Tea Party Civil War & Coup 101


Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.38.01 PMThere is a disturbance in the Force.  I am not exaggerating when I humbly state that I may know as much about the far right, tea parties, and extremist far right groups as anyone who isn’t in professional law enforcement.  I’ve been following these people and groups since I began blogging on October 4, 2005.  There is this harmonic convergence of various Koch funded organizations, Koch funded militias, Koch funded tea party groups, and Koch funded Americans for Prosperity, and Koch funded Heritage Foundation, Koch funded FreedomWorks, along with the OathKeepers, who were founded by a Ron Paul aid, and Koch money poured into the drunken Republicans in the House.  We also need to add Koch funded Jenny Thomas, wife of a certain Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

Something is wrong when 88% of the American people, Wall Street, almost all business and industry leaders, all want the drunks in the House to listen to reason and deal.

E. J. Dionne, Jr. wrote:

“...There’s a profound irony here, since no one talks more about the Constitution than the tea party. Before the Civil War, John C. Calhoun and a variety of nullifiers and future secessionists spoke incessantly about the Constitution, too. We know where that led….”

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Allegedly, according to Truckers Ride for the Constitution, thousands will converge on DC in the next two weeks demanding that Barack Obama be removed from office.  It is rather ironic how they spew ‘Constitutional’ government when what they are doing is a violation of the Constitution and almost treason.  They are trying to over-throw the legally elected government of the United States of America.

Oath Keepers
Oath Keepers

This is from the remainder of a forwarded email.  I have been told by someone in law enforcement NOT to link to the original article, which I did, yesterday.  This comes from their email.  The SPLC also has information about them.

 “…We are basing this on the Special Forces model, which has a twelve man “A team” of specially trained soldiers who are inserted into a community to train and lead that community in resistance to oppressive regimes (hence their motto: “De Oppresso Liber).   SF’s primary mission is to teach, organize, and lead, rather than to directly fight. They can fight, of course, but they are most dangerous as a force-multiplier by helping an entire community to fight. We will do the same – be force multipliers to help prepare communities so they can preserve civilization by providing their own security, disaster relief, infrastructure preservation, emergency communications, strategic food reserve, and medical care.  
In an SF team, there are:
Two communications experts
Two Medics
Two Combat Engineers
(who can do more than demolitions. They can also build bridges, dig wells, install water-treatment, irrigation systems, etc. ).
Two weapons experts
An Operations NCO
An Assistant Operations NCO
who also does intelligence.

A commanding officer, and his assistant commanding officer
.Each SF soldier is first trained to be light infantry. They all go through Army Basic Training, Advanced Individual Training (AIT)(usually at the Infantry School at Ft. Benning), Airborne School, and then the SF Selection course, where they learn land navigation (including a difficult timed night land-nav course), wilderness survival (including a graded field “survival” exercise), and patrolling (including reconnaissance, ambushes, raids, reacting to ambush, movement to contact, etc), along with a timed ruck march, obstacle course, rappelling out of helicopters, and hand-to-hand. And then they learn their specialty of one of the above – medic, commo, engineer, weapons, etc. Then they put it all together in a field training final phase where they are dropped into the fictitious country of “Pineland” (in the mountains and forests of North Carolina) and have to teach and lead the indigenous people (played by other recruits waiting to enter the training) in irregular warfare against the enemy.

Then, once they graduate and make it to Group, they all cross train, each specialized team of two training the others so they are all pretty good at all tasks, but experts within their chosen specialty. They bring each-other up to a high standard of capability. And by having two of each specialty, they have redundancy (two is one, and one is none) and the ability to split into two teams of six if needed. They can function as a very capable fighting squad if they need to, but their primary mission is to train and lead others in irregular warfare.
Oath Keepers is using that successful model and adapting it to our mission, to form Oath Keepers “Civilization Preservation Teams” (we have already received critical input from some of our Special Forces members, and are actively seeking more input from others within the Special Forces community)…”

We may need to take this seriously.  According to one far right web site, the militias have expanded to 38 states, to “protect” the Constitution.

Americans Against the Tea Parties
Americans Against the Tea Parties

“…So you think Christians are being persecuted in America, by those Liberal hellhounds of religious freedom?  Calling for the violent military overthrow of the United States of America by a military junta dedicated to God rather than the lawful Commander in Chief is what the Constitution supports?  If Joyner were Muslim, he’d have been deported or jailed by now and if subversives and terrorist supporters and haters of democracy like him are still out there stinking up the air, the argument that there’s a war on Christianity and its special prerogatives smells worse than a manure pile in August. These hate mongers are exempt from taxes and exempt from the law as surely as they are exempt from sanity….”

Huffington Post
Huffington Post

Let’s face facts.  What we’re seeing is getting terribly close to those associated with the Koch Brothers attempting a coup to remove a legally elected President of the United States and over-throw our legally elected government – primarily because the man is not the same color or ideology as Charles & David Koch  Why are these people willing to screw law enforcement out of their salary?

Rick Perry, governor of Texas, who may or may not speak for his wife, Anita, now says that Obamacare is a criminal act.  Alex Jones, friend of Matt Drudge is now comparing Obamacare to the workings of Hitler and Stalin. Texas Republican Ted Poe (Drunk – GOP) compared Obama to Nero, who fiddled while Rome Burned..  Larry Klayman has set the date of Obama’s Reign of Terror to end as November 19. Ted Cruz is warning that closing war memorials in DC could lead to a terrorist attack.  CA preacher Tim Garlow said that he would rather die in the battle for truth than to continue living under the chaos and tyranny that is coming…”  The libertarian leaning National Interest’s editor, is suggesting that it’s time to abolish Congress.

“...Republican politicians are the primary drivers of the rise in threats of “armed revolution” against the government because if they cannot rule by religious and Koch brother edict, or get their way through the electoral process, then violent insurrection is their solution. The idea of using gun violence reared its ugly head when failed senatorial candidate Sharon Angles said the “public would bring down the out-of-control (Democratic) Congress with Second Amendment remedies” because they were part of “the tyrannical U.S. government,” and made particular mention of her opponent, Majority Leader Harry Reid. Michelle Bachmann said she wanted residents of her state “armed and dangerous” to oppose President Obama “because we need to fight back and do everything we can to thwart Democrats at every turn to make sure they aren’t able to secure a power base.” Last year, the Virginia Republican Party called for “armed revolution should we fail with the power of the vote in November,” because they claimed President Obama was a “political socialist ideologue unlike anything world history has ever witnessed or recognized.” Republicans began claiming everything associated with the Obama Administration was a “government takeover” and infringement on Republicans’ liberties beginning in 2009, and it is close to bearing fruit now that half of Republicans support armed revolution against the democratically elected government, and it is all because Republicans are not allowed to rule….”

Something nasty is going on.  We do know that the US Military would utterly crush a tea party rebellion.  The problem is that the militia movement in this country is growing, thanks to Koch money.  Unfortunately, fortunately we’re dealing with a group of fairly ignorant and ill educated louts who don’t realize that the POTUS has numerous nifty little goodies at his disposal like the Insurrection Act.

With a little bit of luck, I’m going stark raving mad, and nothing here is accurate.  The problem is the fact that I’ve been working the phone for hours.  I don’t like what I’m learning.  The good part of all of this is it is pure speculation.  There are things going on that I am not at liberty to reveal.  What I do know is that the Kochs, Charles & David, are basically funding the government shutdown.  We also know that they are funding the militias.  If so, and something does happen – when do we get to call it treason?

What the Drunken Republicans in the House are doing is very wrong.  They are violating their oath of office, and don’t seem to give a damn about it.  The no longer care who they hurt, or who is hurting.  All that matters is keeping that Koch money coming in, and staying drunk enough to stomach what they are doing.

Republicans have turned off their phones in the House.  They are closing their offices.  They are refusing to meet or associate with constituents.  Here in the 2nd District of New Mexico, we’ve been basically disenfranchised. They are so clueless the don’t grasp the fact that 88% of the American people are fed up with what they are doing.

You want to see a disaster?  Tune in next November.



4 thoughts on “Tea Party Civil War & Coup 101

  1. People will probably think I am crazy, but this is an attempt at a coup d’état by the Neo-Nazis. I may be nearly 82 years old, but I am not stupid. It is the same type of people all of us elderly folks observed in Germany in the late 1930’s. They cloaked themselves as the saviors of Germany. Now the same types are in the USA funded by the Koch brothers. I feel very uneasy.

  2. Well, they probably won’t get away with anything (I think) due to their inability to see reality; however, I can see where this is a serious issue directly relating to civil order.
    And yeah, the savior meme does most definitely remind of some other instances in history…the writings of RL Dabney & Co. do come into mind.

    I really don’t want either sides nutjobs getting the notion that this is an excellent moment of opportunity to grab power — I’d prefer the moderates (both sides) managed to contain their wingnuts…it appears to be increasingly difficult to do so unfortunately…

  3. It does appear though that somebody wants the Republican party destroyed (and it isn’t necessarily the moderate Democrats).

    We have to have the two parties of opposition in this country in order for our system to work (which is why I do not like to see either party have an overwhelming majority…then again, I also like to see both parties manned by relatively sane, competent people).

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