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2990788337_98dc95dafbRemember when Rush Limbaugh made fun of Michelle Obama for her emphasis on diet and healthy eating?  People had a right to eat what they wanted.  That’s true, unless you are poor. In some states, you must work or volunteer to do upward of 20 hours a week for about $134 a month in food stamps.  That’s about 80 hours a month.  When you consider that minimum wage is about $8, that’s about $640 worth of working, for ‘free food’.  Sorry, but there’s something terribly wrong when a person must do $640 worth of work for just $134 in benefits, and is then denigrated as a drain on society.  Looks like they’re the ones who are not exactly takers.  They’re actually being productive members of society, not exactly like the GOP whores who have managed to not only turn them into working for slave wages, but even make fun of them in the process.

We live in a strange world, don’t we?

Recently, a FOX news reader mentioned that there should be a stigma against someone getting food stamps and government services.  I gather someone who needs help should be held up to public ridicule and made as much fun of as possible.  Too bad they just strip those who need help naked, paint a target on their rear, put them in stocks, and let the real takers (those who are not paying taxes on the hundreds of millions they are stashing over seas) throw cat and dog turds at them. That’s where all of this is eventually leading.

TPM Roe doesn't look all that healthy, himself.
Roe doesn’t look all that healthy, himself.

And, so in our new compassionate, Ayn Rand world, where libertarian leaning far right whores want as little government as possible, they now plan to tell a person who does receive SNAP benefits, exactly what they will be allowed to purchase with those benefits.  Or at least it will be if TN GOP Phil Roe has his way.  He wants the same standards as Wisconsin and South Carolina have.  People need to eat ‘healthy’ and not eat junk food.   He wants the same standards as what is used in WIC, Women, Infant and Children.    According to Roe, who claims to be an obstetrician, healthy eating empowers families.  They will be healthier.  Well, if Roe bothered to read other information, he might discover that living in poverty, itself, and needing public assistance caused far more damage to someone’s health than unhealthy eating.

(And for the record, I do think that kids should not have sugar breakfast cereal, need foods with specific vitamin levels, and should have whole grains.)

What so-called libertarian dictators don’t quite even want to comprehend is the fact that when a person is on a limited income, their meal choices are extremely limited.  They don’t get to eat in the House or Senate dining rooms, and be wined and dined by their multimillionaire and billionaire pimps.  When one considers the fact that now, the foods WIC demand those receiving benefits use, are being tinkered with, by their corporate bean-counters, to not only rip-off the tax-payer, but force women to purchase items that are not necessarily  all that healthy.   But, manufacturers are adding new wording to products, hyping healthy benefits that are nothing but advertising.  People like Congressman Roe, who may be well-meaning, are going to end up starving people.

Ed Kilgore:

“...I haven’t read Roe’s bill, and don’t know if it does anything to make these “healthy food choices” more available, with, for example, expanded incentives for community food banks and produce markets. But for all the sugary talk from Roe, I suspect the support base for this bill is primarily punitive. Maybe it’s a sign of gradual progress that conservatives are fretting about subsidizing Cheetos rather than telling tall tales about food stamp recipients using their grocery store change to buy hootch like the Gipper used to do. It would be nice if it evolves further into a genuine interest in the health of working poor folks—you know, like those who would most benefit from eligibility for Medicaid….”

People like Roe are such fools.  Studies have shown that kids who come from low, middle, and upper incomes eat just about the same thing.  I gather the idea behind limiting what lower income children can eat is to further punish them, and limit their choices.  It makes the Congressional Hunger Center a joke.  Their motto is Fighting Hunger by Developing Leaders.   I hate to break it to you, but you fight hunger by people having decent jobs with a living wage.  Weird, isn’t it?



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  1. People have to eat what they can afford and that does not always mean the healthiest choices. This post reminds me that the next time I donate food to the church food pantry to try to choose healthier choices. It is so easy to pick up a box of macaroni and cheese that is on sale, but maybe we should substitute it for dried beans, apple sauce or canned vegetables.

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