Drunk & Disorderly in the House


imagesRemember the old song, what do you do with a drunken sailor?  Well, what do you do with a drunken Congressman?

Like a friend told me, if you show up to work drunk, you get fired.  Drinking on the job is also a way to get fired.  There are reports that certain Republicans were literally drinking, not only in the caucus rooms, but on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Word is just now starting to filter out, into the real world, that, on Saturday night, numerous Republicans in the House of Representative were almost falling down drunk on the job.

I am still trying to comprehend what went on Saturday night, when the tea parties passed out the booze to get Republican members of the House of Representatives to vote for the hard-core Koch based agenda that will basically destroy our economy.   Was the agenda so bad they had to get drunk, in order to stomach passing it?

Evidently C-Span covered the entire scene.  When the videos get out, it’s going to be hard for these guys to defend themselves against political ads?

According to Ginger Gibson of Politico, she could smell the booze as members of the House walked off the floor.

There are reports that several Republican members of the House made passes at Democratic women.  Those covering the incident said as the evening wore on, GOP behavior became more and more irrational, belligerent, and over-the-top.  Not only this, but they decided to put a conscience clause in the spending bill, which basically takes away any preventative care from women which includes birth control.

Reports are that John Boehner was terribly drunk.  John Culbertson from Texas was out of control.

In other words,  it looks like the ALEC – Koch based agenda is so hard to stomach, that, allegedly, over half the Republicans in the House of Representatives was drunk on Saturday night.  Why would the tea parties pass out so much booze?

There have been some dark days in the GOP, but this is one of the worst.  Let’s face the fact that anyone who was voting on the floor of the house, and drunk, ought to be forced to resign.  Is this what tea party ‘patriots’ consider acceptable?  Is that they want so deplorable, so vile, so destructive that Republicans, formerly good, honorable and decent people, must literally be destroyed, in order to vote for the Koch Agenda?

Too bad not a single one of them has the courage to step out of the shadows and expose the Koch Agenda.