if it’s large boat, slow turning change that takes generations, we need change. They don’t. They re-elect their representatives 90% of the time.

No facts or figures can better express this phenomenon than the 2010 midterm election. That midterm election was said to have displayed almost unprecedented levels of dissatisfaction, it was said to be an aberration by some, and a bloodbath by others. It involved an 85% re-election rate. When such modifiers are used to describe an 85% re-election rate, you get an idea of what the South Carolina Tea Party, and anyone that attempts to defeat incumbents that haven’t achieved a third of the notoriety Lindsey Graham has, are up against….”

What the tea parties are doing to Lindsey is just another in a serious of disasters planned by the tea parties.  On Tuesday, Matt Drudge declared the GOP DOA, and said that people had to either be liberal or vote libertarian.  It’s starting to make sense.  Like a few other brave, yet ‘foolish’ souls, Lindsey Graham has dared to cross Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has been heavily invested in by the Koch Machine.  He is pure, unadulterated, narcissistic ego.  So is his not-so-bright son, the dimwit Rand.  When you cross those, two, you must face the wrath of their brainwashed bots.

This is what revenge looks like. It’s the face of Rand Paul and Ron Paul.  It has nothing to do with Lindsey, who is one of the most honorable men in Washington.  It is about two very dishonorable men with a white supremacist streak down their back, evil plotting men who would do great harm to this nation.

I guess that says it all, right?



2 thoughts on “Tea Partying Lindsey

  1. In the coming election, it all boils down to these questions. Do you want a senator who represents all of the people in your state or do you want a mindless puppet, who takes orders from one noisy, ignorant, vulgar faction?

  2. This will probably be my last comment on your blog. I started reading it and added you on my blog roll because of the Kaitlyn Hunt fiasco. And because some of your posts are pretty good.

    But that being said, when I have to wait for two weeks for my comment to be moderated and your reply doesn’t even address my points, but is instead a mild ad hominem attack, I don’t see where it’s worth my time to keep reading or commenting on your blog.

    And as to your complaint about people who are trying to oust Lindsey Graham from his senate seat not being from South Carolina… You live in another state yourself. I do live here and as far as I’m concerned, Graham doesn’t represent my interests.

    Graham supports amnesty…I don’t because it’s patently unfair to all the people who do the right thing by applying legally. Also, the people who immigrate to the US the right way are more likely to assimilate into the American way of life. (For just one example of an illegal immigrant who refuses to assimilate, the Greenville News just had a story about an immigrant who was just arrested for driving without a license. He has lived here for 14 years, married another illegal immigrant, owns a business and still doesn’t speak English.)

    Graham supports the NSA spying program on American citizens. In his own words…” If you’re not doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about.” Well, that isn’t the point. It is contrary to the spirit of the fourth amendment of the constitution for the government to arbitrarily spy on American citizens without a specific warrant spelling out the parameters of the “spying.”

    The headlines are rife with stories coming out about the NSA’s misuse of their power.

    @ Jose Maria

    Lindsey Graham doesn’t represent all the people in our state. If you write him a letter or send him an e-mail, all you get is a form letter back and/or a request for a donation. The other senator, Tim Scott and our representatives in the Congress make themselves available to their constituents through town hall meetings and an open door policy for face to face meetings.

    Graham represents his own interests, even if they don’t coincide with the interests of his constituents.

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