Interesting, Rank Hypocrisy


Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 9.32.31 PMWere the Obama Administration, John Kerry, and John McCain influenced by an attractive young woman who was quite possibly a plant or even a ‘spy’?  Is it possible that Kerry’s dependence on her material will be the real great scandal of the Obama Administration?  Also, is it possible – we can hope – that paid lobbyists will finally be considered off limits when critical issues are being considered? (fat chance on that)

Did you know, that, in June, Ted Cruz wanted to storm Syria and capture the chemical weapons there.  Now, he’s dead set against it.  In April, Marco Rubio wanted to take out Assad.  David Frum, a neo-con is against any action in Syria, not because he doesn’t want a strike, but echoing John McCain and Lindsey, he wants a ‘fight to the end’.  That’s consistent.  Rubio and Cruz are doing nothing but grand-standing. New Mexico’s Steve Pearce supported GWB in Iraq, but forget this.  There is no end to the stupidity shown on FOX News.  Roger Ailes, who thinks he runs the country, is now making his own foreign policy proposals.  At least Michele Bachmann is consistent when it comes when it comes to Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood.  CNS News (and I am NOT linking) blames 72% of the casualties from the Afghan War on Obama!

As far as grandstanding is concerned, John Kerry is not innocent.  The WPost is giving him four Pinocchios when he falsely claimed he opposed the war in Iraq.  The Pink Flamingo has, this past week, detailed another statement Kerry has made, that doesn’t have the ring of truth to it.  I hate to say it, but he’s grandstanding as badly as the new conservative anti-war crowd.  Interestingly, Kerry and John McCain’s source on the rebels, Elizabeth O’Bagy was fired from her position on the Institute for the Study of War on Tuesday.  Rush says Obama is being played by Putin.  That’s the storyline the far right is using.  They need to be using the one about Kerry being played by O’Bagy, who was fired from her prestigious think tank job because she padded her resume.  She does not have a Ph.D.

Glenn Beck is now anti-war because war is too progressive.  Yep, Glenn Beck, thinker, patriot, Constitutional scholar, historian, political genius, and rank con artist, thinks that war is a progressive idea.  One wonders how he is going to manage to continue his worship of the David Burton version of the Founding Fathers, the Revolutionary War and his current anti-war philosophy.  Granted, the founding of this nation was extremely liberal.  It was not “progressive”, it was one of the most liberal moves in history.

“…“That’s why I’m against war,” he said, “because it’s a progressive idea.” The sentiments echoed those he expressed in a column on Monday in which he wrote, “I started researching and my eyes were opened to the fact that progressives were marching forward while regular liberals and conservatives were simply being used. That’s my pivot point and the main reason why I’m against war in Syria today.”

“The time for politics and party loyalty is over. Do your own homework,” he exhorted his readers. “If you just take the administration’s word for it (or John McCain or John Boehner or Lindsey Graham’s for that matter) that it’s ‘slam dunk’ case, I believe you are part of the problem. Likewise, if you are against it just because I said so but you really don’t know why – you are part of the problem too. You are stopping, dare I say it – progress.”…”

Does this now indicate he is renouncing his worship of Thomas Jefferson who felt that there was nothing wrong with war or revolution.  FYI, Jefferson also thought that there was nothing wrong with big government spending on science.  What is a bit fun is the following paragraph that truly pegs Beck.

Right Wing Watch
Right Wing Watch

Beck also considers John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and George W. Bush to be progressive. I suspect one reason is because they were willing to defend the country.  At least Lindsey and John McCain are two of the few Republicans who remain consistent when it comes to their military policy.

At least Rand Paul is consistent.  He’s taking credit for Obama’s diplomatic solution.  At least Ann Coulter is consistent in that she continues to play the race bating game when it comes to Obama, calling him Putkin’s Monkey.  As far as her Neo-Con standing, well, let’s just say she’s taking the same route as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Brit Hume, and all the other little far right conservative, ‘patriots’.  A year ago, Putin was the font of all evil.  Mitt Romney declared Russia to be everything that embodied evil.  Now, though, thanks to their abject and insane hatred of Barack Obama, it is becoming laughable.  They have ruined all credibility they have, with anyone but their brainwashed listening audience.

The same holds true for the usual anti-war members of the left, who are now supporting Obama.  Just crazy and inconsistent.

Yes, I am on the side of extreme caution.  The reason I’m on the side of caution is because this is a civil war.  We have no business getting involved in a civil war.  I like the idea of working with Russia and having a deal on the weapons, via an international court.  My reasoning is because we’ve apparently become the lap-dogs of AIPAC and the Israeli lobby.  Israel is one of the 7 countries, besides Syria, that has not signed on to the Chemical Weapons Convention.  If Syria is forced to sign, and surrender their weapons, this truly hurts Israel, putting them in almost a pariah status.

I am not one of those who thinks that Obama was played by Putin.  I think the two men worked together, with Barack Obama proving he is one of the few grown-ups in the room.   I think just the opposite has happened. Obama has played the far right for the hypocritical fools they are.  You only need to look at what is going on within the House to see that every thing Obama does is an excuse for these jerk   They are grandstanding Syria like a bunch of drama queens.   Its nothing but drama and obstruction.    They don’t care.  Apparently  all they can do is run out the clock which is truly weird.  Their governing philosophy, of obstruction is not governing, but a grave injustice to the country.  When people like Paul Ryan, who is now against military intervention after he was for it, in dominance in the House, don’t expect anything rational or honorable.

How Obama Was Really Played

Fire Dog Lake
Fire Dog Lake

The Pink Flamingo’s humble experience is, now that Elizabeth O’Bagy has been revealed to be a fake, and canned from her think tank job, you are going to see Dems, who voted to authorize the use of force, reconsider.  There are scandals that can do great damage to an administration.  This one could have legs.  It will eat into McCain’s credibility.  It’s not going to help Kerry, who has quoted and used her research, either.  She used her role, with padded academic credentials, to promote the cause of the rebel group she was paid to promote.

I would love to think that Elizabeth O’Bagy’s fake resume, and the con job on McCain and Kerry is what is responsible for the rank hypocrisy is what is causing the disturbance in the Force.  I’ve been critical of her role in the information provided to both men since last week.  Frankly, I’d love to know more about her background.  It might be interesting to discover what else doesn’t check out.  On her ‘fake’ resume she mentions that she has traveled extensively in Syria and worked with this specific bunch of rebels.  Well…. The problem with this is that we now know that this specific bunch of rebels is connected to al Qaeda.  The other problem, she could be lying to pad her resume. Why is she not being investigated by Homeland Security?

Just who is this young woman working for, anyway?

The information could change the entire narrative.



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  1. If you had watched the Senate on C-Span this week, you’d have thought it was amateur theatre. All those on the right that claim to know so much about history and the constitution, never mention that Thomas Jefferson fought two Barbary wars in the early 1800s without a declaration of war. He was given a resolution by congress similar to what Obama was asking for. Lindsey Graham was asking for a yes vote regardless of the changing situation. There may have been some method to the madness. Getting a yes vote would not necessarily mean that we are going to make a strike, but it would show that the US is united and will stand for no nonsense. A yes vote would have scared the pants off of all of our opponents in the middle east.

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