House Republicans Have Morphed from Drama Queens to Mean Girls


Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 10.15.44 PMWhat do you call a group of politicians who want to be protected by the Capitol Police, who are working without pay, and now want to screw them out of back pay?  Frankly, I call them mean and nasty.

What do you call Republicans who are so intent on supporting the military that they have basically grounded much of the Air Force?  The inspectors who check our military aircraft are now no longer working.  So, who gives a damn if a pilot or two dies, it’s for a good cause.  They’re also planning to cut VA benefits by 36%.  So much for supporting our military.

The problem with the Republicans in the House and most of them in the Senate is that they have become nothing more than a bunch of high maintenance mean girl drama queens.  There’s nothing wrong with being a drama queen.  It takes one to know one and trust me, I’m one of the very best. I come from a long line of drama queens, including a great, great, great grandmother was literally invented the role. This said, a good drama queen knows when to take a curtain call, thank the members of the Academy, and bow off, gracefully.  That’s the little trade secret about how to tell a drama queen from a mean girl.  A drama queen is in it for the show, and the accolades.   It’s all about the attention and attempting to get one’s own way.  A mean girl is someone who is not only a drama queen, but will stop at nothing to get their way.  It doesn’t matter who they hurt, who they destroy, or how badly they ruin everything around them.  There is no basis of reality for them.

Typical mean girl drama queens cannot survive without their little clique and cast of supporting mean girl drama queens.  They are basically spoiled brats who only want their way.  It doesn’t matter if their way harms those around them. It’s about them.    Mean girl behavior reaches a point where it is counter-productive and starts harming the mean girl drama queen along with those around them.  They are also basically cowards, just like the drunken mean girls of the House, terrified if they cross the tea parties they will be subjected to a primary that will cost them their jobs.  There comes a point where they are looking after their own self interests and don’t give a damn about anyone around them.  That’s how they become mean girls.

Case in point, the drunks of the House GOP are terrified to cross the tea parties.  If they do, they lose their primary to someone even more extreme than they are.  That’s nice, but the tea parties, who are not made up of the wisest of individuals don’t seem to get the fact that, unless they are in a major GOP district, they’re going to lose the general election to a more reasonable Democrat.  Life long Republicans, such as my self, are so embarrassed by the tea party extremes that we’re refusing to donate, vote, and even admit we are Republicans.

It’s about mean girl drama queen religious business people who are hand wringing, demanding that they be allowed to insure their employees the way they see fit.  I agree that a business owner has a right to express their faith.  They have a right to uphold certain standards.  But – they don’t have a right to demand that their employees be required to live the lives they demand, on a 24/7 basis.  There’s something utterly selfish and decidedly unChristian about a so-called ‘Christian’ business not allowing their female employees access to contraceptives through their health plan.  It’s not about the contraceptives, but the fact that, in order for a woman to get an annual prescription, she must submit to a horribly invasive gynecological exam.  There are also a needless battery of tests.  A woman does not need those tests every year, but doctors require them, in order to prescribe a birth control pill.  No, it’s not for insurance purposes, but to make a profit.  An exam to get that prescription can cost anywhere from $300 to $900.  When a woman doesn’t have that kind of money, she ends up playing Russian Roulette with her life.  Frankly, I think a business owner’s so-called ‘Christian’ bottom line is pure crap.

It’s like Hobby Lobby owner Steve Green who refuses to carry Hanukkah and Passover merchandise because he’s a good Christian.  He also refused to provide insurance for contraceptives because he’s a good Christian.  I think that’s now been exposed, and Green is nothing but a self-righteous anti Semitic bigot.  In fact, a sales person once told a woman looking for Hanukkah cards that ‘We don’t cater to you people.”  Green thinks that Obamacare violates his Christian rights.  Go figure.

Right now, if the mean girl drama queens of the GOP do not put the country first, they are going to subject us to a major economic crises with the debt ceiling.  They’re not just playing with the markets, they’re now effecting people’s lives.  As someone who has watched their family suffer from the devastating real estate crash in 2008, I am terrified of these people.  If they get away with what they want, I don’t know how my parents will survive. Frankly, right now, I don’t give a damn about who said what, I’m concerned about the financial survival of two elderly people who have always voted Republican and trusted the GOP to make the best financial decisions. Another economic downturn and we lose everything.  We’re on the brink of that, now.  I have absolutely no use for these people, not any more.

The drunken mean girl drama queens of  the GOP are now completely radical.  The ultimate mean girl says that Republicans are the happiest they’ve been in ages.  The worst part of all of this is Republicans in the House and Senate don’t seem to care about standing up for what is right. They are creating one of the worst crises in this nation’s history.  They don’t care about the Constitution, but they do love their booze.  Their supporters in the media want to punish federal workers for daring to take their money.  They are forcing Capitol Police officers, who were protecting their worthless hides today, to work without pay.  And – they’re trying to find a way to screw them out of back pay.

Right now the mean girl drama queens in the House and Senate are like snotty little 3-year-olds having a temper tantrum.  What you do is throw a bucket of water on them while they lay in the floor, pounding their fists, kicking and screaming.  Then you walk over them, letting them simmer in the cold water.  If you give in to them, they become monsters.

There’s a reason I used the Mean Girls movie trailer.  The movie starred a young Lindsey Lohan.  Considering her recent past, and her alcohol abuse, that’s not worked out very well, but it should be a cautionary tale for the Drunks in the House GOP.  Get therapy now!

The Pink Flamingo began blogging on October 4, 2005.  I began blogging because I felt something was terribly wrong with the far right.  At the time they were hanging George W. Bush out to dry.  Never in my wildest dreams did I envision the end of the game, where the far right has become so extreme it is destroying my beloved Republican Party.  Never did I realize that the new mascot for my beloved GOP would become a skunk, rather than the noble elephant.