Libertarian Arrogance & Sense of Entitlement


ron_paul_tin_foil_hat-256x300“…“It’s ridiculous that I have to get permission at a public institution, getting public dollars, to ask for something like this.”

What is wrong with libertarians?  Let’s face the fact that they are their own worst enemy.  One of the best examples I’ve seen, in ages, is Robert Van Tuinen.  He’s a good little Ron Paul Bot who was trying to prove a point.  What he did, along with the far right media, is demigod an issue, berating and defaming individuals in the process.  Did he have permission to video them?  What he showed is that he was not being treated badly.  Instead, he was treating those he encountered, quite badly.  His bio says that he spent four years in the Army.  Yet, according to the cop, who was trying to help him, he was not in control of his facilities, was shaking, and quite incapable of rational discourse. This man had no business in the military.  He’s not rational.  Then again, please, show me one Ron Paul Bot who is.

Robert Van Tuinen, an 25 year old student at Modesto College is a good libertarian who loves the Constitution.  Like most good libertarians he appears not to give a damn about the rules. When he was prevented from handing out copies of the Constitution, he made a big deal about it, and went to the usual far right sources.  From the way it has been played, it is rather obvious he was trying to make a statement and make trouble.  So, now he’s going to one of those liberty loving free speech organizations in order to prove his point.

What is missing in the entire argument is the following:

“…Modesto Junior College Public Relations Marketing Director Linda Hoile said the school could have handled the situation better. “I wish he had filled out forms and it would been a non issue,” Hoile said…”

Also, rather fascinating, with the exception of the local newspapers, is the fact that he never bothered to get permission to hand out his project.  He never bothered following the rules.  Everyone else does, but because Robert Van Tuinen is a libertarian, working on the cause of liberty, he evidently feels that his sense of personal liberty – read arrogance and entitlement, does not require him to play by the rules.  Rather ironic is the fact that, with the exception of local papers, every other ‘conservative’ publication has used the very same article.  He’s part of students for liberty.  He admires Ron Paul.

What is so wild is the transcript of the little Ron Paul Bot’s YouTube video proves what a total ass he is.  The irony is that the best version of what happened comes from InfoWars.   He never bothered following the college rules.


If you watch the video, you will see that the little jerk is trying to do a set-up.  He’s a nasty little shit, if you listen to him.  He doesn’t comprehend that there are rules and regulations.  The cop said that the guy was shaking and not in control of his emotions.  He was trying to get the little jerk to understand that there were rules and regulations.  The cop said that he came to cause a problem on campus.  The cop was trying to help him.  He didn’t want to fill out the paperwork.  They told him he had a right to hand out the Constitution, but refused to play by the rules.  He treated the people in the offices like a jerk.  They were not trying to prevent him from handing out the Constitution.

It is an interesting tale and a fascinating video, well worth watching.

From the local Modesto Bee:

“…We urge MJC to complete its internal review of what happened and offer a full explanation to the public, although by that time the only people who may care are those of us in and around Modesto. Here’s what we do know: MJC has a good record of allowing free speech in designated areas and hosting speakers representing a variety of views. If one security officer erred, that does not reflect the culture of the entire campus…”

Of all the tawdry tales illustrative of the mind-set, arrogance, and narcissistic sense of entitlement endemic within the entire Ron Paul Bot cottage industry of wild and wacky freedom loving zealots who know nothing about the Constitution they claim to adore, this may be the best.  Quite frankly, I can’t get past the fact that people are defending this guy, who is clearly, a James O’Keffe wannabe.  Once you watch his obviously hidden video, it is obvious what Robert Van Tuinen did was probably illegal.  In the state of California, if he did not inform the parties he was recording, it is possible he violated the law.  It is also rather obvious, that, as a journalism student, Von Tuinen was going to use his surreptitiously recorded video for what he considered journalistic purposes.

No one seems to have picked up on the fact that he was promoting an organization, a club, for students.  It was also obvious he was unwilling to play by the rules for establishing such an organization.  If you closely listened to the woman who issued permits for ‘free speech’, if he was handing out copies of the Constitution as a private citizen, on his own, there was no problem.  Because he was trying to establish a libertarian club on campus, he violated the rules.

For some strange reason Ron Paul Bots, and libertarians in general think that, because they are libertarian, and think they know the Constitution, they have a right to trample the rights of others, and hide behind the Bill of Rights. Smugly, they think that because they think the know what the Bill of Rights is all about, they can trample over the rights of others.

Sure, they can, but it is not the way you win friends and influence people.  There’s a very good reason why normal people have no respect for these people.  They are rude, arrogant, and basically unbalanced.  They are also terribly immature.  Van Tuinen is a twenty-five year old, who served four years in the US Army.  That should make him a man.  Instead, he acted like a spoiled, willful, nasty little brat.

Oh wait – that makes him a real Ron Paul Bot!  If he had acted like a grown-up, he would have won friends and influenced people.  Sure, he has gained a few minutes of fame from the likes of Alex Jones and Glenn Beck.  In Modesto, evidently, what he did was so irrelevant, no one has even bothered making a comment in the local news.  Perhaps that shows how pathetically out of touch the libertarian movement is.  Only those who are involved really give a damn.  The rest of us don’t.


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