What If Cruz Ruined the Tea Instead of Brewing More?


imagesWhat happens when the majority of Republicans do not approve of what the far right tea party phonies in the House and Senate are doing to the country?  What about the fact that only 22% of the American people agree with the tea parties?  Do far right Koch Whore Republicans in the House and Senate think that they are ‘representing the will of the people, or just their billionaire pimps?

According to Gallup, tea party support is near a record low.  And, those numbers are before Ted Cruz made an ass of himself reading Green Eggs and Ham, and mangling US History.   Right now only about 22% of Americans support the Tea Party and at least 27% of us are completely opposed to it.   These numbers are a very big deal.  They show just how abjectly out of touch the GOP is today, and why pandering to the far right, even if the Koch Brothers are footing the bill, may just cost a few of them their jobs.  After all, it is about the likes of Charles & David Koch and the class war they are waging against we the little people.

The internals show that right now Republicans just don’t really give a damn about it, one way or another.  That alone is not a good thing for the tea parties.  It also shows that Republicans don’t care about the tea parties and that the tea parties don’t give a damn about the GOP or the USA. If they did, they wouldn’t be doing things that would put our credit rating at risk or slow economic recovery.


There are those in the GOP, who are starting to realize that far right goons like Ted Cruz are starting to hurt the GOP.  If half the people in the country could care less about it, that’s an interesting thing.  Let’s face the facts that Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, etc are pandering to the 22% and not the 59% of the country.  Doesn’t something seem a bit odd here, out of place, a little insane?

“...It is, however, exactly what the cult of the selfish is seeking. It wants an America without community, where everyone is out for himself. Alone. Self-seeking. Self-dealing. In that world, the CEO who succeeds did it all by himself—no credit should be given to dedicated workers or community tax breaks or federal copyright protections. Similarly, in that world, the worker who is laid off has no one to blame but himself, not a crash on Wall Street, not the failure of a CEO to properly market products, not a technological transformation…”

So, now they want to shut down the government, and completely stop, stunt, and do great harm to financial growth and what’s left of this nation’s financial recovery.  We’ve been held hostage to the tea party’s demands for lower taxes for billionaires, while playing class warfare with everyone else.  This is about the Charles & David Koch implementing their hard right, John Birch style of bigoted, anti woman, anti growth, anti American form of patriotic government.   Let’s face it, what the Kochs want, they now get.  Somewhere along the line, we’ve had a quiet little coup.  This nation is no longer a representative democracy. It is a Kochtocracy, made by and for the Koch Brothers.

“...Cruz’s views are echoed by the most racist, xenophobic, homophobic, violent, and ignorant of people who are involved in politics, as illustrated in these examples just from the last few weeks here, here, here, here, and here. So while King doesn’t want to upset these people any more than he already has, let’s just call them out for what they are; uncultured, uninformed, shallow, naive, obtuse, dense, unenlightened, and possibly illiterate cretins more concerned with the bullshit they’ve been fed all their lives rather than facts and reality. Debates on the merits of policies are wonderful, but with these people there is no debate. It will be a fine day indeed when the Tea Party movement sputters and dies and leaves behind only the lessons it taught the rest of us and the one or two positive viewpoints it expressed, like distrusting career politicians who work for interests other than those of the people….”

To make matters worse, the supporters of people like Ted Cruz aren’t the nicest people in the world.  Case in point is what they’ve done to Peter King.  They are rude, crude, and socially unacceptable to anyone but themselves, and the Koch Whores who fall in their knees before them.

Welcome to the Tea Party Nation.




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  1. Cruz has been exploiting the Sarah Palin crowd- the ignorant, vile and angry. first he demands all republicans vote no cloture. He wastes a full day with a faux filibuster, then demands that the senate return and hurry up to do what? He has guaranteed a government shut down. Now he thinks he can orchestrate the outcome of the mess he and his tea party buddies created. I’ll bet Princeton and Harvard would like to separate themselves from this loon.

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