John McCain’s Pravda Problem


200px-Fonzie_jumps_the_sharkThe other day, when The Pink Flamingo read that John McCain planned on writing a scathing rebuttal to Vladimir Putin’s NYTimes Op-Ed, well, no big deal.  I would expect something like that.  But – when I read that it was going to be in Pravda, I was forced to wonder if he even knew what Pravda had morphed into, since the fall of the USSR?

In a way, it is just way to funny, and just terribly poetic.  I just hate seeing John McCain being dragged into the proverbial ‘commie’ trap.   In so many ways, the GOP has never been able to evolve out of their Cold War mentality.  I see it, constantly, now that I no longer march lock-step, doing the Zombie Fox Cult Brainwash thing.  Once you walk away from these people, you are a communist, socialist, leftist, and a ‘commie’.

Yes, they are that out of touch.  It is rather ironic, considering the way the FOX, extreme libertarian right now thinks that Putin is the leader of the Free World rather than Barack Obama (who is of mixed race lineage, if you’d not noticed it before now).

It makes a heck of a lot of sense.  In less than a generation, less than a decade, Russia has morphed from a so-called socialist worker’s paradise into the perfect example of Ayn Rand’s libertarian paradise.  Russia is no longer communist. It is every libertarian’s dream come true, a libertarian capitalist mecca. There are more billionaires in Moscow than anywhere else in the world.  No where else in the world can two opera singers sell tickets for a concert at a thousand bucks a pop and have a total and complete sell-out, with a five million dollar pay day apiece.  There is THAT much money in Moscow.

Oh, yes, it all makes sense.  It makes perfect, logical – Vulcan logic – sense.  Libertarian, capitalist Russia is everything Ayn Rand envisioned.  NOTHING matters but money and making money.  People who worked their lives have been swept aside, many very well educated scientists, engineers, physicians, teachers  (you know – the educated thinkers) have been basically unemployed since the fall of the USSR. They aren’t needed.  You don’t need brains in a libertarian capitalist paradise, only a Machiavellian need to make money, no matter who is destroyed in the process.

Oh, it makes a heck of a lot of sense. Freedom is still a relative value.  When dealing with a libertarian capitalist billionaire’s paradise, it all depends on the definition of freedom.  I suspect the far right version of ‘freedom’ is more in keeping with the new Russian version, than it is the freedoms envisioned when this country was founded, but that does explain the love affair with Putin.

Now, poor John McCain has been caught in their reactionary trap.  When I noticed that he was penning an Op-Ed for Pravda (which they deny) I just shook my head.  The poor thing doesn’t realize that today, Pravda is a cross between the worst of the tabloid Wally-World check-out counter trash and World Net Daily, with a touch of tacky Brit tabloid thrown in, for good measure.  It is like reading about how Bigfoot Stole Princess Diana’s Body and Turned Her Into a Love Goddess.  The articles in it are so bad, even those of us who love the tackiest crypto stuff and can’t wait to see how many alien love-children Elvis has fathered, can’t believe what is published.

When one considers what is published in today’s version of Pravda, well, you need to know that the USSR version died not long after the USSR died.

It’s a damn commie plot.

The problem is the GOP, today, just doesn’t quite comprehend the fact that communism is as dead as the Dodo.  So is socialism, basically. Sure there are pockets of annoying despots, but that’s not really about an ideology as much as it is a nasty little snot who needs to be taken out with a rocket up his tushie.

I know, it does remind one of the Koch Brothers, doesn’t it?

I don’t know which is sadder.  I do know that I’m getting sick and tired of ill-informed, reactionaries thinking that the best insult is to call someone a socialist, communist, or liberal.  Don’t they know they are using epitaphs that died when the Cold War ended?


2 thoughts on “John McCain’s Pravda Problem

  1. Unfortunately while communism is “dead, Jim”, there are still those who have blind faith in it — as long as they are given a megaphone, then there is great danger that their equally deluded, reactionary opposition will not only get a megaphone of their own, but be listened to and considered wise.

    And I couldn’t comment on your Syrian articles, but yes, indeed it is sizing up very much like W’s predicament with Iraq (and the backstabbing comes from without his own party as well as from within; they in a sense are willing to betray their president and play Russian, hah!, roulette with their country for political reasons…what I would consider the most vile of treasons). Unlike you, I do not much care for Obama, but he is the president, and he hasn’t been the evil incarnate many have painted him as (in some regards he hasn’t even been as incompetent as has been rumored), so I will give him props where they are due…but I am afraid he may be trusting the wrong advisors with this one. And of course, this also is something the country will be invested in the outcome of…I would prefer that our leaders and advisors worked for the homeland rather than their special interest groups, no?
    Now, Assad, like Saddam, is not someone I would shed tears over, but the President most definitely is not being given the full and objective intell. This is likely for political as well as money/corruption reasons. However, there is one big difference: Iraq was “doable” to a certain degree…Syria is a trap (a trap in both the interventionist and isolationist categories — there is no right answer or good decision here, only perhaps the less incorrect and potentially less of a disaster). This civil war has very many outside interests who are active — we shouldn’t get involved with the civil part of it, but we must be mindful of who the outside players are…all of them…just as it was in Iraq.

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