Can Rand Paul Get Any Dumber?


Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 6.59.44 PMBARF ALERT:  Farther down in this article is a truly disturbing photo of Rand Paul.  If you are faint of heart or ill of stomach, please consider not reading the post.  It will truly make you either ill, or burst out laughing.  I should also put a spew alert here.

This stuff is just plain funny.  It’s so funny I want to cry.  We’re dealing with a spoiled, narcissistic little twit, who doesn’t have the cranial capacity of a sugared up two year old.  I am no fan of John Kerry, I never have been.  One of the reasons I give him the consideration of the moment, when he pleads so eloquently over the issue of Syria is because of his anti-war past.  He makes Rand Paul like like a stupid, ill informed, little jerk.    And, he is an ill informed, patronizing little jerk.

Is Rand Paul grandstanding over Syria to get a jump on Marco Rubio in 2016.  I never knew these  yahoos has a sense of humor.  A little inside baseball is needed here.  When Secretary Kerry says that he can review what he has on Syria in a classified briefing, he is baiting Rand Paul, well, he knows good and well, neither Rand Paul, Eric Cruz or Marco Rubio are capable of receiving a Top Secret security clearance.  Maybe we should be asking why they are not able to do so.  What is there in their past that prevents them from actually being able to serve in any real capacity on critical Senatorial committees and who the heck put them there?

“…“What I find impressive is that while he has only been here a short time he is immediately looked to by his colleagues and the media as a guide to what a huge chunk of voters are thinking,” said Billy Piper, a former chief of staff to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). “You may agree with his views or not, but at the end of the day he is thoughtful and clearly has the pulse of a large segment of the population.”..”

The problem with this, is the fact that I can’t quote what I’ve been told John McCain thinks of Rand Paul because I try to keep the blog family friendly, and don’t use that kind of language.  But, because I know the sentiments expressed by McCain, on Wednesday, when he read the little snot the riot act, I do agree.

Now I know why John McCain started playing poker.  The look on his face is just amazing.  Rand Paul is an uneducated, patronizing little shit.  This proves it.

Rand Paul has become what his father before him was, and what we all said he would become, a rank, foul smelling isolationist who doesn’t give a damn about this country.  He is a true libertarian.  For those of you who don’t understand his version of libertarian, let’s be succinct:

  • No post office
  • No Social Security
  • No Medicare
  • No Medicaid
  • No disability
  • No form of public assistance
  • Very little military
  • Private cops
  • Private sheriff
  • Private fire department
  • Private roads
  • Toll Roads
  • Private education
  • No public health access
  • No charity
  • No EPA
  • No restrictions on chemicals, dumping, fracking, pollution
  • No oversight of food safety
  • No CDC, or National Institute of Health
  • No Department of Education
  • No Department of Energy
  • No Department of Housing, Urban Development
  • No Department of Commerce
  • No government funding of science
  • No restrictions on gun sales
  • No rules governing clean drinking water
  • No rules governing the treatment of sewage
  • No National Park System
  • No national museums
  • No professional wild fire action – burn baby burn.

Get it – no rules.  He and his ilk see the nation in the terms of unbridled open market capitalism, like their version of the Wild West.  The problem with their version of American History, the frontier, and the Wild West is that it never existed.


John Kerry destroyed him on Tuesday.  The Right Scoop thinks he was ‘great’ in his questioning of John Kerry.  Evidently we weren’t watching the same fiasco.

Addicting Information
Addicting Information

And so, he spreads this you know what!


The problem with Rand Paul is the fact that he’s not the most honest bulb in the X-rated adult only theater marquee. He’s also incapable of expressing much in the way of honesty.  I guess what disturbs me as much as the abject lie of Rand Paul is the fact that he thinks it’s perfectly alright to kill anyone who isn’t a Christian, especially if they are Muslim.

One thing that Rand Paul has accomplished, from what I gather, is to have ticked off a few libertarians and Ron Paul Bots who are vets.  His arrogance is now being exhibited for everyone to see.  The combination of arrogance, narcissism, cunning, not being all that bright, lying, his father’s son, associate with white supremacists, skin heads, KKK, and doesn’t give a damn about women is terrifying.