Good Teen, Bad Teen, Good Parent, Bad Parent


Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 1.24.17 AMOne of the truly dismaying aspects of the entire Kaitlyn Hunt fiasco is the fact that there are still those who don’t comprehend the possibility that a pretty young woman who is all of eighteen can be a child molester who borders on the predator, grooming, then brainwashing, manipulating, and finally terrorizing her victim.  Pretty young things don’t do that.  Girls are innocent, sugar and spice, everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.  Never mind that there is a reason behind the term ‘mean girls’.

“…Twelve-year-old Rebecca Ann Sedwick had been bullied by a clique of 15-year-olds for over a year, after her brief romance with a boy. They taunted her at school and also online, urging Rebecca to kill herself. Her mom changed her school, cleared social media applications from her cellphone and, when Rebecca began cutting herself, took her to counseling. Her mom also checked Rebecca’s cellphone regularly, to make sure she wasn’t using any social media, and the girl seemed to be getting better….”

I swear there are kids who are ‘born bad’.  There is a chilling 1956 movie with the title The Bad Seed.  If you haven’t seen it, I recommend that you do.  It is based on a novel by William March.  The child, Rhonda, is the granddaughter of a serial murder.  March implies that some people are born with ‘bad’ genes – just plain old born evil.

“…Psychologist Robert D. Hare, who argues that the evidence suggests psychopathy is an inborn trait, discusses The Bad Seed in his 1993 non-fiction book Without Conscience. A lengthy quote from the novel opens Hare’s book, describing in March’s words how most decent individuals are not by nature suspicious and thus unable to understand or anticipate the acts of evil and depravity that some people are capable of committing. Later in his book, Hare argues that March’s novel is a “remarkably true to life” portrayal of the development of psychopathy in childhood, illustrating both Rhoda’s callous use of others to serve her own ends as well as Christine’s growing helplessness and desperation as she realizes the extent of her daughter’s behavior…”

The character of Rhoda was a psychopath.  (NOTE:  The following comes from the exhausted brain of a writer who is still editing my first murder mystery, with the bad guy being what I hope is a text-book psychopath.)  From what I’ve been able to find, the latest thinking is that it is entirely possible that psychopaths are born that way.  Sociopaths are those who become what they are due to a head injury or abuse.   I suspect the current argument is going to be how to help kids like this.  We also need to leave out any spiritual or religious discussion about the nature of evil and if people are all born evil.  That is beyond my pay grade.  Let’s just say I’m not much of a fan of Original SinI can handle the Catholic version, but basically can’t go for the Calvinist doctrine of total depravity. I am an Episcopalian, so I will hang with the Anglican version.

Before we go any farther, dealing with sin and the capacity of evil, since I am and Episcopalian, and we do tend to go with either the Bible or C. S. Lewis (a joke) I can’t help but add the following:

“...In an interview entitled “Aliens Are My Brother”, granted to L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, Father José Gabriel Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory, stated: “In my opinion this possibility (of life on other planets) exists”; “intelligent beings, created by God may exist in outer space” and “some aliens could even be free from original sin” concluding “there could be (other beings) who remained in full friendship with their creator”.[90][91][92][93] The idea that on other planets beings could exist in an unfallen state was explored by C. S. Lewis in his novel Out of the Silent Planet.

And on 5 March 2009, Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, another astronomer working at the Vatican Observatory, told the BBC, in relation to the search for Earth-like worlds about to be embarked upon by the Kepler Space telescope, that “we Jesuits are actively involved in the search for Earth-like planets. The idea that there could be other intelligent creatures made by God in a relationship with God is not contrary to traditional Judeo-Christian thought. The Bible has many references to, or descriptions of, non-human intelligent beings; after all, that’s what angels are. Our cousins on other planets may even have their own salvation story – including other examples of the incarnation of the second person of the Trinity. We are open to whatever the Universe has for us.”…”

Okay, so now that I have indulged the not-so-closeted Trekkie in me, we can get back to my regularly scheduled post.  Forensic Psychotherapist, John Kelly has said that not all children who are sexually abused will grow up to be killers, but every serial killer they’ve studied has been sexually abused in some way.   Kelly contends that, for a person to become a serial killer, it begins at birth, and continues via abuse until a monster is born.

“...I’ve yet to interview or write about a serial killer that I believe has not been sexually abused as a child. Yet, as many researchers point out, there is a lot more to the wiring making up the hard-drive of a serial murderer than sexual abuse. There’s also the sociopath gene a serial is born with and cannot escape from no matter how much therapy or counseling or emotional inventory one does early in life. Without empathy (a byproduct of being born without that so-called “sympathy gene”), without a feeling of remorse or feelings of love, how can a child grow into a productive human being involved in healthy relationships, someone who understands that to hurt another person is wrong? It’s just not possible. A valid testimony to the lack of empathy serial killers exhibit can be heard in the self-styled confession Dennis “BTK” Rader gave on June 27, 2005. While talking about several murders he committed, the coldness, the icy tone and apathetic, casual character of Rader’s voice proves that this man, sounding as though he is talking about washing his car, had no feelings whatsoever for his victims — and not, likely, because he didn’t want to, but those feelings of sorrow and compassion just weren’t there….”

All of a sudden, we are back to Kate Hunt’s jail cell.

“…Without empathy (a byproduct of being born without that so-called “sympathy gene”), without a feeling of remorse or feelings of love, how can a child grow into a productive human being involved in healthy relationships, someone who understands that to hurt another person is wrong? It’s just not possible….”

This is what Steven and Kelley Hunt Smith have done to their oldest daughter, now aged 19, rotting in a jail cell, while they are out partying, spending the money they allegedly raised for her legal defense.   It takes me back to my theory that Kate Hunt is a narcissistic sociopath.  It also reinforces my theory that the young woman was sexually abused as a child.  Rarely do those of us who were abused as children become pedophiles.  But – a person must basically be abused as a child in order to morph into one.  This is where we are with Kate Hunt.

Getting back to my statement that not all people are born good, I sincerely believe this to be fact.  Not all teens who are bad are born evil.  Some are just terminally stupid in their choices.  Not all ‘bad seed’ kids are a product of abuse or even injury.

I go back to someone I have known who was raised with every possibly advantage, other than coming from a broken home with a mother who was probably a little lower than the Hunt-Smith social class.  She died a drunk as did her father and grandfather before her.  Born without any advantages, she attracted the attention of a handsome young rich kid who decided to give her every advantage.  He was forced to leave her when he caught her entertaining her numerous male friends, with the babies in the same location.  Their three children were raised by their grandparents. They went to church and Sunday School every week.  They were sent to an excellent private school.  They were raised with morals and standards.  There was no tough love, no abuse, only pure, absolute love.  One was murdered (an under cover cop).  The youngest is a normal person doing the normal thing of trying to survive, the same way the rest of us are.

The middle daughter – well that’s another story – and we will leave it at that.  She has left a small army of divorced, broken husbands, abandoned children, abortions, and moving up to the next big score.  Several years ago she disappeared.  I suspect she has met her fate.

Another young man was also raised with every possible advantage.  His older siblings are normal people Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 1.23.48 AMliving normal lives.  He has wanted to be a con artist, but could never make it.  He could also never make his life’s ambition of being a drug mule. He wasn’t bad enough.  If kids raised are an example of what he truly is, then, he’s not a bad seed, just his own worst enemy.

Then there are the bad girls.  Pretty little things who have no problems destroying and ruining lives, just for the fun of it.  Are they psychopaths, narcissists, evil, or in with the wrong crowd?

Take Kate Hunt, for example.  You might argue, but she was a cheerleader, popular, bright, and pretty.  How can she be evil?

  • Her father has a history of anger management abuse, lost jobs
  • Her mother has a substance abuse issue
  • She was sexualized at a young age
  • Her younger sister is also hyper-sexual
  • Hyper sexual at their age indicates being the victim of a pedophile
  • Kate stalked her victim
  • She groomed her
  • She manipulated her
  • She brainwashed her
  • She separated her from her family
  • She destroyed the child’s relationship with her family
  • She destroyed the innocence of the child
  • She sexually abused her
  • She then threatened her
  • The child is completely brainwashed against her family
  • Kate’s mother helped manipulate the victim
  • She is being defended by an increasingly apparent minion of pedophiles
  • Kate willingly destroyed the innocence of a child
  • Her parents assisted in defending her
  • Those defending her have no qualms about destroying the innocence of a child

When it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, lays an egg like a duck, and swims like a duck, well it’s a duck.  Kate Hunt is a pedophile.  She has all the earmarks of having been turned into one by being the victim of one – herself. When you realize that those defending the family the most see nothing wrong with the victimization of and sexual abuse of a 14 year old child, then you realize that, yes, it’s a duck – a pedophile.

In Kate’s case, it is because of her parenting.  There is no other possible excuse or reason.  There is no other logical possibility.  Yes, that makes her a victim, herself.  She has been so completely damaged that she has the following traits:

  • No empathy for her victim
  • No feeling of remorse
  • No feeling of love
  • No sympathy

There is no way this young woman, without a life-time of therapy can even remotely turn this severely damaged young woman into a viable member of society.  There may still be time to help her younger siblings but only if they are taken away from their parents.

Kelly Smith Hunt Facebook
Kelly Smith Hunt

And oh, what parents they are.  Kate hasn’t been languishing in jail a month before her mother took the money raised to help her daughter, and went off to the Islands on a girl’s weekend off!  Then, the pose may say it all.  She’s going for the Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous Trailer Trash Wives of Vero Beach.

With luck, someone will intervene and save this young woman from herself.  If not, she’s going to be one of those tragic tales you see on a made for TV chick flick move, or profiled on ID.  She’s a statistic.  Let’s just hope that the Smith child is her only and her last victim.

Kate Hunt does not suffer from Ephebophilia.  I think the fact that she has also been in a relationship with a 27 year old woman solves that little mystery.

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