It’s So Easy For the Free Kate Crowd to Ruin Lives


Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 1.24.17 AMOne of the problems with the Kaitlyn Hunt abuse defense is the fact that there are those who seem to think that, because Kate is a pretty 18 year old, white teen that she’s not capable of evil.  I suspect that’s what the  mother of Isabella Guzman, another very pretty 18 year old though.  She stabbed her mother 79 times, eclipsing Lizzy Bordon’s 40 whacks.

It’s difficult to think of a pretty, young, blond, all-American, cheerleader type being evil.  I think that’s the problem.  Kaitlyn Hunt does and says all the right things, knowing how to pull the right heart-strings, and pander for the right attention.  And – she’s had all of that.  It’s a shame.  Now that the Hunts’ lovely little world is collapsing around them, one wonders what they will do.

If I were a member of the LGBT community, I suspect, I would be outraged over the way the “FreeKate” crowd is manipulating and using a human rights cause to promote what can only be referred to as a pedophile agenda. They have hijacked an agenda and turned it into a fiasco. If I were a lesbian, I would be outraged with the manipulation of a cause.  The story has been manipulated to the point where many individuals who have supported Kate Hunt have turned on her.

Evidently Kate’s story has been taken up by the sex offender crowd.  Interestingly, there is one faction that wants the book thrown at her, for equality of the genders.  Also there has been a major backlash against her from the LGBT community.

What is rather fascinating is that the mother of another girl, caught with the same problem as Kate Hunt, is one of the Hunt’s advisers.

“…Anthony, who says she has spoken to the Hunt family on several occasions, believes state prosecutors targeted her daughter, claiming the officer who arrested Johnson was also the victim’s soccer coach. More importantly, though, Anthony contends that accepting the plea deal prevented her daughter from telling her side of the story to a judge and correcting allegations Anthony says were false.

“You have no right to fight anything once you’ve pled guilty,” says Anthony. “The [court] only hears the other side.”

Because of this, Anthony has been vocal in encouraging the Hunt family to reject the plea deal, a relatively uncommon tack in age-of-consent cases. And while she recognizes similarities between her daughter’s case and Hunt’s, she’s also taken note of the overwhelming social media support for Hunt — which she says was nowhere to be found when her daughter was facing similar charges.

“I don’t think society as a whole was ready to face this issue,” says Anthony. “And I’m not sure that the LGBT community and Lambda Legal and the ACLU, I’m not sure they wanted to jump on that bandwagon four years ago.”

Anthony says she’s reached out to numerous organizations seeking representation for her daughter, who has thus far served 15 months in jail. After Johnson initially served 11 months and successfully compled more than a year on probation, a judge revoked her probation and ordered her to start her time over after police officers searched her personal computer and cell phone and found photos of Johnson and her 17-year-old best friend that they contended were inappropriate. Anthony says the photos, where Johnson and her friend were sticking their tongues out at the camera, were nothing more than typical teenage horseplay, but officers alleged that the images might constitute child pornography, and qualified as Johnson’s “failure to follow a directive,” landing her back in jail.

“[Paige] didn’t stand a chance,” says Anthony. “If I had money and I could have afforded a $5,000 lawyer, we wouldn’t be here talking right now. I can guarantee it. Because everything they did was wrong and illegal, and it violated her rights.”

But despite the legal quagmire Johnson finds herself in, her mother says Johnson wants her story to be heard, especially in light of the publicity Hunt’s case is attracting.

“She said, ‘Mom, I don’t care what people call me,'” says Anthony. “The social issues have changed, and the views on some of this have changed now. More states are allowing gay marriage … or at least gay relationships. Someone has to stand up and say, ‘Hey, you can’t do this. It’s wrong.'”

“You’ve got to put it out there and let people know,” Anthony says her daughter recently told her. “You’ve got to let [Hunt’s] parents know. Please don’t take the plea. Give her a chance in front of a jury.”…”

The problem is, this is not about LGBT.  It is about an out of control, narcissistic young woman who doesn’t comprehend that there are boundaries.


Well…. there is more going on that we have suspected.  According to J. T. Walters,

“...The responsible sober adults thought Kate was to free and she needed boundaries. But Kate was ignoring everyone who was giving her good advice and, atleast according to her deposition, sought counsel from drug dealers and criminals in our community. So the community which was torn in two because they support the Lesbian teenager who violated their trust and then claimed she was being victimized for being Gay is now divided even further because Kaitlyn Hunt has named the adults within the organized criminal fraternity. There have been outbreaks of violent crimes associated with this case because those who were named by Kaitlyn Hunt are trying to silence those who can confirm Hunt’s accusations…”

I think Walters has answered many of my questions.  Evidently those associated with the Kaitlyn Hunt are part of the drug culture and criminal underbelly of the community.

J. T. Walters
J. T. Walters

On Tuesday afternoon, Kelley Hunt Smith posted the following on their new Kate’s Fight facebook page:

If the story weren’t so tragic, with innocent lives ruined, it might be laughable.  No, it’s not the good kind of laughter, but the kind where comic relief is needed, and we will laugh at anyone and anything who deserves it. The offending parties have gone from just that, highly offensive, vicious, headline grabbing monsters to strangely silent, now that their fifteen minutes has come to an end.  One of two things is going on – either they are regrouping, or falling apart.  It could go either way.

I read something on Twitter that maybe the Smith family should take their daughter out of state, to get her away from the Hunt mafia. It really doesn’t matter where they go.  The Hunts are so evil and insidious that I have no doubt they will follow and haunt these people forever, or until the whole darn bunch is sent off to jail.  Not to worry, when they get, out, they will still try to destroy them.

They’ve basically destroyed Kate’s victim.  She will never be the same.  First Kate, then her parents and their abusive associates have literally killed the person she once was.  They have destroyed her personality, her sense of self, and her sense of well-being.  What they have done to her mother is almost as bad.

I was only in the third grade when I was molested.  I’ve manged to survive, overcome, and put it behind me.  But, my mother castigates herself, still.  She says she’s over it, but I know different.  What happened to me has literally destroyed her health.  I can only imagine what Kate’s victim’s mother is going through, right now.  Plus, she has the added joy of having her relationship with her daughter forever altered, forever ruined.

I’ve been waiting for this one.  The Smith family has decided to go straight for the heart and soul of the Hunt clan – their wallet.  I wonder if they are going to need another ‘Go Fund Me’ project.

The plea deal was announced on Tuesday:


As of this writing, Kaitlyn Hunt’s attorney had not responded.  From what I can tell, if the Hunts are following the advice of Paige Johnson’s mother, they are going to force a jury trial.  If they do, Kate’s victim is going to go through hell. Considering the fact that these people have already put she and her family through a living hell, they will continue to do so.

Let’s also be honest here about victim’s rights.  Victims have none.  The term ‘victim’s rights’ is nothing but a contradiction in terms.  It has been my experience that victims get screwed over by the guilty, who have a tendency to get away with anything they can.  It’s quite sad, but quite true.  DA’s like to make a big deal about helping victims, but they don’t give a damn.  Then again, I’m going through my cynical stage right now.

Right now, the Smith family is facing so many challenges.  They are hurting.  They are suffering.  Their rights have been trampled.  Not only do the now need to worry about what Kate Hunt will attempt to do to their 15-year-old daughter, but they must worry about the escalating death threats.  They are being foreclosed upon because of what the Hunts have done to their business.  How much more must they endure?

Once again, I am going to ask the question that I’ve been trying to have answered.  Just who are these people – the Hunts?  Why are they entitled to behave the way they are, literally destroying the family, the financial stability of the victim of their predatory little emotionally disturbed pedophile (?)?  What makes them so very special and above the law?  Why won’t the local officials protect the Smith family?  Is it because they are a mixed race couple and that part of Florida does excel in racism?

Why are the Hunts so special, that they are allowed to get away with destroying a decent family?  I don’t mind asking a few additional questions.  Who is protecting them?  Is it true that there are certain drug connections to the family?  How far back does the pedophilia go?

These people are running around like they are entitled royalty, terrorizing at will.  They are not being held accountable for their actions. Their supporters are not being held accountable for their actions. Sure, you read about things like this in Appalachia, way back in the mountains, where everyone is everyone’s brother, sister and first cousin, but we’re talking South Florida.  This is modern Florida.  Oh, wait, I forgot, modern Florida is one of the most crooked states in the country.

It is just a simple case.  There was no need to make a national issue out of it.  The little predator could have plead guilty, done a few month, and come out a new woman, free of a criminal record.  Instead, the family decides to go all mafioso on the Smith family.  The local officials have allowed it to happen.  It makes me wonder just what the Hunt family knows, and who is protecting them.

We’re talking South Florida here.

Anything goes.


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  1. The victim and her family have filed a civil lawsuit against the Hunts. As part of the civil lawsuit, they can request a Temporary Restraining Order against the Hunts. Due to Free Speech guarantees in the U.S. Constitution, it can be difficult to get a “prior restriction” against someone limiting what they can say. However, when the protection of a minor victim is added to the mix, that can often tip the balance in favor of a gag order. For example, in child custody/visitation disputes, the parents are often ordered not to say negative things about each other in front of the minor child — not even if those negative things are true (which is generally the justification the parent gives for having told their child that the other parent is a slut/alcoholic/drug addict/whatever.)

    Note: I am NOT saying that the Hunts have ever said anything true about the victim or her family, just that they will undoubtedly CLAIM that they shouldn’t be prevented from telling the “truth.” But the legal answer is, yes, it is possible you can be prevented from telling the “truth” (out of court statements — in open court, anything goes) if the “truth” will harm the minor. It is a very fact-specific process and quite frankly a lot depends on how protective each state’s laws are and even the particular judge hearing the case and making the decision.

  2. It’s funny how you claim that the smiths are the true victims when BOTH of the families are victims of EACH OTHER.

    I guess you also didn’t read that the smiths never wanted kate in jail PERIOD.

    The simple fact is that you Haters are lying up a storm right now.

    I would advise you to remove this article before i have it removed myself. you crossed way too many boundaries regarding both families here now.

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